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IG report suggests Clinton broke federal law

Grassfire staff found a significant accusation on page 23 of the report by the State Department's inspector general:

At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department business before leaving government service and, because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act.

In effect, the report suggests that the leading Democrat candidate for president broke federal law while serving as Secretary of State! We've included a link to the full report below, as well as to other sources of our recent reporting on the Clinton email scandal. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to read Friday's message. Or click here to tell everyone where you stand on "Hillary for Prison 2016." --Grassfire

An investigation by the State Department's inspector general revealed damaging information about Hillary Clinton's improper use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State. In an 83-page report released on Wednesday, the government "watchdog" contradicted what Clinton has claimed since the scandal broke: that her use of personal email for government was "allowed." It wasn't.

A particularly stunning (and potentially incriminating) revelation is found on page 38 of the inspector general's report. It appears Clinton intentionally avoided using an official State Department email address to shield the content of her emails:

In November 2010, Secretary Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations discussed the fact that Secretary Clinton's emails to Department employees were not being received. The Deputy Chief of Staff emailed the Secretary that "we should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam." In response, the Secretary wrote, "Let's get separate address or device but I don't want any risk of the personal being accessible."

These revelations ensure the email scandal will remain an albatross around the neck of the Democrat presidential frontrunner. Even liberal-leaning media outlets have begun to ramp up their criticism. The Washington Post's editorial board released a scathing opinion column yesterday entitled, "Clinton's inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules." Here's an excerpt:

What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it also was not a casual oversight. Ms. Clinton had plenty of warnings to use official government communications methods, so as to make sure that her records were properly preserved and to minimize cybersecurity risks. She ignored them.

If you're a Democrat running for president and The Washington Post isn't on your side, you're in trouble. But's it's not just WaPo calling out Clinton. In an article published online this morning, The Associated Press reported: "[The] agency watchdog's discovery of at least three previously undisclosed emails has renewed concerns that Clinton was not completely forthcoming." Even the overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat-friendly editorial board of The New York Times admitted yesterday: "Hillary Clinton's campaign for the presidency just got harder."

+ + Tell Everyone Where You Stand On The Clinton Email Scandal!

So, the question remains: Will Mrs. Clinton end up in the "big house" or the White House in 2016? As a Grassfire team member who voted "YES!" in our "Hillary for Prison?" Quick Poll, you told us where you stand. Now, we want to empower you to make your voice heard in your community.

Make a bold statement by ordering your "Hillary for Prison" ReStickers today! These one-of-a-kind bumper stickers can be applied and reapplied to virtually any smooth surface. Place them on your car, truck or minivan to tell family, friends and neighbors that you think the former Secretary of State should be headed to "the big house" and NOT the White House in 2016!

Click here to receive two "HILLARY FOR PRISON '16" ReStickers for your contribution of any amount to help Grassfire report truth during this crucial election year:

As an added bonus, team members who contribute $30 or more will also receive two "Hill NO!" ReStickers as our gift. Click here to order now!

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Send a clear message about how you feel lawmakers and law enforcement should handle the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Click here to receive your "HILLARY FOR PRISON '16" ReStickers for a contribution of any amount to help Grassfire build this election year.


The Washington Post: State Department report on Clinton's email practices

The Washington Post: Clinton's inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules


The New York Times: Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email

May 30, 2016


What Do Palestinian Terrorists Want?

Palestinian terrorists are not driven by poverty and deprivation, as many have long argued. Instead, they are driven by hatred for Jews -- because of what their leaders, media and mosques are telling them.

These young people took advantage of their status as permanent residents of Israel to set out and murder Jews. Their Israeli ID cards allow them to travel freely inside Israel. They were also entitled to the social welfare benefits and free healthcare granted to all Israeli citizens.

Muhannad Halabi wanted to murder Jews because he had been brainwashed by our leaders and media, and was driven by hatred -- he was not living in misery and deprivation. The family's house in the village of Surda, on the outskirts of Ramallah, looks as if it came out of a movie filmed in San Diego.

FULL ARTICLE by Bassam Tawil |

October 15, 2015


An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake up!

Anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hostility in the Pacific Northwest

As a young Israeli who had just completed five years of service in the IDF, I looked forward to my new job educating people in the Pacific Northwest about Israel. I was shocked, however, by the anti-Israel bigotry and hostility I encountered, especially in the greater Seattle area, Oregon, and Berkeley. I had been very liberal, a member of the leftist Zionist party, Meretz, but the anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel that I have seen in the U.S. has changed my outlook personally and politically.

Full Article - The Times of Israel

October 6, 2015


Israel at the UN: Deafening Silence, and a Feckless U.S. Absence

America's enemies have read John Kerry's and Samantha Power's absence from Netanyahu's speech as open season on Israel.

The Rosett Report | by Claudia Rosett | Full Article

October 4, 2015


Tolerant Tendencies

I am an old retired guy who still has difficulty putting items on the internet and am embarrassed about that fact. I will try again today because Mr. Obama has motivated me.

Over the years I have had some interesting jobs and have written a number of books and articles dealing mainly with civil rights, race relations, and drug policy.

I was a participant in the original and only authentic civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties. Many of my heroes were black civil rights leaders and protesters, especially Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course I was a lifelong liberal Democrat and of course I voted for Barack Obama for president, once. I dreamed that once he was elected he would lead the way toward a true post-racial America where true equality would prevail.

How wrong I have been and of course I like so many other Americans I was betrayed.

The feeling of betrayal is heightened for those patriotic liberal Democrats who like me are Jewish. Obama's speech yesterday at American University was yet another example of our president blaming Jews including Israelis for being stiff necked in terms of not following his destructive lead on a major issue. In this case it was the scary deal with Iran. Yet, most of the Jews in the country probably plan on voting Democratic in the next election. That is also very scary.

Thinking Americans of all stripes must vote those ignorant rascals, all of them, out of office with the hope that this will get their attention and force a revitalization of the tolerant tendencies of the old Democratic Party I once supported with all of my heart.

October 4, 2015


Netanyahu Glares at UN Delegates for 45 Seconds for Their 'Deafening Silence' on Iran Deal

At the United Nations General Assembly Thursday in New York City, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his warning about Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb. Considering the recent passage of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the prime minister’s comments were especially powerful.

“Iran is setting up dozens of terror cells,” Netanyahu said. “Imagine what they will do after the sanctions are lifted.”

“Unmuzzled,” Iran will “go on the prowl, devouring more and more prey,” he said.

In the wake of the nuclear deal, Netanyahu remarked, Iran is spending billions on weapons and satellites.

“Do you think Iran is doing that to advance peace?”

That question was perhaps a direct response to President Obama’s claim on Monday that the Iran Deal will ensure their nuclear program is “peaceful.”

Netanyahu rejected such assurances, saying the agreement does nothing to block Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.

“When bad behavior is awarded, it only gets worse,” he said. “I’m gravely concerned the nuclear deal with Iran will prove to be the marriage certificate of that unholy union.”

Netanyahu acknowledged some "well-intentioned people" believe the deal is the only way to block Iran’s path to the bomb. Yet, “the best intentions don’t prevent the worst outcomes.”

In the most powerful part of his speech, Netanyahu stopped to directly address the nations in attendance.

“If Iran’s rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you’d be somewhat less enthusiastic about the deal,” he said. “If Iran’s terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you’d be more measured in your praise.”

“And yet the response from every one of you here, utter silence," he said. "Deafening silence.”

After those remarks, he stood at the podium and glared at the delegates around the room for about one minute.

Full Article and Video

October 1, 2015


All the President’s Certitudes

A more confident leader wouldn’t tar opponents as stooges and idiots.

In a withering 1957 review of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” for National Review, Whittaker Chambers wrote that he could “recall no other book in which a tone of overriding arrogance was so implacably sustained.” Of the author’s mentality, he observed:

“It supposes itself to be the bringer of a final revelation. Therefore, resistance to the Message cannot be tolerated because disagreement can never be merely honest, prudent, or just...
Full Article By Bret Stephens | WSJ

August 13, 2015


Tolerant Tendencies

I am an old retired guy who still has difficulty putting items on the internet and am embarrassed about that fact. I will try again today because Mr. Obama has motivated me.

Over the years I have had some interesting jobs and have written a number of books and articles dealing mainly with civil rights, race relations, and drug policy.

I was a participant in the original and only authentic civil rights movement of the fifties and sixties. Many of my heroes were black civil rights leaders and protesters, especially Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course I was a lifelong liberal Democrat and of course I voted for Barack Obama for president, once. I dreamed that once he was elected he would lead the way toward a true post-racial America where true equality would prevail.

How wrong I have been and of course I like so many other Americans I was betrayed.

The feeling of betrayal is heightened for those patriotic liberal Democrats who like me are Jewish. Obama's speech yesterday at American University was yet another example of our president blaming Jews including Israelis for being stiff necked in terms of not following his destructive lead on a major issue. In this case it was the scary deal with Iran. Yet, most of the Jews in the country probably plan on voting Democratic in the next election. That is also very scary.

Thinking Americans of all stripes must vote those ignorant rascals, all of them, out of office with the hope that this will get their attention and force a revitalization of the tolerant tendencies of the old Democratic Party I once supported with all of my heart.

August 8, 2015


The Middle East Studies Mess

The Middle East is in chaos. After four years of Syrian civil war, there are now more refugees and displaced persons seeking to escape violence than at any point since World War II. Libya and Yemen are in chaos. The Islamic State has both revived medieval notions of the caliphate and returned such practices as slavery, beheadings, and crucifixions to the headlines. Turkey, once celebrated both as a bridge between East and West and more recently as proof of the compatibility of political Islam and democracy, slides down the path to Islamist autocracy. The Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan, and Iran's path to nuclear weapons seems assured as Western leaders - including Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - retreat on long-standing principles. Sectarian struggle threatens to set the entire region alight. Indeed, from Algeria to Afghanistan, it seems that the only bastion of stability is Israel.

Full article on Campus Watch

July 2, 2015




Have to admit, he lives up to his word!
You are allowed to be shocked or stunned, but just pass it on.

Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.

The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised "Meet The Press”. >From Sunday's 07 Sept. 2008 11:48:04 EST, Televised "Meet the Press" THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

General Bill Gann, USAF, (Ret) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171...

During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, "Stand and Face It".

Senator Obama replied :

"As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides." "There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..." "The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing."

Obama continued: "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails - - - perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ......"

When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past".

"Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside . I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country's First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America."

Yes, you read it right.

Dale Lindsborg, Washington Post

June 10, 2015


UN's Massive Assault on Israel During Gaza War


The McGowan Davis/Schabas Inquiry: The UN Legal Pogrom

June 6, 2015


The Israeli enablers in action - Opinion

By Caroline Glick | Jerusalem Post

May 26, 2015


UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights

What country deserves more condemnation for violating human rights than any other nation on earth? According to the U.N.’s top human rights body, that would be Israel.

Last week, Israel was the U.N.’s number one women’s rights violator. This week it is the U.N.’s all-round human rights villain.

The U.N. Human Rights Council wrapped up its latest session in Geneva on Friday, March 27 by adopting four resolutions condemning Israel. That’s four times more than any of the other 192 UN member states.

There were four resolutions on Israel. And one on North Korea -- a country that is home to government policies of torture, starvation, enslavement, rape, disappearances, and murder – to name just a few of its human rights violations.

Full article by Anne Bayefsky on Fox News

March 27, 2015



Arnold S. Trebach

When I was involved in the original and only true civil rights movement a lifetime ago, I never dreamed that black and white liberal leaders would still be playing the race card today, half a century later. Call me a naïve idealistic but I actually believed that by now racism would be buried in America along with bell bottom trousers and high-button shoes.

I voted for presidential candidate Barack Obama (once) mainly because I believed that he would be the force that would push the country into that post-racial happy era, when we would all be living calmly together like good brothers and sisters totally ignoring skin color – and considering only the character of our multicolored neighbors.

How wrong I and all of the other idealists of that old movement have been! Racism is worse than I remember it during my long lifetime. That sad fact has pushed me to leave my status as a lifetime liberal Democrat and move to the conservative right. Many of the Republicans make me uncomfortable but the denizens of my old party scare the hell out of me. I fear the next stupid or racist trick they will pull. And we must admit that too many of them, including President Obama and Attorney General Holder, are capable of pulling both stupid and racist tricks.

I could fill many books with sad examples of such tricks but a brief look at the agony of Ferguson, Missouri will serve as a poster child in this connection. When young Michael Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson last August, the matter might have been ignored had race not been involved. But it was and the race hustlers that dominate much of our government and society today came out of the woodwork and proceeded to tear that small city and much of the country apart over the tragic death of this young man.

When I was a federal civil rights official in the sixties, my beat was police brutality and mob violence. On many occasions my investigations confirmed terrible instances of police brutality to black citizens and I so reported on those disturbing facts. Yet in my opinion the number of such events has greatly diminished in recent years. So also racial discrimination in general. Despite the frequently expressed opinions of race hustlers in and out of Washington, I am convinced this is no longer a racist country. Such a public position in today’s political climate earns the exponent the label as a racist. How sad.

When I looked at the objective facts in the recent Ferguson case, I concluded that there was no reason to disbelieve Darren Wilson’s claim that Brown attacked him, that he was in fear of his life from this violent young giant, and that he shot him in self defense. However, that is not the way in which our president, our attorney general, the mass media, and the most prominent race hustlers, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, viewed the matter. Because the victim was an unarmed young black man and the police officer was white, this led our government leaders and the mass media to conclude that a racial murder had taken place.

Such was the baleful message sent around the country and the world: America is a racist nation where white cops ruthlessly gun down unarmed young black men, sometimes just for the sport of it. It was a disgrace when this message was sent out by the civilian race hustlers, especially about Ferguson, but it was an even greater disgrace when that lie became the message of our governmental leaders regarding Wilson and Brown. They adopted the fictitious claim by Michael Brown’s partner in crime that Mr. Brown was on his knees with his hands up pleading that Wilson not shoot him.

Attorney General Eric Holder, along with many other federal officials, showed up in Ferguson to attend the massive funeral of Michael Brown. Holder made it clear that he viewed the death as a racial event, that things were going to change, that he was the attorney general and, most important, that he was also a black man. The attorney general visited with the parents of Michael Brown and other African American citizens and showed his deep concern for their welfare.

However, even though he was the top law enforcement officer in the land, he did not visit with Darren Wilson who had been injured in the course of saving his life and perhaps those of other citizens on that violent day. Wilson’s police career has been ended and his life has been dramatically changed. Indeed, his life remains in danger primarily because of the public attacks on his actions and on his character, which attacks have been led by our top government leaders and also by the mass media.

Months have passed and now the Department of Justice has just issued two reports on Ferguson, which I have read. One is a patient review of a massive amount of investigation on the facts in the Wilson-Brown confrontation. It comes to the conclusion that Officer Darren Wilson’s actions were fully justified, that the popular “hands-up don’t shoot” scenario was a complete fiction, and that no further action would be taken by the civil rights officials of the DOJ. (Of course, earlier a local grand jury had also concluded that Wilson was innocent of any violation of state law.) The dramatic federal conclusion received very little comment from the attorney general or our president. Indeed, Mr. Obama explained in a speech that the decision was a close call because there was no proof beyond a reasonable that Officer Wilson violated the law. This statement was another distortion of the truth in this matter. There was no doubt that Wilson was innocent of any criminal violation. However, no official of the Obama oIf the Obama administration offered an apology to Mr. Wilson for the lies that were promulgated about him and for ending his career – nor for painting what may be an indelible target on his back.

The other DOJ report received a great deal of attention because it set out in great details the alleged racial violations perpetrated by Ferguson governmental official including police officers. Because there seemed to be little attempt to confirm the allegations in the report with independent evidence, as an experienced investigator of claims of racial bias, I view many of the claims in this report with suspicion. However, if these reports turn out to be true and evidence of civil rights violations is confirmed, then actions against the offenders must be taken. Some Ferguson officials, including the police chief, have already resigned.

Moreover, in the wake of the report more demonstrations have already erupted. In the course of one of them, one local black man, who may have been a demonstrator, shot two local police officers who were guarding the event. Fortunately, the officers seem to be recovering.

It is fair to conclude that the federal government, led by Messrs. Obama and Holder, made a bad situation worse. Much of the ensuing racial violence in Ferguson and around the country in recent months can be laid at their doors.

All of this leads to the title of my recent book: The Dream Betrayed: Racial Absurdities in Obama’s America. Of course, the dream was the hope that by now race would not be a disabling element in American life.

Arnold S. Trebach is a professor emeritus at American University. His latest book has been published in kindle format on Amazon.
The link to the book on Amazon is:

March 18, 2015


Why Hillary Has Been Silent About The Obama/Bibi Fight

Many have begun to question why Hillary Clinton the presumed 2016 Democratic Party candidate for President has weighed in with her opinion about the Bama/Bibi wars. Those who ask the question ignore Mrs. Clinton's historic anti-Israel positions which for now are being impeded by the fact she will soon be looking for donations and votes from the Jewish Community.

Full Article:
"The Lid":

March 21, 2015


Ferguson -Well done!

I just sent this as an email to Mr. Stephens of the Wall Street Journal.

Dear Mr. Stephens:

I applaud your wisdom and guts in your appearance last night on Fox with Megyn Kelly and also for your column in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, “Ferguson, Lies and Statistics.” Months ago I came to the conclusion that Darren Wilson was innocent and that the armed assaults and arson in Ferguson were based on harmful lies. I also concluded that the vicious disturbances in that small city were incited at least in part by the pronouncements of Messrs. Obama and Holder and by the mainstream media. Moreover, I have also stated that black crime in Ferguson and throughout the country present enormous challenges to all Americans, but especially to other blacks who are its major victims.

As for the broad DOJ indictment of racism in Ferguson, I agree that instances of racism should be dealt with aggressively but that most of the charges are as bogus of most of the pronouncements issuing from the Holder Justice Department.

I was involved in the original civil rights movement and investigated mob violence and police brutality as a federal civil rights official.

For a fuller exposition of my thoughts on these matters please see my new book, THE DREAM BETRAYED: Racial Absurdities in Obama’s America, which has been published in a Kindle format on Amazon. .

Arnold S. Trebach, J.D, Ph. D.

March 10, 2015



My latest book is out and published on Amazon!
Check it out:

THE DREAM BETRAYED: Racial Absurdities in Obama’s America

"This book makes an impassioned call for a politics truly free of racial discrimination, in keeping with the tenets of one of the author’s heroes, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Overall, Trebach brings a wealth of academic expertise and personal experience to these thoughtful reflections."

"A timely, courageous contribution to the debate regarding racial justice in America!"
-Kirkus review

March 5, 2015


Ian Hamilton Fazey obituary

It pains me to read the obituaries of too many old friends. Here is another which I relate with much sadness.

Ian Hamilton Fazey obituary | The Guardian

February 11, 2015



Thought experiment: What if a white racist with a submachine gun broke into a convenience store in South Central Los Angeles, grabbed seven or eight African Americans who were shopping (maybe there was one Korean) as hostages for the release of some other white racists and then, when attacked, started spewing the N-word while shooting up the place, killing three or four of the African Americans and wounding three or four others, one or two critically.

How would President Obama react?

Do you think he would say there was something racial about the obscene incident?

Roger L. Simon | PJMedia

February 11, 2015


The Skull Beneath the Skin of the ‘Affordable Care Act’

And now we can see it for what it really is: a vicious assault on free enterprise, a whopping tax increase on the middle class, a new way to get the Internal Revenue Service involved in the most personal aspects of our lives, the addition of another layer of complexity to the citizens’ interactions with the federal government and, most of all, a way to break the public’s will to resist further intrusions by the Leftist fascist state of Obama’s dreams. All masquerading under the guise of “health care.” It is the greatest scam in American history, and every single Democrat who voted for this fundamentally un-American monstrosity should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail, beginning with former Speaker Maerose Prizzi and Sen. Pat Geary.

Michael Walsh | Unexamined Premises | PJMedia

February 10, 2015


Singing Hatikvah in Auschwitz

Tuvia Book | TimesofIsrael

Yesterday I flew home to Israel from Poland on a special chartered ELAL flight with other members of the official Israeli delegation to the main commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The commemoration ceremony was held in front of the Death Gate of KL Auschwitz II–Birkenau with hundreds of survivors and their families from all over the world, heads of State, Steven Spielberg, Ronald Lauder and other invited dignitaries in attendance.

The entire mission had been expertly organised by “Routes Travel.” The delegation included 30 Israeli survivors and their families, Doctors and nurses from the Israeli medical team, IDF officers, press and Minister Silvan Shalom. Upon returning home to Israel, I literally kissed the holy ground out of gratitude for having the merit to live in an era with a Jewish State. I came back from our past in Poland to our future in Israel.

The past three days were a profoundly moving experience that I will remember for a very long time. As an IDF veteran and second-generation survivor family I was profoundly moved to be in the company of so many survivors. I participated in the delegation in my professional role as an educator to teach, but in actual fact came away from this experience having learnt and gained so much from this inspirational and optimistic community of survivors.

The most intense experience I had, was a spontaneous non-scripted moment that occurred in the grounds of Auschwitz–Birkenau. It transpired when I was walking in silence, with my wonderful WIZO group from New York, in the cold dark night after the conclusion of the official State ceremony. We were walking in single file on the way to one of the destroyed crematoria for our intimate group ceremony. Our ceremony was to include children and grandchildren of those murdered in the camp saying a communal Kaddish to honour their family’s ashes that were scattered over the largest Jewish graveyard in the world. Some group members were holding memorial candles. The whole scene looked surreal. Our group appeared as spectral figures shrouded in mist trudging through the snow alongside the train tracks on the selection ramp.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of Hebrew conversation and noticed that the Israel Air Force delegation was walking past us, their silver Stars of David on their cap badges glinting in the moonlight. I grabbed the opportunity and asked the commanding officer if his group of officers could join our group of survivors and their families to sing our national anthem “Hatikvah” (which was conspicuously absent from the State ceremony). The officers quickly formed a line and our group joined the line in a semi-circle facing them holding the memorial candles. Two members of my group held a huge Israeli flag that I had brought next to the soldiers. The officers of the IAF saluted our flag, our State, our people and our future. We sang our national anthem loudly and clearly with all of our Jewish pride, together as one, into the dark night. The profound text culminates with the words;

The hope of two thousand years to be free people in our land, the land of Zion, Jerusalem.

We sang a song of hope in a place of despair. In a place of death we sang a song of the rebirth of the Jewish people in our land.

The tears on the faces of the soldiers and those in my group were both tears of despair and sorrow for being 70 years too late to aid our murdered brothers sisters, and at the helplessness of the Jews without a State and an army, and tears of pride for now being so strong and having the ability to protect Jews in Israel and world-wide The tears of each emotion mingled together in this bitter-sweet moment.

Like the mythical Phoenix arising from the ashes of Europe, our State arose and was reborn. Nobody handed us our State, in the words of Chaim Weitzman, “on a silver platter.” It rose because of the selfless courage of generations of selfless young boys and girls who were and still are prepared to step forward and “walk the walk.” For just as in the previous century the young Chalutzim (Pioneers) recreated a brave new Jewish land by planting our land one tree at a time and revived our language one word at a time and restored our sense of self-worth one defender at a time, so today we are blessed with a generation of young boys and girls who were well represented by those IAF officers proudly standing to attention on the tracks in Auschwitz that snowy night.

Those Israeli soldiers symbolized a strength that will never be extinguished. They stood for what it means to have our own country where Jews do not to rely on the pity of their host nations. We all know that the culmination of that “pity” was the Shoah. Now we Jews are once again in charge of our own destiny and “never again” means NEVER AGAIN!

January 31, 2015


If You Cross Obama Admin They Will Treat You Like "Enemies Of The State"

SHARYL ATTKISSON: In 2013, Reporters Without Borders downgraded America's standing in the global free press rankings, rating the Obama administration as worse than Bush's. It matters not that when caught the government promises to dial back or that [FOX News'] James Rosen gets an apology. The message has already been received. If you cross this administration with perfectly accurate reporting they don't like, you will be attacked and punished. You and your sources may be subjected to the kind of surveillance devised for enemies of the state.

For much of history, the United States has held itself out as a model of freedom, democracy, and open accountable government. Freedoms of expression and association are of course protected by the constitution. Today those freedoms are under assault due to government policies of secrecy, leak prevention, and officials contact with the media, combined with large scale surveillance programs. The nominee if confirmed should chart a new path and reject the damaging policies and practices that have been used by others in the past. If we aren't grave enough to confront these concerns, it could do serious long-term damage to a supposedly free press. Thank you.

VIDEO-Sharyl Attkisson | RealClearPolitics

January 30, 2015


The Megyn Kelly Moment

Slated for the D block was Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL.

Gilliam had been Kelly’s idea. She saw him on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program a few days earlier, attacking another former SEAL, Robert O’Neill, who had been talking about his role in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in sometimes salty language. Cooper asked Gilliam for a reaction. Gilliam said the boasting was a breach of military honor and had, if anything, made O’Neill an assassination target. O’Neill, Gilliam said, should be prosecuted and given a dishonorable discharge

As it happened, Fox News was broadcasting the second part of a two-part documentary that night that cast O’Neill in a more heroic light, so Gilliam’s attack on O’Neill could also be viewed as an attack on Fox News, where Gilliam had been a frequent guest as well. Kelly, sensing an opportunity, directed her team to book him again as soon as possible.

Now, sitting with one leg tucked up on her chair, she narrowed her eyes and leaned forward. “Is he feeling less critical?”

Full article below:

By JIM RUTENBERG | The New York Times Magazine

January 28, 2015


White House going nuclear on Netanyahu

By Michael Goodwin | New York Post

Thou shall not cross Dear Leader.

With their gutter sniping failing to stop Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned March speech before Congress, White House aides are unloading their full arsenal of bile.

“He spat in our face publicly, and that’s no way to behave,” one Obama aide told an Israeli newspaper. “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”

January 25, 2015


Danish ambassador, JPost's Caroline Glick exchange verbal blows over EU attitude toward Israel

Diplomatic Conference - Jerusalem Post

Europe should apply a double standard to Israel when judging its actions compared to other Middle Eastern nations, Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr said on Thursday.

Europe should apply a double standard to Israel when judging its actions compared to other Middle Eastern nations, Danish Ambassador Jesper Vahr said on Thursday, causing sparks to fly at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in the capital.

“Israel should insist that we discriminate, that we apply double standards, this is because you are one of us,” Vahr said during a panel discussion on relations between Israel and Europe.

Israelis sometimes ask why Europe applies a different standard to its neighboring countries, such as Syria, Vahr said. “Those are not the standards that you are being judged by. It is not the standards that Israel would want to be judged by,” he said.

Israel should want to be held to European standards, not Middle Eastern ones, he said.

“So I think you have the right to insist that we apply double standards and put you to the same standards as all the rest of the countries in the European context.”

The Jerusalem Post’s diplomatic correspondent, Herb Keinon, who moderated the panel, asked Vahr if his statement couldn’t be seen as “patronizing” to the Palestinians.

Vahr responded: “I am not sure it is,” particularly given that Israel is the stronger party in the conflict and the Palestinians are the weaker one.

It is “natural,” Vahr said, to engage differently with Israel, a country with whom Europe, including Denmark, has an extensive cooperative relationship with in trade and cultural affairs.

Vahr’s comments angered Caroline B. Glick, the Post’s senior contributing editor, who retorted that they were a “statement of contempt for our intelligence.”

“I consider Europe’s keen interest in the Middle East, specifically Israel, to be an obsession,” she said. “It is an obsession that Jews have seen from Europeans from the time of Jesus.”

Glick was particularly struck by Vahr’s reference to a common culture between Israel and Europe.

“We have this whole common culture, I mean really? We respect international law. You guys make it up,” she said.

In 2001, the United Nations Security Council approved a binding resolution that bars UN member states from funding or supporting terrorist organizations, Glick said.

That resolution, she said, has not stopped Europe from “funneling billions of euros into rebuilding terrorist-controlled Gaza.

“This is in contravention of binding international law that you signed onto,” she charged.

But when it comes to Israel, Europe simply invents international law, Glick said. Europe acts as if it is required by law to sanction Israel for activity over the pre-1967 lines in West Bank settlements and Jerusalem, even though there is no such binding international legislation, she said.

“There is no such binding law. You guys are funding settlements in Western Sahara.

You are funding them directly,” she said. “This is not a double standard. This is a singular standard for Israel. This is not about international law. It is about an obsessive, compulsive need to constantly pick at the Jewish state,” she said.

After receiving applause from the audience, Glick continued: “No, I do not want to be proud that you are looking at us in a different standard from our neighbors because you are not looking at our neighbors as human beings.

“What you are saying is that they are objects. The only actor in this entire region are the people they are trying to annihilate.

“The only people who are supposed to be judged for our actions, and always poorly, are the people who are doing everything possible – more than Europe, more than the US, more than anyone – in order to protect the lives of the Palestinians,” she said.

January 24, 2015


Celia Sandys: Churchill’s Death 50 Years Later—Saying Goodbye to Grandpapa

The former prime minister was given a state funeral, the first for a commoner since the Duke of Wellington.

By Celia Sandys | WSJ

January 24, 2015


The Uses and Abuses of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

by Ron Radosh | PJMedia

In Selma, Alabama, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was all about the film Selma. As the local newspaper reported:

The Queen City shined in the spotlight Sunday as thousands of people welcomed the cast and crew of the movie “Selma” to town and marched on the same bridge that changed history 50 years ago.

The film’s director Ava DuVernay, its producers Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, star David Oyelowo, and [rapper] Common and John Legend who together wrote the movie’s powerful song Glory were all in Selma for the historic day….

Of course, celebrities joined King in Selma at the time of the actual march. But they were there to give support to the civil rights movement, not to publicize a film. There’s no doubt that in their own minds, Winfrey and company believe they are honoring King, and not building up momentum for their movie. Selma, in fact, tanked at the box office and did badly compared to the other Oscar “Best Picture” nominees, and Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is the film that broke the box office weekend record.

Criticisms of the historical inaccuracies of the film, and of director DuVernay’s distortions, continue to grow. On Sunday, Maureen Dowd devoted her column to the issue, and for once got things right. It is a shame, she writes, that young people who learn about Selma from the movie will see the relationship between King and Lyndon Johnson through the director’s lens. “The director’s talent,” she puts it, “makes her distortion of L.B.J. more egregious. Artful falsehood is more dangerous than artless falsehood, because fewer people see through it.”

It is true that LBJ stalwarts, like Joseph Califano, Jr. in his angry , exaggerated Johnson’s role, seeking to make him the one who pushed for civil rights rather than King and the movement. But if you read the piece by the African-American writer David Lewis in a 2006 article in The New Yorker, where he quotes from the second volume of Taylor Branch’s magisterial three-volume biography of King, you will learn about the real relationship between King and Johnson:

[Branch] briskly relates how Johnson moved from annoyed doubt about Selma to outright collaboration within a matter of weeks. He urged King to expose the worst of voting conditions in Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana, but he could hardly have had in mind the brutal reaction of Selma’s sheriff, Jim Clark. For King’s purposes, however, Clark and his deputies were ideal—studio-cast thugs guaranteed to provoke national outrage and instigate federal intervention….

[Branch’s book] vividly captures the exact hour when the political order of the Deep South finally invalidated itself in the eyes of mainstream America. The carnage inflicted by municipal and state police at the bridge and along the marchers’ route of retreat accomplished for voting rights what song, prayer, and marching had not.

In essence, the civil rights movement upped the ante and led to a changed America, while in Lyndon Johnson they found a sympathetic Southern politician who might have tactically disagreed with the pace that King demanded, but who approved of his goal. Of course, DuVernay argues that she was making a film, and that she is not a historian or a documentarian. That is a cop-out. On the one hand they push the film as a depiction of the truth; and when they are caught creating stick-figure villains, they reply by saying accuracy isn’t the point. One cannot have it both ways. Or as Dowd writes, “filmmakers love to talk about their artistic license to distort the truth, even as they bank on the authenticity of their films to boost them at awards season.”

And now, yet another distortion in the film has come to light. Last week I wrote about the downgrading of the role of Ralph Abernathy. Now Susannah Heschel, a professor of Jewish studies at Dartmouth College, has publicly written about her father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, whose key role in support of the march was also erased from history in Selma. She writes:

The religious inspiration that led us to Selma continues, and the photograph of my father marching in the front row there — with King, Ralph Bunche, John Lewis, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Rev. C.T. Vivian — has become iconic. What a pity that my father’s presence is not included in “Selma.” More than a historical error, the film erases one of the central accomplishments of the civil rights movement, its inclusiveness, and one of King’s great joys: his close friendship with my father. The photograph reminds us that religious coalitions can transcend and overcome political conflicts, and it also reminds us that our Jewish prophetic tradition came alive in the civil rights movement. Judaism seemed to be at the very heart of being American.

Not only was King’s friend Rabbi Heschel erased from the film, most people do not realize that King was a defender of Israel and stood in solidarity with the Jewish state against its enemies. King considered himself an ally of American Jews in their common fight for civil rights. As Dumisani Washington writes, “Israel’s enemies refuse to accept the fact that the unparalleled civil rights champion of the 20th century was a staunch, vocal supporter of Israel and loyal friend to the Jewish people.” King had said the following:

Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all of our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel, and never mind saying it, as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land almost can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy.

All this leads me to end with what is perhaps the most disgraceful celebration of Martin Luther King’s legacy — the decision by two universities to have the ’60s revolutionary Communist Party activist Angela Davis chosen as the speaker to commemorate King’s life and vision. That honor is given her by the Univ.of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of California-Santa Cruz.

Davis is a hater of Israel, a defender of terrorist groups that fight Israel, and, as I pointed out in an earlier column, a woman who melded together black nationalism with Marxism-Leninism. She was an unabashed defender of the Soviet Union, a lifelong Stalinist who fought with the Soviet leaders to fight movements of democracy anywhere in the Soviet bloc, and a woman who condemned that period’s dissidents as traitors to socialism. Those associated with her at the time called King “da Lawd” and “Uncle Tom King.” To have someone who opposed King’s politics and tactics honor him today is the height of hypocrisy.

As for Selma, it is perhaps necessary to have new generations learn about the brave people who fought to fulfill America’s democratic promise. The March on Selma as it actually occurred was dramatic and a significant turning point. It did not need Hollywood filmmakers distorting the contributions of LBJ, Ralph Abernathy, Abraham Joshua Heschel and others to the achievement of the Voting Rights Act to honor the bravery of those who risked their lives in nonviolent protest. The truth, on its own, is enough.

January 19, 2015


Why France is seeing an exodus of its Jews

Despite yesterday’s show of unity, the rise of anti-Semitism has proved intolerable for many - including my own family

When I asked why my Uncle René was leaving France, he said: "C’est terminé."

Article below:
Why France is seeing an exodus of its Jews | By Norman Lebrecht | The Telegraph

January 12, 2015


Socialist Hollande Asked Netanyahu Not to Participate in Paris Anti-Terror March

French Socialist President Francois Hollande conveyed a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him not to come to Paris to take part in the Unity March against terror on Sunday.

An Israeli source privy to the contacts between the Elysees Palace and the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem told reporters Netanyahu was told to stay home. The fact that this message had been conveyed was first reported by Channel 2. The Socialist president thought Netanyahu’s presence would be too divisive.

Four Jews were among the dead at a Kosher deli in Paris on Friday.

When Netanyahu announced he was coming Hollande extended an invitation to Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas despite the fact that Abbas regularly glorifies Islamic terrorists.

Hollande also banned French politician Marine Le Pen from the “Unity Rally” in Paris. Le Pen’s Nationalist Party won elections in 2014. She attended a massive rally in the southern town of Beaucaire.

Hollande later joined Netanyahu at the memorial service to terrorism victims at the Paris Grand Synagogue.

More below:
Posted by Jim Hoft | Gateway Pundit

January 12, 2015


Shame of Palestinian leader at Charlie Hebdo demo

Nothing shows the West's lack of seriousness about terrorism more than the shameful presence of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the mass demo in Paris. If the Charlie Hebdo massacre had taken place in Israel, Abbas would have named a square after the killers

From the U.K. -

What on Earth was Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas doing at Sunday's mass demonstration in Paris against terrorism in general and the twin massacres by Islamists of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and the Jews at the Kosher supermarket last week?

If you don't get the point instantaneously you're part of the problem, or at least you've probably spent too much time watching, reading and listening to the BBC... which may, of course, amount to the same thing.

It beggars belief. Abbas's Palestinian Authority glorifies terrorism as a matter of policy. Countless squares and streets in the areas that he controls have been named after terrorists who have slaughtered men, women and children.

It is not in any way a cute point, but if the people who murdered the journalists at Charlie Hebdo and the Jews in the Kosher supermarket had been Palestinians, and the civilians they had murdered had been Israelis, Abbas would have already named a square after them.

It is the grossest expression of opportunism for Abbas to be in Paris for the demonstration at all. He's there because he's worried that terrorism has been given a bad name, not because he opposes it.

As for the clowns who invited him, well, it's just another illustration of our total lack of seriousness. But, by now, who could be surprised by that?

January 11, 2015


The War on Drugs Is Burning Out

Leading at the ballot box from Alaska to Washington, D.C., Americans are charting a path to a saner national drug policy

By Tim Dickinson | Rolling Stone

January 11, 2015


Editor of Britain's Jewish Chronicle claims people are fleeing Paris

  • Stephen Pollard says terror attack on Kosher store in Paris is no 'fluke'
  • 'Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave', he said
  • Experts believe that more than 100,000 French Jews have left since 2013
  • France's Chief Rabbi has said after a number of attacks on Jews in the past year: 'Jews murdered were targeted specifically because they were Jewish'
  • Policing stepped up across British Jewish areas, community body says
  • Mayor's office has announced closure of shops in famous Jewish area

By Martin Robinson for MailOnline and James White for MailOnline

January 10, 2015


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: How to Answer the Paris Terror Attack

The West must stand up for freedom—and acknowledge the link between Islamists’ political ideology and their religious beliefs.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali |

January 8, 2015


Paul Weston: A Warning To America

Video of Speech

Speech by Paul Weston
New York City
23 February, 2012

What I really want to talk about tonight is to warn America not to go down the same Islamic road that Europe finds itself on, particularly so Britain, which is almost on the point of no return — or perhaps no peaceful return. Samuel Huntingdon was not necessarily writing about Britain when he penned his prescient book “The Clash of Civilisations”, but one particular theme he raised very much applies to my poor old country where he refers to the dying of civilisations and the lack of concern amongst their native people, due to what he terms the “Illusion of Permanency.”

No one in Britain expects tomorrow to be very different from today. No one really expects things to be particularly different this time next year, or the year after that. People find it inconceivable that the future could possibly be radically different to the recent past, but certain things have happened in Britain over the last 50 years that will make the next 50 years a period of total and utter transformation.

The reason for this is very simple, mass immigration and Muslim demographics. Now, when I talk about the illusion of permanency, this illusion is easy to maintain when the vast majority of the British people are racially as they have been for hundreds and hundreds of years, or when the Muslim presence in Britain amounted to just a few tens of thousands, as was the case in 1960. But that is no longer the situation.

Tony Blair’s Labour government opened the doors to mass immigration, with the express intention of destroying our traditional culture, which was so hated by the Left wing. The cat was let out of the bag by Blair’s speechwriter, a Mr Andrew Neather, who said they wanted “to change the cultural face of Britain and to rub the noses of the right wing in “diversity.”

Well, the left has been very successful, which is hardly surprising. Britain is a very small country, it makes up less than 1% of the worlds habitable land mass and contains just 1% of the world population. It also has a no questions asked welfare state, which enables immigrants to live far better lives than in their former countries. When such a comparatively rich, generous and tiny country invites the impoverished billions from the third world to enter, then it can only expect to be swamped. Which indeed it has been.

Sam Solomon’s book about Islamic immigration into the West and Jihad, called the Trojan Horse, describes the jihadist ideology behind mass Muslim migration. The liberal/left denounce it of course, but the Islamists are well aware of the effectiveness of infiltration. Abu Baseer, is a London based spiritual adviser to Ansar ul-Islam, a jihadist organisation. He had this to say about Islamic immigration to the West. Quote:

“One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together. One is the consequence of the other and dependent upon it. The continuance of the one is dependent upon the continuance of the other.”

Or how about Col Gaddafi, who stated:

“We have 50 million Muslims in Europe, there are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

Such honest and forthright statements of intent go over the heads of the leftist politicians though. Former Labour Minister Tony Benn recently said:

“This diversity provides a delightful snapshot of life in multicultural Britain. “The world today is such a small place which makes us lucky to have so many people from different backgrounds in the UK. Multicultural Britain is now here to stay so it’s great that we’re now finally learning to live alongside each other.”

This naiveté is astonishing, bordering on the criminal; although not all on the liberal left suffer from such infantile delusions. Patricia Morgan, who writes for Roger Scruton’s Salisbury Review, recounts the words of a leftist friend who was experiencing misgivings about flooding Britain with Muslims. Quote:

“When one of my old Labour Party acquaintances expressed anxiety over Islamic terrorism, I asked him why he had always been so keen on getting as many immigrants here as possible. He told me that he had been ‘trying to make the revolution’. So, while it had not been possible to storm Buckingham Palace and set up Soviets in Westminster, you could still change the population and supplant the hated ‘other’.”

Change the population….what a wicked and treacherous notion this is. And sadly, the left has succeeded. Our population has already been changed. If we want to look to our future, then we only need look at our primary schools.

In London, white children now account for only 20%, and I’ll say that again, only 20% of the school population. And England’s other city schools are going precisely the same way in precisely the same manner. The non-indigenous birth rate now averages an extraordinary 35% nationally, which realistically means 70-80% in the cities alone, thus consigning indigenous English children in Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham, Luton, Leicester and Slough to an ethnic minority in their own land - a fate awaiting English children in all our cities within a decade, and the entire country before 2030.

The fact that this has been accomplished deliberately, in order to further leftist revolutionary ideology, can only be termed as treason. During Tony Blair’s government the British Embassy in Pakistan handed out booklets outlining why Muslims should emigrate to Britain, and the chief official in Britain charged with monitoring visa applications, one Linda Costelloe-Baker, told a House of Commons select committee that her department was “under intense political pressure to hit immigration productivity targets” and that around 15 per cent of the annual 2 million visas issued were approved because it was “easier to let them in than reject applications.” Over the term of the labour government, this 15% amounted to millions of immigrants who should not be in Britain at all

Exact population figures in Britain are hard to come by. The authorities maintain the total number is around 60 million, but no one really knows. The Independent newspaper suggested the population could already be as high as 77 million, based on supermarket food sales, a figure borne out by the76 million National Insurance cards in existence, which are essential if you wish to work or draw benefits. In other words, some 16-17 million people unaccounted for.

Clearly, not all immigrants are Muslims, but they make up a sizeable proportion, and their high birth rate, which averages 4 children per mother — you will note I did not say per couple, because Muslim males can claim welfare payments and housing costs for up to 4 wives and unlimited children, even though polygamy is illegal in Britain — so this, coupled with uncontrolled immigration, has essentially doubled their population every decade since 1960, when there were only some 80,000 Muslims in Britain. By 1990 this figure had grown to 1 million and by 2000 to just under 2 million. A recent study estimated there are now around 3-4 million Muslims in Britain, although this figure is very much open to debate and is quite likely far, far higher.

This is why the next 50 years will be nothing like the last 50. When the Muslim population doubled from 100,000 to 200,000 the only people really affected were the native British, living in the emerging Muslim enclaves. But when the 3 million of today become six million by 2020, become 12 million, become 24 million then everyone is affected, because at that point we will have lost our country.

And it gets worse. The indigenous British have at the most 1.5 children per couple, which means the generation born today is 25% smaller than their parent’s generation. The population pyramids of most European countries are upside down, by which I mean there are more elderly people than there are young. Amongst the Muslim demographic however, the population pyramids are the right way up, with the young greatly outnumbering the old.

If we look at the population of Great Britain under the age of 40 it is as follows:
Indigenous Population 2012: 25.5 million
Non-Indigenous Population 2012: 6.75 million

If we project the figures for those aged under 40 forward to 2030, taking into account our declining population and the expanding Muslim demographic — and 2030 is just18 years from now - we find ourselves facing a catastrophe:
Indigenous Population 2030: 19 million
Non-Indigenous Population 2030: 13.5 million

But it gets worse again. On top of this we need to take into account that some 250,000 native Brits sick to death of the state of multicultural Britain emigrate every year, and if third world immigration continues as it is, the figures will be as follows:
Indigenous Population 2030: 15 million
Non-Indigenous Population 2030: 23.5 million

The liberal left, again, will sneer at this. So what? They will say. This does not mean a thing, it is just multiculturalism in action, and therefore something we should celebrate, unless you a bigot and a racist. But suppose they are wrong, suppose indoctrinated young Islamic males do not share the liberal left’s fluffy views on multiculturalism, and would prefer instead to enact a rather more brutal form of Islamic mono-culturalism?

I use the younger population figures for two reasons. The first is to show our immediate demographic future, the second is to draw attention to the fact that the 18-40 year old demographic is of military fighting age. It doesn’t matter if they are outnumbered today by grey haired, ancient Brits; the only thing that matters is that they will very soon outnumber our young indigenous potential defenders.

Is this right-wing hysteria? Right-wing paranoia? Of course it is not. People grounded in reality and knowledge understand that the history of man is war. The left-wing, immersed in naive sentimentality, fantasy and ignorance, think the future of man is peace, no matter that conflict has always been driven by racial, religious and territorial ambition.

Already, we see this racial and religious division everywhere. Surveys suggest 40% of British Muslims wish to live under Sharia law. There are constant news items about the radicalisation of young Muslim males in Britain, we saw the rejoicing in the streets of GREAT BRITAIN after the mass murder on 9/11, constant news about thwarted terrorist attacks coming on top of the London transport suicide bombings that killed 52 and maimed 700, constant news about Mosques selling literature calling for the overthrow of Britain’s democracy, the murder of British Jews and homosexuals, the subjugation of the non-Muslim infidel and the desire to install a global Islamic caliphate.

And this is today. What will we see in the decades to come, when Muslims become a majority in the all important age group of 18-40? We only have to look around the world today to see the answer. Let me take just one example, Lebanon, which used to be a majority Christian country. But as the Islamic demographic grew, so did their demand for control, which in 1975 triggered a 15 year religious civil war taking the lives of close to 10% of the population and wounding 33% — half of whom suffered from lifetime disabilities. The entire Christian leadership was exiled, murdered or jailed.

Is this our future? Britain’s security services will not be able to hold back Islamic terrorist attacks forever, and when the next one gets through I fully expect to see indigenous British hotheads take revenge by murdering a Muslim somewhere in Britain or by torching a Mosque. And so will start the long slide into civil war, tit for tat atrocities becoming progressively more vicious, before the entire country goes the way of Lebanon, or more recently Yugoslavia, which of course fractured along racial, tribal and religious lines.

This view of future Armageddon will be sneered at by the liberal left, who continue to bombard us with the lie that Islam is a religion of peace, despite all historical evidence against this fantastical notion. But Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a political, social and structural order of supremacy and imperialism. Islam in its most fundamental form is no different to that of Nazism, in its desire for global supremacy, women fit only for the bedroom, kitchen and place of prayer, homosexuals and Jews to be eradicated and all others not of the faith to live as second class citizens.

In fact Islam is worse than Nazism, not even the most vicious of Nazis advocated stoning adulterous women to death.

So, what can we do about this in Britain? Even talking about the subject is to be immediately branded a racist or an Islamophobe, both of which now constitute thought crimes which lead to prison sentences. The government and the media are out to demonise any person who talks about the very real problems we face, and in the interest of short term election cycles, our politicians are content to sweep our longer term inevitable catastrophes under the carpet.

But it is too important to ignore. The very lives of our children are dependent on our action today, and there is little to be seen on the horizon that provides an answer. The liberal/left politicians are happy with the short term situation, because mass immigration provides them with mass votes.

The Conservatives just simply refuse to talk about it, or if they do, it is only to promote the accession of Islamic Turkey into the European Union. There is one party that will talk about the catastrophic problems Britain faces - the British National Party, but this has been quite rightly sidelined in the eyes of decent British people because of the BNP’s history of genuine racial bigotry, coupled with the fact that their leader, quite extraordinarily, is a Holocaust Denier.

This leaves just one party, the British Freedom Party. We wish to stop any further mass-immigration and we wish to halt the Islamisation of Britain. We can do this by banning the building of any more mosques, by deporting all foreign born Muslim terrorists and criminals, by refusing welfare payments to polygamous Muslims with large families and by closing down mosques found preaching violence and sedition. In short, to make it difficult for Muslims who wish us harm to remain in our country.

Yes, this sounds difficult, but without such action, we are heading in the very near future to a civil war that could very well be far, far worse than the breakup of Yugoslavia.

We did not make the colossal sacrifices between 1939-1945 in order to submit meekly, a bare few decades later, to yet another undemocratic ideology redolent of Nazism. We are not going to let this happen, we’re simply not. We are the awakening majority and for the sake of not just ourselves, but our children and grandchildren, we cannot allow Islam to take any further control of Great Britain.

America has some advantages over us. Your First Amendment guarantees free speech. You have fewer Muslims that Britain statistically, and most importantly, you have faith. Judeo/Christianity is still a force to be reckoned with here. In Britain, the left triumphed in undermining religion some years ago and the defeat of Christianity as a driving force in Britain has removed a considerable obstacle to Islam.

I hope, I desperately hope that we are not yet too far gone, even if Mark Steyn has already written us off, but I will close by asking that Americans keep a close eye on what is happening to Europe and Britain, and call a halt today, immediately, right now, to any further demographic or ideological growth of Islam in the Land of the Free. I implore you not to make the same foolish mistakes that our naive or treacherous European politicians have made.

I am going to fight for Britain, but there is no guarantee that Britain and Europe can be saved, and if we go, and America goes shortly thereafter, then so goes Western Civilisation — the most humane, moral and decent civilisation in the history of mankind — to be replaced by Islam, the most barbaric, illiberal and totalitarian force of pathological cruelty that can only take the Western world back to the dark ages. So please America, don’t let what has happened to Britain happen to you. Watch, appraise, listen and learn.

January 1, 2015


Man Rescues A Whale Trapped In Some Netting

Extraordinary tale of guts and good work!

The San Francisco Globe

December 31, 2014


Transcending Borders

Israeli Hospitals Treat Syrians, Palestinians

Bnai Brith Magazine – Winter 2014

December 19, 2014


Israel's ambassador to the UN today delivers VERY blunt message

His truth rings clear as a bell / Israeli UN Ambassador's Speach 11/24/14

This is superb oratory!.....READ IT ALL.....

IMPORTANT--Israel's ambassador to the UN yesterday delivers VERY blunt message. where was the media?

Read it here!

December 19, 2014



Racial Absurdities in Obama's America
A book by Arnold S. Trebach | Kirkus review


A memoir of a life devoted to defending civil rights and a scathing critique of that movement’s unfortunate decline.

Trebach (Fatal Distraction, 2006, etc.) has previously written about the criminal justice system’s abuse of minorities. He was a committed activist in the 1950s and ’60sand an official at the Civil Rights Commission, and he’s been a lifelong Democratic liberal and supporter of Barack Obama. However, he argues that the civil rights movement, and liberalism in general, has betrayed the original spirit of its cause and corroded race relations in America with craven political opportunism, incendiary race-baiting and a climate of censorship. “The race card is why our racial atmosphere is so poisonous, when we should be enjoying color-blind relations everywhere,” he writes. “That evil card is played so frequently these days that many of us sometimes don’t realize just how often it is used.” Trebach looks at the Trayvon Martin shooting case; he says that some people willfully appropriated the tragedy for the sake of declaiming racial prejudice, and he skillfully presents little-covered but pertinent details of that incident. He also considers what he feels are the abandoned promises of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to usher the United States into a proudly post-racial era. The most unsettling target of Trebach’s analysis, though, is African-American crime, which continues to balloon at an alarming pace. He argues that intolerance of open discussion and the reflex to denounce as racist any attempt to fully investigate such crime’s causes have impeded good-faith attempts to alleviate the problem. In general, the author contends, programs that are designed by self-appointed representatives of African-Americans tend to deliver more harm than good. Written in plain prose that brims with disillusionment, this book makes an impassioned call for a politics truly free of racial discrimination, in keeping with the tenets of one of the author’s heroes, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Overall, Trebach brings a wealth of academic expertise and personal experience to these thoughtful reflections.

A timely, courageous contribution to the debate regarding racial justice in America.

December 15, 2014


Obamacare blamed for killing hospitals

Closures by the multitude seen as danger to patients, harbinger of future

By Paul Bremmer |

December 15, 2014


Elijah Cummings Savages Gruber: 'Absolutely Stupid,' 'Incredibly Disrespectful'

Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings tore into MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday for his remarks on American voters and the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

By Brendan Bordelon | National Review

December 9, 2014


The Oilman to Thank at Your Next Fill-Up

The ‘accidental CEO’ Mark Papa says even he underestimated the shale revolution, which will continue despite lower prices.
American exceptionalism and free enterprise at work.

WSJ online | Joseph Rago

December 6, 2014


University of South Alabama cop cleared in shooting; Gil Collar high on rare chemical

MOBILE, Alabama – A grand jury today cleared a University of South Alabama police officer of wrongdoing in the shooting of a student who authorities say ingested a rare and potent research chemical that caused him to act wildly in October.

By Brendan Kirby 3/1/2013 |

November 30, 2014


Black Activists Speak Out against Obama Amnesty Agenda

As the potential harm of the President Obama’s amnesty bid for possibly more than 5 million illegal aliens residing in the United States becomes clearer, members of the Project 21 black leadership network are continuing to speak out against his unilateral action to try to remake America.

Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog - A Conservative Blog

November 21, 2014


Purposely Sacrificing Children

Children Dying To Kill

November 19, 2014 | Eli E. Hertz

What kind of a society consciously and purposely sacrifices its own youth, by means of suicide bombings, for political gain and tactical advantage? Suicide bombing is an escalation of a small-arms war introduced during the first Intifada (1987-1993) and championed by Palestinian leaders, even prior to Arafat s arrival from Tunis in July 1994. Today the overwhelming majority of Palestinian Arabs nurture a blind hatred of Israel. They created a cultural milieu of vengeance, violence and death - preparing their children to be sacrifices in a death cult. Proud parents dress up their toddlers not in clown costumes, but with suicide belts, and countless others celebrate their children s deaths with traditional sweet holiday cakes and candies.

It is clear that in Palestinian society something has gone dreadfully wrong. Children in Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza are turned into self-destructing human bombs capable of carrying out casualty terrorist attacks in the struggle between Palestinians and Israelis - a phenomenon whose seeds can be traced to the first Intifada.

Clearly horrified by the use of children in armed conflict, Israeli author and peace advocate Aharon Megged wrote during the first Intifada:

Not since the Children s Crusade in 1212 has there been a horror such as this no people, no land where adults send children age 8-9 or 14-15 to the front, day-after-day, while they themselves hide in their houses or go out to work far-far away. They continue, and send them time-after-time, and don t stop them even when they know they are liable to be killed, maimed, beaten or arrested.

Palestinians are killing their children because they make effective delivery systems for killing Israelis. They also sacrifice them because wounded or dead Palestinian children paint Israelis as heartless and cruel in the eyes of the world and the Israelis themselves.

A criminal Palestinian Arab leadership, along with cowardly and intimidated Palestinian parents on the West Bank and Gaza, exploit their children to engage in armed conflict - in opposition to values held by the rest of the civilized world and in flagrant violation of international law and common decency.

There is no excuse nor any widespread precedent among the wretched of the earth - for sacrificing the youth of any society for political gain and tactical advantage. If this is to stop, the culpability must be put squarely on the shoulders of Palestinian society and others, who legitimize, support and understand such child sacrifice.

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November 19, 2014


Riots in Jerusalem: It’s Never Been About Borders

by Gidon Ben-Zvi |

The Temple Mount

Recent unrest in Jerusalem is once again fanning the fires of indignation regarding the very presence of Israel in certain parts of the country's capital city. Return East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, so goes the peace calculus, and these long repressed victims of an unusually cruel foreign occupation won't have a reason to riot.

According to this line of thinking, the troubles in Jerusalem began on June 11, 1967, the day after what Israelis call the 'Six-Day War' and what is known in Arabic as 'an-Nakash' ('The Setback'), ended.

Thing is, the eastern part of Jerusalem was already occupied, long before Israel had the unmitigated gall to stave off annihilation at the hands of invading Arab armies. Between 1949 and 1967, Jordan conquered the area by an illegal act of aggression. As a result, the international community never accepted Jordan's sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem.

Israel's preemptive attack simply transferred this vacuum of sovereignty. In the absence of any other legal title owner, international law recognizes a country's claim to land acquired in self-defense.

With the status of eastern Jerusalem in limbo, Israel acted to clarify any legal vagaries. In 1980, Israel's parliament, the Knesset, passed the Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel. The law states "Jerusalem, complete and unified, is the capital of Israel." This Basic Law also asserts that Jerusalem is "the seat of the President of the State, the Knesset, the Government, and the Supreme Court.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, his Hamas coalition partners and the criminals wreaking havoc on some of the most sacred sites to Judaism and Islam may want to note that while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accused of ethnically cleansing the Temple Mount, he is bound by the force of Israeli law to do just the opposite.

Specifically, the Basic Law guarantees protections "from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings towards those places."

United Nations Resolution 478, which declares that the Basic Law pertaining to Jerusalem is null and void is itself null and void: an amendment to the law in 2000 prohibits the transfer of authority to a foreign body, for example an international regime.

To those who take seriously the letter and intent of laws passed by freely elected parliaments, the status of Jerusalem is no more ambiguous than that of a once divided Berlin.

The arguments now being made by these hooligans' staunchest defenders around the world are based on moral and political claims, not legal certainties.

And there's nothing unique about a government needing to address moral and political issues raised by minority groups who reside within its legal jurisdiction.

When was the last time the United Nations passed a resolution in response to how Europe is dealing with its Roma population?

November 16, 2014


A Quiet Clash at the Swedish Foreign Ministry

by Daniel Pipes | The Washington Times

WT title: "Sweden's wishful thinking on the Mideast: Naive notions about Iran and 'Palestine' smell like nonsense"

Sweden is arguably the most "European" of European countries by virtue of its historically cohesive nationhood ("one big family"), militaristic and socialist legacies, untrammeled immigration, unmatched political correctness, and a supercilious claim to the status of a "moral superpower." These features also make it perhaps the most alien of European countries to an American conservative.

In this context, I offer a summary and paraphrase of my discussion with two senior members of the permanent bureaucracy in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) held during a recent visit to Stockholm. Our affable but pointed discussion focused on the Middle East, on which we agreed on almost nothing; I might as well have been in Sudan's or Syria's MFA.

The following contains the seemingly sober officials' more colorful statements, then my responses. First, we discussed the Iranian nuclear program:

1. The IAEA inspection regime in Iran is the most intense ever mounted anywhere; it includes cameras that watch the Iranian installations around the clock, so we definitely know what's going on there.

My response: How does the Swedish MFA know that those cameras cover every last nuclear installation? In fact, neither Stockholm nor any other capital has any idea what's going on. The Iranians' program could be far more advanced than is known; indeed, Tehran could have even purchased nuclear weapons from North Korea or Pakistan.

2. The Islamic Republic of Iran abandoned its program to build nuclear bombs in 2003.

My response: The Iranian government, as its president, Hassan Rouhani himself has indicated, never for a moment stopped its nuclear program.

3. If an outside power attacked the Iranian nuclear sites, this would counterproductively cause Tehran to get really angry and decide to build The Bomb.

My response: The notion that striking the installations would inspire the Iranians to proceed is precisely backward. Also, recall that both the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear programs collapsed after being struck by Israeli jets.

We also discussed the Arab-Israeli conflict in the context of the Swedish government's very recent decision to recognize a state of "Palestine":

1. This move is aimed, I was told, not to punish Israel but to give heart to those Palestinians despairing of the two-state solution, consisting of an Israel next to a Palestine. As such, it is not hostile to Israel (where government and population back the two-state solution) but hostile to Hamas (which rejects this outcome).

My response: The Israeli government and population reacted very negatively to the Swedish decision and will, no doubt, be annoyed to learn that it was patronizingly intended for their own good. Conversely, Hamas has hailed this move and called on other governments to follow Stockholm, in order to isolate Israel.

2. Israeli "settlements" on the West Bank (which I prefer to call "towns") render impossible the two-state solution, making it urgently imperative to prevent their further expansion.

My response: I flip this around and see Israeli building as constructive pressure on the Palestinians to get serious about ending the conflict. The longer Palestinians procrastinate, the less land remains.

3. The many statements and posters in which Fatah endorses "car jihad" are unimportant because Fatah is not the official Palestinian "government." So, the Swedish MFA does not concern itself with this homicidal incitement.

My response: Fatah, the PLO, ad the Palestinian Authority are three names for the same entity. Making a legalistic distinction among them permits Mahmoud Abbas, the head of all three, to get away with murder.

4. The demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state is a trap for Abbas, who cannot do so because of the many Arabs living within Israel.

My response: Not to accept Israel as the Jewish state means rejecting the entire Zionist enterprise. Nor is this demand a trap; rather, it responds to changes on the Israeli Arab side in 2006. Why else would Ehud Olmert, then Israel's prime minister – who displayed a Swedish-like fervor for an accord with Abbas – have initiated this demand?

Fatah endorsed Palestinian car jihad in a cartoon showing an Aqsa-like car and the words "The killing of Israelis by running-over operations in Jerusalem."

This complete disagreement on facts, interpretations, and predictions points to an enormous and ever-widening gap between countries and governments founded on like values. At a time when the ranks of enemies are proliferating, that those who should be realistic and friendly prefer instead fumes of fantasy leaves me discouraged about the future of Europe. What disaster will it take to awaken the Swedes -- starting with their estimable foreign policy functionaries?

Mr. Pipes ( is president of the Middle East Forum. © 2014 by Daniel Pipes. All rights reserved.

November 14, 2014


Welcome to Berlin, 1937

By Roger L. Simon » PJMedia

I have never in my increasingly long life felt vulnerable as a Jew in America. I never even dreamed it would happen. But it has now — with the Obama administration.

Something is seriously wrong. At almost every opportunity, Obama and his minions have criticized Israel out of all proportion to the actions of the Jewish state, particularly during the recent Gaza War when there was a constant barrage of warnings from our State Department about harming civilians. (This is a criticism State would never turn on itself. Who knows how many innocents have died in the U.S. air attacks on ISIS — no one even says a word about it.)

Now they have called Israel’s prime minister a “chickensh*t,” a “coward” and who knows what else, using adjectives for Benjamin Netanyahu they don’t employ with Kim Jung-un, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Assad or even the murderous Islamic State’s al-Baghdadi, not to mention — and this is probably crucial — the potentially most homicidal of all, Ayatollah Khamenei of the Islamic State of Iran. (One of the more sinister aspects of Jeff Goldberg’s article that generated this controversy was that one of his leakers bragged they had scared cowardly Netanyahu into not attacking Iran’s nuclear installations, as if this were a good thing, the implication being that the administration can now look good for making an Iran deal — that would ultimately give the mullahs the bomb.) It’s as if Netanyahu, not the aforementioned maniacs, were the administration’s worst enemy.

Meanwhile, the attempts to make nice to the Israelis over the vicious personal slurs from the article, which apparently came from two high and thus far unpunished administration officials, have been perfunctory, so perfunctory that you know they are not meant to be taken seriously, quite the contrary. In fact, an attempted terrorist assassination of a prominent American-Israeli in Jerusalem yesterday that caused the Israeli government to put the Temple Mount on lockdown has already generated more chastisement of the Israelis from our secretary of State. All this against an unprecedented, at least since World War II, rise in global anti-Semitism.

The administration claims to be making these “constructive” criticisms for Israel’s sake, but the Jewish state has better allies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia than they do in an Obama administration that seems to prefer Islamofascist Qatar — those same oil sheiks that bankroll Hamas, the terror organization whose charter exhorts all Muslims to kill every Jew hiding behind a tree anywhere in the world.

And you wonder why I feel like I’m living in Berlin in 1937.

Well, I do.

You will excuse me if I think my Jewish American friends that vote Democratic every year by rote are a bit sick. I have tried to have patience with them for about a decade, tried to persuade them with reason, but now I think they’re… well, there’s an excellent Yiddish word… ferkochta. Or suffering from a Stockholm Syndrome so massive it wouldn’t fit in all the Volvo factories in Sweden.

Yes, I know many of those same people don’t give a sh*t, chicken or otherwise, about Israel — or if they do they are highly critical of everything about it, think it’s an apartheid state, yaddayaddayadda. (Don’t ask them to define apartheid, however.) I will just remind those same “progressive” people that there were plenty of German Jews who felt pretty much as they do back in, ahem, 1937.

If those “progressives” are of a Marxist tilt, I will further remind them that the man himself said, in The Eighteenth Brumaire, that history repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce. We’re now on the tragedy part.

Not that farce is, in this instance, so reassuring and not that I didn’t know in the first place. Indeed, I suspected this would happen all along, although that doesn’t make me the slightest bit happier. Attentive readers of this site will recall that I have on several occasions called upon the Los Angeles Times to release the Khalidi tape. That’s a videotape held in the LAT’s vault of a going-away party for Rashid Khalidi, the University of Chicago professor who was on his way to Columbia to replace the vehemently anti-Zionest Edward Said as head of that university’s Middle East Studies department.

The party was reported to be quite an Israel bash, probably laced with some good-old fashioned Jew hatred. Rashid’s good friends the Obamas, Michelle and Barack, were in attendance. How much they agreed with the tenor of the evening we will never know, because the LAT refuses to release the tape. You would think the paper, given recent events and the decline in the Emperor’s popularity, might change its mind.

Fat chance. To do so would go against a narrative engrained in stone since at least 1968. They wouldn’t dare look inside that vault for fear they would have to act on what they might find. They are the real “chickensh*ts,” not Netanyahu.

November 1, 2014


Obama's assault on Israel is a moral outrage

Having repeatedly warned about Obama’s foreign policy both generally and with regard to Israel, his critics have been sadly vindicated. But the consequences of this president's reprehensible and ineffective approach to world affairs are too dangerous to allow us to take any pleasure in saying we told you so.

November 1, 2014


Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics

At an event for Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley in Boston on Oct. 24, Hillary Clinton told the assembled Democratic faithful: "Don't let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs."

Full commentary at

October 30, 2014


Demagogue Al Sharpton: The Democratic Party’s New ‘Civil Rights’ Leader

By Ron Radosh |

The Democratic Party no longer fights for actual civil rights for African Americans. It has become beholden to race hustlers and demagogues, those who inflame passions based on memories of the real racism that existed decades ago but which is no longer relevant to the present-day American experience.

You will find no better evidence for this assertion than the news last week, as reported in the Washington Post and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The Missouri paper explains:

The official autopsy on Michael Brown shows that he was shot in the hand at close range, according to an analysis of the findings by two experts not involved directly in the case.

The accompanying toxicology report shows he had been using marijuana.

Those documents, prepared by the St. Louis County medical examiner and obtained by the Post-Dispatch, provide the most detailed description to date of the wounds Brown sustained in a confrontation Aug. 9 with Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

Evidence shows that Brown was struggling to get officer Wilson’s pistol inside Wilson’s car, which is why Brown’s blood was found in the car. Moreover, eyewitnesses also testify to seeing that fight. Judy Melinek, a forensics expert in San Francisco, explains:

The autopsy did not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up. [Melinek] said Brown was facing Wilson when Brown took a shot to the forehead, two shots to the chest and a shot to the upper right arm. The wound to the top of Brown’s head would indicate he was falling forward or in a lunging position toward the shooter; the shot was instantly fatal.

What will happen when a grand jury concludes there should be no indictment of Officer Wilson? The scores of protestors in Ferguson have been demanding an indictment, arguing that he represented white racism at its worst, having murdered an innocent young black man in cold blood. Now that claim has been crushed.

The Left has started to challenge the new facts. In Slate, Jamelle Bouie writes a particularly lame and unconvincing retort claiming that the autopsy report only “seemed to support” the account that Wilson was innocent. As he sees it, we still have conflicting reports that prove nothing at all. Predicting “a new round of protests” if the grand jury does not indict, Bouie adds that this explains why the governor has ordered a commission to study “the social and economic conditions that led to the initial August protests.”

The real bug in the ointment, however, is our leading rabble rouser, Reverend Al Sharpton. In this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has a devastating takedown exposing the real facts about the good reverend. (Subscription required — but I strongly urge readers to pay for the article. It’s that important.) Titled “The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton,” the article traces how the man who was kept at arm’s length during Obama’s 2008 campaign, isolated as unrepresentative of the black community’s views, has now become the single would-be “civil-rights leader.” Sharpton is now the person to whom all Democrats, centrist and liberal alike, kowtow and from whom they seek to gain support and endorsement. Once he “inflamed racial hatred and courted violence,” Mac Donald writes. Now, “he has been rehabilitated into the Democratic Party’s civil-rights leader of choice.”

Rather than keep him out of his circle, Obama himself has embraced him — most likely on the advice of Valerie Jarrett, who conferred with Sharpton after the Ferguson shooting. Also joining in the praise of Sharpton is Governor Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and Reps. Charles Rangel and Jerry Nadler, both from New York City and mainstays of the liberal/left.

As Mac Donald notes, New York City’s left-wing mayor, Bill de Blasio, set in motion the effort to remake Sharpton as a national leader. “The mayor’s alliance with the racial provocateur,” she writes, “is now creating the biggest crisis of his mayoralty.” De Blasio’s own words praising Sharpton are so over the top that they exceed that of any other public figure who is rushing to make him relevant.

October 28, 2014


John Kerry’s Peace Partners: Fatah Facebook Page Honors Yesterday’s Murder of Israeli Infant

by David Steinberg |

As reported here yesterday, the State Department’s Jen Psaki was unable to use the word “murdered” in the administration’s official response to yesterday’s terror attack in Jerusalem that ended the life of three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun. Then, outrageously, she urged “all sides to maintain calm” in the wake of the infanticide.

Imagine being a member of the baby’s family and receiving that message.

Today, one of those “sides,” the evil one, posted this outrageous image sanctifying as courageous the act of infanticide. It reads:

The Silwan branch of Fatah honors the heroic martyr Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, who executed the Jerusalem operation which led to the running over of settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Fatah. Not Hamas, the supposedly more extremist member of the joint Palestinian Authority ruling coalition, but Fatah, the “moderates” who have had the honor of frequent audiences with our secretary of State, and who have batted out around the U.S. like a cat toy for some 25 years now with this “moderate” charade.

I expect the State Department to do nothing, or to request Fatah remove the image as a “gesture of goodwill,” and dismiss it as some sort of necessary, realpolitik pandering to their extremist base.

Don’t stand for it this time. Make Kerry answer for his useful idiocy. Force him to represent the U.S. as a country which actually upholds humanity in some regard.

October 23, 2014


Immoral: State Dept. Urges ‘All Sides to Maintain Calm’ After Hamas Murders Baby

by David Steinberg |

At what point does a political hack choose to sacrifice one’s grasp of right and wrong for the job, or for the cause? Time and again, this election season has shown Washington’s careerists to be capable of just about any negation of ethics towards the goals of a campaign, and we’ve certainly seen that from this State Department before, most notably when Hillary Clinton lied about the Benghazi attack to a victim’s family, alongside his body.

But a baby was just thrown “10 to 20 meters” through the air and landed on her head.

The following quote is what the Obama administration, via Jen Psaki, came up with. Bear in mind that the deceased child — called “a pure girl with a holy soul” by her stricken grandfather, and what words could better describe a three-month old – is an American citizen:

The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms today’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem. We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack, and extend our prayers for a full recovery to those injured. We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.

The moral sacrifice made by the administration here is the placement of the administration’s worldview ahead of the protection of the grieving family, the nation of Israel, the citizens of the United States, and those members of humanity able to delineate the ramifications of what just occurred. Would you, as a member of a grieving family – and grieving over a baby! – appreciate being told to “remain calm,” being told your place in this event is as one of several “sides”?

The people at State, presumably not psychopaths, know how the family might receive this. They considered the family’s reaction, and weighed that when constructing this quote. And, being political hacks who have objectively jettisoned their compass, the family’s emotions lost.

Be aware that yesterday, someone at State considered employing the word “murdered,” but instead used “killed.” And be aware that the Obama administration’s detestable, amoral foreign policy trumped all else, and resulted in that enraging closing sentence.

The first question is “how.” Average American citizens – including, yes, the majority of the left – would have been damned pleased to hear the word “murdered.” Few Americans subscribe to an ideology that equivocates on the murder of a baby girl. But few in this administration are comfortable revealing their own humanity in situations like this. They pass along “reset buttons” and praise “smart diplomacy,” and you can be quite sure they do this to protect their relationship with those regimes and cultures that might not find this act to represent “murder.”

Secondly, I want to know what the endgame is behind constructing a statement advising victims to “remain calm,” foregoing an ethically based statement which would necessarily have focused on the word “justice.” Because that “all sides” statement was intended to placate the Hamas/Fatah monster, which had this to say (via spokesman Hossam Badran):

This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of our land by the Jews.

“This” being infanticide.

The State Department felt the need to placate this party. They weighed the considerations of Hamas/Fatah alongside the considerations of the family … and Hamas/Fatah won. I want to know just what in the damned hell State thinks that line can accomplish, what possible endgame they have envisioned for the Middle East which they now assume is closer because they said that. Do they find it to be worth the subjugation of their own humanity? They did it, so they must.

All of us probably spent some of yesterday sick to our stomach over the death of Chaya Zissel Braun. She deserves justice, and hopefully it provides the family some comfort to know that those in Israel tasked with obtaining it for her – a force that is provably led by a much firmer compass — refuse to “maintain calm” at this hour.

October 23, 2014


Back to the Bashing

By Lawrence J. Haas | U.S. News & World Report

Western views toward Israel have returned to Kafkaesque normalcy after a brief break for sanity, as the United States now argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is making Islamic State group recruiting easier, and Europe punishes Israel and rewards the Palestinians for their ongoing conflict.

Full article by By Lawrence J. Haas | U.S. News & World Report

October 22, 2014



Zionist Organization of America


ZOA: Join Protest Opening Night of Met's Anti-Semitic Klinghoffer Opera Monday, 6PM, Oct. 20

Monday evening, October 20th is the opening night of the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel pro-terrorist "Death of Klinghoffer" opera at the Metropolitan Opera.

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) urges everyone to attend the protest scheduled for that evening, Monday evening October 20th at 6 p.m. at Lincoln Center, 65th Street and Broadway. (There will be a 5 p.m. press conference).

Our protest will include a caravan of 100 or more wheelchairs. We are renting wheelchairs - and we still need volunteers to sit in the wheelchairs and push the wheelchairs. Please contact if you wish to volunteer to sit in or push one of the wheelchairs.

"In this era of ISIS beheadings and rising anti-Semitism, it is important to raise our voices when a major cultural institution stoops to performing an opera that idealizes murderous terrorists and defames Jews, Israel and America."

We will have buses traveling to the protest rally from certain locations including Great Neck, NY and Philadelphia. We understand that there is also a bus coming to the protest from Queens. Please contact to sign up for the Philadelphia bus. Please contact to sign up for the Great Neck bus and for other bus information.

ZOA President Morton Klein stated:

"In this era of ISIS beheadings and rising anti-Semitism, it is important to raise our voices when a major cultural institution stoops to performing an opera that idealizes murderous terrorists and defames Jews, Israel and America."

"Death of Klinghoffer" portrays and romanticizes terrorists as poets. The terrorists sing "we are men of ideals." A passenger even sings about how "nice" the hijacker/murderers were to everyone.

"Death of Klinghoffer" also twists and falsifies Israel's history to "blame Israel" to try to excuse and "humanize" Palestinian Arab terrorists' hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship and cold-blooded murder of an innocent disabled Jewish American.

The real reason why the Arab terrorists hijacked the cruise ship and murdered Leon Klinghoffer was to blackmail Israel into freeing arch-murderer/terrorist Samir Kuntar and 50 other convicted Arab terrorists. Samir Kuntar kidnapped and brutally murdered innocent Israeli father Danny Haran in front of his 4 year old daughter (Kuntar first shot and then drowned Danny to make sure he was dead). Kuntar then murdered little 4-year-old Einat Haran by smashing her brains in with his rifle butt. Danny's wife, who was hiding with their baby, accidentally smothered the baby while trying to keep the baby quiet during the terrorist attack. Kuntar also murdered another innocent Israeli.

Instead of explaining the real reason for the hijacking and murder of Klinghoffer - namely to free fellow Arab terrorists who were convicted of committing multiple murders, "Death of Klinghoffer" falsifies Israeli history, and falsely accuses Israeli Jews of being "supplanters" who brutally drove out Arabs in 1948 ("razing" and "laying waste" to all) and similar non-existest atrocities, in order to "justify" killing Jews. In fact, the atrocities in 1948 and before and after were committed by Arabs against Jews.

The Jewish people made their home in Israel long before the Arabs arrived on the scene. The Arabs attacked and massacred Jews in Israel repeatedly - slaughtering hundreds of Jews in pogroms in Hebron and Jerusalem in the 1920s and 1930s, and continuing to murder Jews in 1948-1949, and to this very day. In 1948-1949, seven Arab nations invaded Israel, and along with local Arab terrorists of that era, killed one percent of Israel's Jewish population.

In addition, the terrorist mastermind that "Death of Klinghoffer" humanizes as a "man of ideals" (Abu Abbas) continued his terrorist activities after murdering Leon Klinghoffer. Abbas delivered Saddam Hussein's "rewards" to Palestinian Arab suicide bombers in Judea and Samaria ($25,000 for each Jewish person murdered).

There is more information available about the protests and opera on our website: The website has protest night information, how to write letters to the Met, sample letters that people wrote, and more!

A protest at Lincoln Center attended by thousands of people took place on September 22, at the Met's opening gala. Speakers at the September 22 protest included former Governor George Pataki, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Congressman Eliot Engel, ZOA President Morton Klein, Catholic League President Bill Donahoe, and 9-11 hero's sister Debra Burlingame.

Numerous organizations have condemned this pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic opera.

Nonetheless, the Met is still insisting on performing this travesty eight times, starting next Monday, October 20. Let's all be out there to make sure that the Met knows that it cannot promote terrorism and anti-Semitism with impunity.

This article was originally published here.

Ted Belman
Jerusalem, Israel
972 (0)54 441 3252

October 17, 2014


Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?

By Roger L. Simon |

Let’s review:

The stock market is in free fall.

The Islamic State is on the brink of taking Baghdad and Kobani.

The Ebola crisis is spreading and seems on the verge of becoming a pandemic while the CDC is being unmasked as incompetent.

The Iran talks are a charade and everyone expects that country to get the bomb.

Our vaunted college campuses are transfixed by so-called micro-agressions and a supposed rape epidemic while banning the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and George Will (!) from speaking — and they still cost nearly $70,000 a year.

Our putative ally Turkey — you know, those guys who mass murdered the Armenians but never recanted and have a president who thinks democracy is just a pit stop on the way to totalitarianism, but are still “treasured” members of NATO — are not helping the “coalition” but instead bombing the Kurds, virtually the only good guys in the neighborhood.

Donor nations — including the ever popular Qatar — are giving over 5 billion dollars to rebuild Gaza with no discernible penalties for Hamas and virtually no way of preventing the terror organization from rearming (they have already started) and reconstructing their tunnel system under Israel. Meanwhile, the UK, UN, Sweden and nearly everybody else are blaming the Jewish state for practically everything, with anti-Semitism more prevalent almost everywhere than since the 1930s.

Putin has already taken a good swathe of Ukraine, including Crimea, and is licking his chops for the rest of Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union is back and China is on the rise.

Europe is on the verge of recession. Even Germany appears to be stagnating.

The U.S. has its lowest labor participation rate since women went to work. The middle class is consistently losing ground.

Race relations in the U.S. seem to have gone backwards fifty years in the last six, African Americans overwhelmed with victimology and picking on cops before there is any evidence. Critics of the president are constantly accused of racism. Seventy percent of black children are born out of wedlock.

No one trusts the word of the president because he has lied so frequently about everything from health care to Benghazi.

The highly-politicized attorney general has stepped down with an even worse successor in the wings (Tom Perez).

The U.S. Army is falling apart with only 12 of 37 brigades combat ready. Our Navy is disappearing.

Al Qaeda is NOT on the run. Just the opposite — it’s everywhere. The Taliban are getting Afghanistan back, maybe Pakistan too.

No one knows how many terrorists have already crossed our border, what passports they have and what they are planning to do.

Our prisons have become training camps for jihadists.

And with all this, our secretary of State — who has no scientific expertise whatsoever but does speak mediocre French — thinks “global warming” is our biggest problem.

There’s a lot more. I know I’ve forgotten a ton. The mind simply boggles when trying to recall all of it. (What about Assad and the “red line?” etc., etc.). Please feel free to add yours at the bottom.

But remember this. It’s not all bad. At least Valerie Jarrett isn’t running for president in 2016….Or is she?

October 16, 2014


How the Democratic Party’s Voter Fraud is Fundamentally Transforming America

J. Christian Adams' new ebook details how the American Left and the Holder Justice Department have undermined efforts to improve the integrity of the election process and deter voter fraud.

October 8, 2014


Midnight in Obama’s Garden of Good and Evil

by Roger L Simon

At the same time as IS is rampaging, Obama’s equally morality-challenged crew at the State Department is busy criticizing (what else?) Israel, yet again for Jewish construction and apartment purchase in Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods. (At least this time it wasn’t for murdering civilians, one of the more hypocritical accusations of recent years, considering who made it.) Netanyahu, a man with a moral center a tad larger than Obama’s, struck back on CBS’ Face the Nation but (surprise, surprise) the court eunuchs at CBS removed the Israeli PM’s criticism from the broadcast.

Opinion piece on

October 7, 2014


Obama and Netanyahu: Intractable differences

By Ted Belman

Two speeches at the United Nations General Assembly illustrate the vast gulf separating the leaders of the United States and Israel. Not only is there daylight between Pres. Obama and PM Netanyahu, there are intractable differences.

PM Netanyahu, when addressing the UNGA last week, started out calling the brazen lies uttered at the UN as just that, “brazen lies.” His language was anything but diplomatic. One of those lies had been uttered by Mahmoud Abbas (aka, Abu Mazen) when he charged Israel with genocide and ethnic cleansing. Netanyahu singled him out for living in a reverse moral universe: “I suppose it’s the same moral universe where a man (Abu Mazen) who wrote a dissertation of lies about the Holocaust, and who insists on a Palestine free of Jews, Judenrein, can stand at this podium and shamelessly accuse Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing.” No more pussy footing around here.

Abu Mazen is no longer considered a peace partner. Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, in a major speech on Monday said Mahmoud Abbas “is a more serious enemy” than Yasser Arafat.

“Abu Mazen’s ideology is stronger and [he] negates the existence of a Jewish state and the right of the Jewish people to have a state of their own. For Abu Mazen there is no Jewish people. He is only willing to recognize the Jewish religion,”

Transport Minister Tzipi Hotovely in an interview, said, “The speech yesterday was the way to tell the world that the two-state solution had died. Netanyahu told the world that Abbas and Hamas are the same, they want to destroy Israel”.

Obama continues to back Abbas and the two state solution as envisaged by him.

Moving right along, Netanyahu named the enemy, “militant Islam” and referred to it as a cancer which “grows, metastasizing over wider and wider areas.” This was remarkably bold because the US refuses to identify the enemy much less naming it militant Islam. The US prefers to say terrorism, a tactic, is the enemy and won’t go so far as to call it Islamic terrorism. In fact, Obama recently said that Islamic State is not Islamic. The US takes great pains to separate terrorism from Islam and prohibits the linking of the two.

While the world is waking up to the threat of ISIS, Obama refuses to see the similarity of Hamas to ISIS and of Israel’s fight against Hamas to the world’s fight against ISIS. In his speech Netanyahu left no room for doubt.

He said “ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree. ISIS and Hamas share a fanatical creed, which they both seek to impose well beyond the territory under their control.”

US State Department Spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, smarting over this, said “We don’t believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu or anyone else from Israel is suggesting that the United States launch a military campaign against Hamas.” Sounds very defensive to me. Of course no one has suggested this so why respond to a non-existing suggestion.

She continued, “They are both designated terrorist organizations under the United States designations, but certainly we see differences in terms of the threat and otherwise.” Of course they do, but Israel sees no difference, nor should it, and nor should the US. They are both mortal threats to Israel. I wonder what differences the US sees.

Netanyahu also likened militant Islamists to the Nazis. He said “The Nazis believed in a master race. The militant Islamists believe in a master faith.” He went on to identify Iran as the leading force in promulgating this faith and said that under no conditions should it be permitted to become a nuclear threshold state.

Psaki also rejected Netanyahu’s assertion that Hamas, ISIS, Iran, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and other militant Islamist groups all want the same thing — a Muslim caliphate dominating the world. She said ““We would not agree with that characterization, no,”

Netanyahu drove the point home:

“To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war.

“The fight against militant Islam is indivisible. When militant Islam succeeds anywhere, it’s emboldened everywhere. When it suffers a blow in one place, it’s set back in every place. That’s why Israel’s fight against Hamas is not just our fight. It’s your fight. Israel is fighting a fanaticism today that your countries may be forced to fight tomorrow.”

He also bristled at the accusations that Israel or the IDF were guilty of war crimes:

“– the brave soldiers of the IDF, our young boys and girls – they upheld the highest moral values of any army in the world. Israel’s soldiers deserve not condemnation, but admiration. Admiration from decent people everywhere.

“Israel was using its missiles to protect its children. Hamas was using its children to protect its missiles.

“By investigating Israel rather than Hamas for war crimes, the UN Human Rights Council has betrayed its noble mission to protect the innocent. In fact, what it’s doing is to turn the laws of war upside-down. Israel, which took unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties, Israel is condemned. Hamas, which both targeted and hid behind civilians – that a double war crime – Hamas is given a pass.

“By granting international legitimacy to the use of human shields, the UN’s Human Rights Council has thus become a Terrorist Rights Council, and it will have repercussions. It probably already has, about the use of civilians as human shields.”

The Algemeiner reports on an article by David French in the National Review:

Writing in the National Review, pundit David French observed that only a few months after the Obama Administration used terms like “appalled” and “disgraceful” in reacting to supposed civilian deaths during Israel’s recent war against Hamas in Gaza, the president has now loosened the restrictions imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths arising from American military operations. The Obama administration has said that it was “appalled” by Israeli attacks that unintentionally killed civilians, even calling them “disgraceful”. But that didn’t stop it from applying less strict standards to its bombing policy in Iraq and Syria.

Netanyahu continued:

“We live in a world steeped in tyranny and terror, where gays are hanged from cranes in Tehran, political prisoners are executed in Gaza, young girls are abducted en masse in Nigeria and hundreds of thousands are butchered in Syria, Libya and Iraq. Yet nearly half, nearly half of the UN Human Rights Council’s resolutions focusing on a single country have been directed against Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East – Israel, where issues are openly debated in a boisterous parliament, where human rights are protected by independent courts and where women, gays and minorities live in a genuinely free society.”

Obama doesn’t seem to notice.

Subsequently, Netanyahu and FM Lieberman met with Ban Ki Moon to make certain that his message was received, loud and clear.

Perhaps the truth-telling about Mahmoud Abbas was a precursor to rejecting fruitless negotiations with the PA to achieve peace. It used to be conventional thinking that an agreement with the Palestinians was a precursor to achieving peace with the wider Arab community. No longer. Netanyahu turned things on its head and said:

“But these days I think it may work the other way around: Namely that a broader rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world may help facilitate an Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

Following up on this thinking Haaretz published an article by David Zuker, a former Meretz MK, which opened with:

“The two-state solution – if it still has any chance of realization – will not be implemented in negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. The path of direct negotiations between the two has been sterile for years, and no additional fertility treatments will help. How can something that has been infertile all these years become fertile? Why should something that has been unsuccessful so many times in the past succeed now?”

Not only the Israeli Left but the White House, should take this to heart. Netanyahu in his meeting with Obama, made the case for this inversion.

But the truth of the matter is, it will make no difference. The Arab League, or what is left of it, and the US will not waiver from their formula requiring borders based on the ’67 lines plus swaps and a divided Jerusalem. Obama, and his Arab allies in bombing ISIS, will not waiver from supporting the Palestinian position at a time when they are alienating the Arab street.

Although Hotovely and Yaalon above mentioned believe that a Palestinian state will not be born, Netanyahu firmly supported the two state solution prior to meeting with Obama, when he said

“I remain committed to the vision of peace of two states for two peoples, based on mutual recognition and rock solid security arrangements.”

The problem is that Israel will never agree to ’67 lines plus swaps and dividing Jerusalem and the Palestinians will never agree to rock solid security arrangements. And they will not abandon any of their claims, nor will they recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

In effect, Netanyahu is supportive of a two state solution but not the one envisioned by the international community. In fact Israel has no obligation to accept such a solution and has been granted the right by this community, time and time again, to negotiate all issues.

A case in point is the recent decision by Israel to proceed with the planned construction of 2610 new apartments in Jerusalem. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki responded saying:

“This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies, poison the atmosphere not only with the Palestinians but also with the very Arab governments with which Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu said he wanted to build relations,”

Netanyahu’s response: “Arabs in Jerusalem are free to purchase apartments in the western [part of the] city and no one is arguing against it” and “I have no intention of telling Jews they can’t buy apartments in East Jerusalem. This is private property and an individual right.” It is also sovereign Israeli territory, due to its annexation, though unrecognized by the international community.

Finally a lot of daylight separates Netanyahu from Obama on negotiations with Iran.

Reuters reports:

The crux of the U.S.-Israeli disagreement is that Netanyahu wants Tehran completely stripped of its nuclear capability, while Obama has suggested he is open to Iran continuing to enrich uranium on a limited basis for civilian purposes.

Further dialogue or negotiations will not overcome these intractable differences.

October 5, 2014


At UN Netanyahu challenges 'brazen lies' told by Obama, Abbas

Even more unfortunate is a president of the United States who sounds warmer when talking about Iran than about Israel.

Article from Fox News

September 30, 2014


Joseph D. McNamara, Father of Community Policing, Dies at 79

Joe was a dear friend and a fine professional.

Joseph D. McNamara, a onetime New York City beat cop who earned a doctorate from Harvard and went on to become a California police chief whose pioneering embrace of community policing and diversity in the ranks helped catalyze broad changes in police practices nationwide, died on Friday at his home in Carmel, Calif. He was 79.

Article from

September 28, 2014


27 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t As Bad As It Seems

1. The nicest violinist you’re bound to meet:


2. The kid living everyone’s childhood dream:

3. A daughter getting the only gift she ever really wanted:


4. An old woman just doing what she can to help:


5. Marathon runners stopped everything to thank a World War II vet:


6. Parents asking the internet for help with amazing results:

Nathen Steffel

7. A father staying in touch with his daughter from far away:


8. A boy being welcomed back to class after being out for a week:

9. Carolers making a girl’s dream come true:


10. And a hockey fan meeting his role model:


11. A debt repaid:

Via Twitter: @IrvinRaul94

12. A homeless man paying it forward:


13. A boy getting all the visitors he can handle:


14. A cashier just helping someone get some burgers:


15. A boy giving up something he was so excited about for a better cause:


16. Callum’s dream coming true:


17. A baby hearing his mother’s voice for the first time:


18. Students coming together to support their classmate:


19. The guy who traveled the country in a pink tutu just to make his wife laugh during chemo:
The Tutu Project @TheTutuProject

You can purchase a calendar full of pictures of Bob in his pink tutu here. The proceeds benefit the Carey’s Foundation, which provides support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members.

20. Students supporting their principal:


21. A grandmother riding a roller-coaster for the first time in her life:


22. A conversation with someone you never knew touched:

You matter.

23. Police officers completing the pizza delivery for the delivery man who was involved in an accident:


24. A worker just trying to do his job:


25. An athlete putting sportsmanship over victory:


26. The dynamic duo:


27. And a woman’s last trip:

Rachel Zarrell / Via

And if all this didn’t do anything to change your mind, just gently blow in your screen and…

September 26, 2014


The Muslim Brotherhood’s New PR Agency Rejects Israel

Burson-Marsteller Rejects Israel as a Client; Accepts Muslim Brotherhood

PR Giant Signs Tunisia Branch of Muslim Brotherhood But Thumbs Nose at Israel's Shekels
By Ronn Torossian | New York Observer

September 26, 2014


‘CATALIST’: Obama’s Database for Fundamentally Transforming America

By J. Christian Adam Rule of Law » PJ Media

The Democrats and the institutional left have a new political tool that allows them virtually to ignore moderates yet still win elections.

This tool, the Catalist database, was employed in the 2012 election. That election defied conventional wisdom: Mitt Romney sought and won independent voters overwhelmingly, but still lost. If you wondered why the conventional wisdom about independents and moderates didn’t seem so wise in 2012, the answer is Catalist.

Beyond winning elections, Catalist also allows the Democrats to turn the policy narrative upside down and suffer no political consequence for implementing radical policies which appeal to their base. The Obama administration’s lurch to the far left without consequence can be understood by understanding Catalist. Obama thrives politically by satisfying his base. Simply, Catalist is a game changer not just for politics, but for policy. It is the left’s machinery for fundamentally transforming America.

And candidates, organizations, strategists, and consultants who do not understand what they are up against in Catalist risk being overrun.

I’ll explain how it works in a moment. I had the opportunity to explore the functionality and architecture of Catalist in a way few — if any — others on the opposite side of Catalist have had, and what I discovered sure explains a lot about the last six years.

No longer are Democrats anchored to the preferences of Americans in the middle. Bill Clinton’s triangulation is as obsolete as color film and bag phones. Obama has pushed policies far outside the mainstream, and even far outside popular will, but succeeded in wringing out an Electoral College majority in 2012 because of Catalist.

Unfortunately, Republicans have no functioning counterpart data tool to Catalist. They have multiple and competing shells of Catalist, but they have nothing on the collaborative scale as Catalist, largely due to the fact that Republicans won’t collaborate and are fiercely territorial of their competing data sets. Democrats and the institutional left, in contrast, have created a collaborative and fully integrated system that allows them to ignore the middle while extracting unprecedented turnout from a micro-targeted, ideologically far-left base.

Catalist is an example of the consultant, profit-driven culture of the GOP being beaten by the messianic crusader culture of the left.

Next: two examples demonstrate the power of the institutional left’s data tools.

During the 2012 election, a producer for a conservative news network received a knock at his door in a key swing state. Two neighbors were standing on his stoop campaigning for Obama. They weren’t there to talk to him — they were there to talk to his wife. They knew that she was employed in a profession which the Obama campaign had decided to microtarget: folks who deliver services to special needs children. The two neighbors were already armed with this personalized information. The Obama campaign didn’t just send a direct mail piece to the target or make a telephone call. Instead, the campaign matched a microtargeted demographic (special needs service providers) with a highly motivated Obama volunteer in close neighborly proximity to the target. Then they armed the neighbor/volunteer with data to visit the target.

The best the GOP has done to mimic this event is to give “walk and knock” lists to volunteers who are not from the neighborhood, and certainly not armed with particular messaging. Or, the GOP bothers the target with telephone calls or a direct mail campaign containing at best a whiff of microtargeting.

The second example involves a recent statewide election. In a state where one Democrat and one Republican must be appointed to run each precinct, an election official described for me a problem encountered with the Democratic Party. It seems the Democrat she nominated to run the polls wasn’t sufficiently ideologically pure. What evidence did the party have to object to her bona fides? A response to a telephone survey many years earlier in which the nominated poll official wasn’t supporting the Democratic nominee for United States Senate.

Republicans don’t have anything even close to this sort of data, where answers to poll questions in years past could be employed in future fights.

The development and use of Catalist by the left has serious political consequences for Republicans in Congress, consequences I fear consultants, candidates, and strategists haven’t even begun to contemplate. Consider the course charted by some GOP leaders: while they have sought to steer a middle course between Democrats and the Tea Party, Catalist is rendering moderation obsolete.

Steering a moderate (and cautious) course made perfect sense before Catalist. But now, failing to appeal to an activated and motivated political base spells doom, as the last two presidential elections have demonstrated.


Catalist grew out of the 2004 presidential election, where the Bush campaign enjoyed success in part because of a microtargeting strategy. Magazine subscription lists and church directories, for example, provided a way to identify and contact broad subsets of voters through direct mail or other generic contact. This success led Harold Ickes and other progressives to attempt to build a better mousetrap that helps progressives. It was first used by Obama in 2008, and was used with devastating effectiveness in his 2012 reelection.

To understand the power of Catalist, you must understand the complex Catalist architecture, and how it is different than anything used by the GOP or conservative causes.

Imagine the Borg in Star Trek. Every Borg unit can see what all the other units see. They share data and react in unison.

Similarly, the data feeding the central Catalist database are coming from a wide swath of sources. Public records, pollsters, campaigns, non-profits, activist groups, unions, parties, commercial data — scores and scores of sources are feeding the central database data.

For example, when an environmental group does neighborhood door knocking for cash, the results of those contacts are fed into Catalist.

You have your own individual voter file in Catalist. Everyone does. Under that file might be a massive amount of information about you — more than probably exists in any other database in the world. Whom you work for, what car you might drive, donations you have made, assumptions based on your neighborhood, anything in a public government database about you, consumer preferences, partisan preferences, what licenses you have, what you might have said to pollsters on the phone, memberships, how you treated the young left-wing activist knocking on your door a few years ago, and on and on and on.

Each group working with Catalist feeds the central database. Different groups have different types of data about you. Some data relate to economics. Other data relate to politics. Either way, the Borg all work in unison to fill the database with a massive amount of information about every American — and all of it is perfectly legal.

From the Catalist website

In the vast central database, these data are organized, structured and housed by Catalist, a limited liability company with offices in Washington, D.C. If you contribute data to the database, you can also be a customer of the database. And the customer list is vast — including the effort to reelect President Obama. Customers receive tailored information to suit their needs and microtarget voters.

Catalist provides much more sophisticated and much more granular data about subsets of Americans. The degree of granularity was never possible before Catalist, and Republicans have nothing to match it, for now.

The most important thing Catalist allows the left to do is drive deeper into the pool of extreme left-wing Americans who are otherwise unmotivated to actually vote.

Catalist allows customers to identify potential voters on the far ideological fringe, but who are usually unmotivated to vote. Catalist allows the left to then identify issues, concerns, or other lifestyle facts which would permit a customer to motivate the usually unmotivated on that fringe to vote.

Obama won reelection because he drove deeper into his ideological base than any Democrat ever had. His campaign largely ignored the middle and instead used Catalist data to wring out nearly every possible far-left vote they could.

Consider this graph below. The x axis represents the ideological spectrum. The y axis represents the likelihood of a particular voter on that spectrum actually registering and turning out to vote. You can see where each campaign in 2012 roughly placed emphasis. as

While Romney pivoted to the middle after the primaries and tried to attract moderate and independent voters, Obama used Catalist to create a bigger base. Obama’s message was a leftist message, even during the debates. The idea was to drive turnout on the far left (x axis) and to identify Americans on the far left who would usually be unmotivated to vote.

Catalist gave the campaign the tools to identify them, to understand what matters to them, to find them, and to motivate them. The far-left campaign messaging of Obama was not a mistake. It was part of the plan.

Catalist allowed the Obama campaign to send a familiar neighbor knocking on the door of a teacher of special needs kids in a swing state, even if her husband works for one of the largest conservative news outlets.

Catalist is also devastating to Republicans because it sends them on an expensive goose chase to spend gobs of money to target moderates and independents while Democrats turn out their base cheaper, and with more certainty. A “moderate” voter costs more to persuade than a far fringe ideological leftist. Even a usually politically unmotivated welfare recipient is cheaper to get to the polls than a “moderate” and “thoughtful” undecided moderate who speaks in terms of “voting for the candidate on issues and not the party.”

Looking at the graph atop the next page, you can see how targeting the base instead of targeting the middle produces economic efficiencies.

A moderate/independent who is fairly likely to vote might require $1 of campaign spending to produce a successful outcome. Moderates are by their nature harder to persuade to vote a certain way. Yet a leftist with the same propensity to turn out might cost a dime to motivate them to vote, as long as that same voter thinks you share the priorities of the base.

Hence, Mitt Romney spent time and money trying to capture the contemplative middle while Obama used Catalist data to wring out more votes from the far-left base. Even worse, at the same time, Romney distanced himself from his easier-to-motivate (and cheaper to get) base.

Romney wouldn’t even go on conservative talk radio, for free.

The graphs above explain why the left is so keen to implement federal laws like Motor Voter which seek to automatically register voters populating the upper left of the graphs — unmotivated ideological leftists. Motor Voter has a disproportionate reach into the upper left corner of the graphs as compared to the upper right. Automatic universal voter registration using government databases is the institutional left’s next agenda item.

The policy ramifications for Republicans should be obvious by now. Government policy is fully integrated into the Catalist-driven Obama politics. Instead of moderation, Obama pushes policies which appeal to his far-left base. The era of big government and big deficits is back, deliberately.

Catalist gave Obama in 2012 the political tools to fundamentally transform America without electoral consequence. Obama’s opposition was stuck in the pre-Catalist era of less defined, less complete datasets. It was a prescription for political disaster, like horse-mounted soldiers facing tanks.

I came to learn intimately about Catalist through the course of election-integrity litigation brought against the state of Indiana. Indiana has been characterized by having multiple counties with more voters on the rolls than people alive. Like Eric Holder before him, when Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller (R) needed an expert to fight against election integrity, he called on someone using Catalist data.

Enter Yale political science professor Eitan D. Hersh. Hersh had been busy helping Eric Holder’s Justice Department attack voter ID in Texas and another state. But when the Indiana attorney general needed a left-leaning professor using the progressive movement’s top data tool to deflect our election-integrity litigation, Hersh was the man. Never mind that the use of Catalist to attack Texas voter ID had become a laughingstock.

There is no telling what the taxpayers in Indiana paid Hersh to help keep voter rolls there dirty.

Eitan Hersh is a name every political strategist and GOP consultant should know — if for no other reason than to read his Harvard dissertation describing the internal functioning of Catalist. I did. Anyone can go read it.

If you don’t want to go to Harvard, you can access it online and buy a PDF version here, though I’d prefer Hersh not be enriched any further than Eric Holder and Indiana Attorney General Zoeller have already done.

Hersh was given unparalleled access to the Obama campaign operations and how Catalist was used. His dissertation abstract gives you a taste of what is inside the dissertation:

To understand the role of information in strategic decision-making, I investigate a database containing all registered voters in the United States that is used by actual campaigns for the purpose of voter contact. Three essays relay the findings from this database and from interviews with campaign operatives. The first essay explores strategies for identifying likely partisan supporters. … The second essay explores strategies for identifying persuadable voters. On account of data limitations, the voters that campaigns typically target with persuasion messages are a completely different set of individuals from those who would appear to be undecided, independent, or cross-pressured according to survey measures. The third essay explores the role of racial identifiers that are listed on the public record in eight southern states. When racial data is available, candidates sort the electorate by race, leading to the mobilization of voters whose races are identified and to racial polarization of voters into different parties. The role of information in guiding campaign strategy challenges extant models of political mobilization and identifies important political consequences of the recent and dramatic developments in data availability.

Simply put, Hersh’s deposition describes how to drive deeper into the left-wing base, how to identify your unmotivated allies (sometimes with racial cues), and how to use new databases to fundamentally transform America.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, was also involved in the election-integrity litigation against Indiana for corrupted voter rolls. He told me:

Catalist’s president is the notorious Harold Ickes who, while working at the Clinton White House, became known as Bill Clinton’s “garbage man” because of his involvement in the Clinton fundraising scandals. Nevertheless, he remains close to the Clinton machine and may be one of the most influential leftwing political operatives of the last 30 years. Given Catalist’s partisan and hard Left links, how could any Department of Justice — or, for that matter, Republicans officials in the state of Indiana — rely on it to attack election integrity efforts in federal court?

Fitton is right. Catalist will be fully deployed in the 2016 effort to keep the White House.

But why shouldn’t Republicans simply microtarget unmotivated independents in response? Why not push moderate policies to appeal to those moderate independents who don’t usually vote, and microtarget them?

Remember, getting those moderate voters to vote for you costs exponentially more than motivating ideologues. It will cost $10 to persuade an unmotivated independent while it might cost pennies to mobilize a cultural or ideological partisan.

Some of you reading this might think this is much ado about nothing, because the Republicans can match the power of Catalist. Think again.

When I first approached one political insider about how to dissect Hersh in his upcoming expert deposition some months ago, he understandably could not believe that the Obama campaign would have given an academic writing a dissertation insider access to their data tools and strategies to use them. And therein lies the central mind-block to why the GOP has not matched Catalist.

The power of Catalist is driven by left-wing collaboration. All of the Borg-like groups work in unison to feed the database. Meanwhile, the Republicans don’t even have one single unified database. There are three or four separate conservative competitors, perhaps more if you count the RNC’s recent push to create yet another one.

Instead of unified data collaboration, the conservative response is competition between vendors to create their own marketable but inferior version of Catalist. Worse still, these vendors would never dream of consolidating their architecture or sharing their data. That would wreck their business model.

The strength and power of Catalist is based on the huge number of groups feeding it data. Leftist players sacrifice their egos for the larger messianic call of destroying Republicans, obliterating conservatives, and ultimately gutting the Constitution. Non-profit interest groups on the left gladly feed their internal data into Catalist because it helps progressives win, period. They don’t care about profit, glory, connections, or a new car.

As far as I can tell, conservative database models don’t capture anywhere near the level of inputs that Catalist does.

Catalist does not derive its power because it has the insiders imprimatur as the official party-sanctioned database. It derives its power because nobody feeding it data cares about who gets the glory. They have a country to transform.

So pay attention to whether or not the folks in Washington, D.C., understand Catalist, have read Hersh’s deposition, or have figured out why Romney lost in 2012. Pay attention to whether Republican polices seemed designed to energize a base, or whether they sound like Democrat-lite. If Republicans and conservatives don’t come to understand Catalist and cooperate to create a credible competitor, we are likely to see more horsemen charging at tanks in the next few presidential elections.

September 18, 2014



by Alan M. Dershowitz

Jimmy Carter is making more money selling integrity than peanuts. I have known Jimmy Carter for more than 30 years. I first met him in the spring of 1976 when, as a relatively unknown candidate for president,he sent me a hand written letter asking for my help in his campaign on issues of crime and justice.

I had just published an article in The New York Times Magazine on sentencing reform, and he expressed interest in my ideas and asked me to come up with additional ones for his campaign. Shortly thereafter, my former student Stuart Eisenstadt, brought Carter to Harvard to meet with some faculty members, me among them. I immediately liked Jimmy Carter and saw him as a man of integrity a nd principle. I signed on to his campaign and worked very hard for his election.

When Newsweek magazine asked his campaign for the names of people on whom Carter relied for advice, my name was among those given out. I continued to work for Carter over the years, most recently I met him in Jerusalem a year ago, and we briefly discussed the Mid-East.

Though I disagreed with some of his points, I continued to believe that he was making them out of a deep commitment to principle and to human rights.

Recent disclosures of Carter's extensive financial connections to Arab oil money, particularly from Saudi Arabia , had deeply shaken my belief in his integrity. When I was first told that he received a monetary reward in the name of Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, and kept the money, even after Harvard returned money from the same source because of its anti-Semitic history, I simply did not believe it.How could a man of such apparent integrity enrich himself with dirty money from so dirty a source?

And let there be no mistake about how dirty the Zayed Foundation is. I know because I was involved, in a small way, in helping to persuade Harvard University to return more than $2 million that the financially strapped Divinity School received from this source.

Initially I was reluctant to put pressure on Harvard to turn back money for the Divinity School , but then a student at the DivinitySchool Rachael Lea Fish -- showed me the facts.

They were staggering. I was amazed that in the 21st century there were still foundations that espoused these views. The Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-up - a think-tank funded by the Shiekh and run by his son hosted speakers who called Jews "the enemies of all nations," attributed the assassination of John Kennedy to Israel and the Mossad and the 9/11 attacks to the United States' own military, and stated that the Holocaust was a "fable." (They also hosted a speech by Jimmy Carter.) To its credit, Harvard turned the money back. To his discredit, Carter did not.

Jimmy Carter was, of course, aware of Harvard's decision, since it was highly publicized. Yet he kept the money . Indeed, this is what he said in accepting the funds: "This award has special significance for me because it is named for my personal friend,Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan." Carter's personal friend, it turns out, was an unredeemable anti-Semite and all-around bigot.

In reading Carter's statements, I was reminded of the bad old Harvard of the 1930s, which continued to honor Nazi academics after the anti-Semitic policies of Hitler's government became clear. Harvard of the 1930s was complicit in evil. I sadly concluded that Jimmy Carter of the 21st century has become complicit in evil. The extent of Carter's financial support from, and even dependence on, dirty money is still not fully known.

What we do know is deeply troubling. Carter and his Center have accepted millions of dollars from suspect sources, beginning with the bail-out of the Carter family peanut business in the late 1970s by BCCI, a now-defunct and virulently anti-Israeli bank indirectly controlled by the Saudi Royal family, and among whose principal investors is Carter's friend, Sheikh Zayed. Agha Hasan Abedi, the founder of the bank, gave Carter "$500,000 to help the former president establish his center...[and] more than $10 million to Mr. Carter's different projects." Carter gladly accepted the money, though Abedi had called his bank-ostensibly the source of his funding-"the best way to fight the evil influence of the Zionists." BCC isn't the only source: Saudi King Fahd contributed millions to the Carter Center- "in 1993 alone...$7.6 million" as have other members of the Saudi Royal Family. Carter also received a million dollar pledge from the Saudi-based bin Laden family, as well as a personal $500,000 environmental award named for Sheikh Zayed, and paid for by t he Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

It's worth noting that, despite the influx of Saudi money funding the Carter Center, and despite the Saudi Arabian government's myriad human rights abuses, the Carter Center's Human Rights program has no activity whatever in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have apparently bought his silence for a steep price.

The bought quality of the Center's activities becomes even more clear, however, when reviewing the Center's human rights activities in other countries: essentially no human rights activities in China or in North Korea , or in Iran , Iraq ,the Sudan , or Syria , but activity regarding Israel and its alleged abuses, according to the Center's website.

The Carter Center 's mission statement claims that "The Center is nonpartisan and acts as a neutral party in dispute resolution activities." How can that be, given that its coffers are full of Arab money, and that its focus is away from significant Arab abuses and on Israel's far less serious ones?

No reasonable person can dispute therefore that Jimmy Carter has been and remains dependent on Arab Saudi Arabia .

Does this mean that Carter has necessarily been influenced in his thinking about the Middle East by receipt of such enormous amounts of money? Ask Carter. The entire premise of his criticism of Jewish influence on American foreign policy is that money talks.

It is Carter-not me-who has made the point that if politicians receive money from Jewish sources, then they are not free to decide issues regarding the Middle East for themselves.

It is Carter, not me, who has argued that distinguished reporters cannot honestly report on the Middle East because they are being paid by Jewish money. So, by Carter's own standards, it would be almost economically "suicidal" for Carter "to espouse a balanced position between Israel and Palestine ."

By Carter's own standards, therefore, his views on the Middle East must be discounted . It is certainly possible that he now believes them. Money, particularly large amounts of money, has a way of persuading people to a particular position.

It would not surprise me if Carter, having received so much Arab money, is now honestly committed to their cause. But his failure to disclose the extent of his financial dependence on Arab money, and the absence of any self reflection on whether the receipt of this money has unduly influenced his views, is a form of deception bordering on corruption.

I have met cigarette lobbyists, who are supported by the cigarette industry, and who have come to believe honestly that cigarettes are merely a safe form of adult recreation, that cigarettes are not addicting and that the cigarette industry is really trying to persuade children not to smoke. These people are fooling themselves (or fooling us into believing that they are fooling themselves) just as Jimmy Carter is fooling himself (or persuading us to believe that he is fooling himself).

If money determines political and public views -as Carter insists "Jewish money" does -then Carter's views on the Middle East must be deemed to have been influenced by the vast sums of Arab money he has received. If he who pays the piper calls the tune, then Carter's off-key tunes have been called by his Saudi Arabian paymasters. It pains me to say this, but I now believe that there is no person in American public life today who has a lower ratio of real [integrity] to apparent integrity than Jimmy Carter.

The public perception of his integrity is extraordinarily high. His real integrity, it now turns out, is extraordinarily low. He is no better than so many former American politicians who, after leaving public life, sell themselves to the highest bidder and become lobbyists for despicable causes.

That is now Jimmy Carter's sad legacy.

September 6, 2014


Hamas's Academic Apologists

by Cinnamon Stillwell
American Thinker
August 31, 2014
Campus Watch

Reaction by Middle East studies professors to Israel's recent effort to destroy Hamas's terrorist infrastructure epitomizes their perennial pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, and anti-American biases. In lieu of reasoned, informed, and balanced assessments, they proffer extremist rhetoric that demonizes Israel and America while ignoring Hamas's misdeeds: rockets aimed at Israeli civilians, kidnappings and murder, disregard for ceasefires, and the cynical use of Palestinian civilians--including children--as human shields.

Two groups--Middle East Scholars and Librarians and Historians Against the War--signed letters advocating a boycott of Israeli academic institutions and accusing Israel of war crimes that demand the end to U.S. military aid, respectively.

Many, however, took their pro-Hamas, anti-Israel antipathies far beyond petitioning to spew forth hyperbolic and mendacious rhetoric that reveals far more about the fevered imaginations of the professoriate than about their intended target.

Ignoring that Hamas started the war, Juan Cole, a history professor at the University of Michigan, declared that, "Israel's only real strategy is causing war, not ending war." Despite the fact that no Israeli politician has advocated genocide and that none has been committed, Cole alleged that, "Israeli nationalists have been arguing for war crimes at an alarming rate. . . . Too many Israelis have justifications in their minds for genocide."

Similarly, Rashid Khalidi, who teaches modern Arab Studies at the Columbia University, maintained that, "By parroting deceitful Israeli talking points about 'self-defense' and 'human shields,' they -- US and its allies -- make themselves complicit in what may well amount to war crimes."

Meanwhile, As'ad AbuKhalil, a political scientist at California State University, Stanislaus, argued that, "With every war, with every massacre, and with every 'assault,' Israel (the government and its people) genuinely thinks that this war crime would do the job and finish off the flame of Palestinian nationalism once and for all." "The US media and government are willing to justify any Israeli war crime no matter the scale," he added.

Stanford University history professor Joel Beinin vilified Israeli society while portraying Palestinians as passive victims: "The public devaluation of Arab life enables a society that sees itself as 'enlightened' and 'democratic' to repeatedly send its army to slaughter the largely defenseless population of the Gaza Strip."

Joseph Massad, professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, imagined in characteristically lurid detail, "The carnage that Israeli Jewish soldiers and international Zionist Jewish brigades of baby-killers are committing in Gaza (and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, let alone against Palestinian citizens of Israel)."

Employing a grossly ahistorical comparison to the Holocaust, Hamid Dabashi, who teaches Iranian studies and comparative literature at Columbia University, likened Israelis to Nazis and Gaza to Auschwitz:

"After Gaza, not a single living Israeli can utter the word 'Auschwitz' without it sounding like 'Gaza.' Auschwitz as a historical fact is now archival. Auschwitz as a metaphor is now Palestinian. From now on, every time any Israeli, every time any Jew, anywhere in the world, utters the word 'Auschwitz,' or the word 'Holocaust,' the world will hear 'Gaza.'"

Nadia Abu El-Haj, an anthropology professor at Barnard College–Columbia University, exploited another overwrought and mendacious analogy: "The IDF's tactics recall the logic of the British and American fire-bombing of German and Japanese cities during the Second World War: target the civilian population. Make them pay an unbearable price. Then they will turn against their own regime."

Peddling a disproven conspiracy theory involving the three Israeli teenagers whose kidnapping and murder preceded the war, Noura Erekat, a human rights law professor at George Mason University , claimed that "Israel knew that these boys had been murdered very early on," but that it nonetheless, "continued to fan racist and war-mongering flames." Erekat also disregarded the vulnerability of Israeli civilians: "Hamas cannot hurt Israel at all militarily. . . . Israeli citizens enjoy relative security. In contrast, Palestinians are enduring an all-out massacre."

Abdullah Al-Arian, a history professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar, claimed preposterously that, "Hamas has not chosen the option of a military or violent confrontation with Israel." Yet Al-Arian hypocritically praised the terrorist group's assault on Israeli civilians as "exceeding all expectations." Rounding out this trifecta, he later compared Israel to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

Ratcheting up the absurdity, Hatem Bazian, a lecturer in Near Eastern studies and director of the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project at the University of California, Berkeley, equated Israeli policy with slavery and accused Israel of being behind Latin American death squads: "We need to make a link between what is taking place today in Palestine and the whole transnational, anti-colonial, anti-slavery, and anti-oppression struggle. . . . You need to understand the link of Israel to what's taking place in Latin America. . . . Israel was helping the death squads and training them."

Such cheerleading for Palestinian terrorism and willful disregard of historical facts discredits the individuals who advance it and the academic culture of Middle East studies that rewards it. It is politicized rather than objective, propagandistic rather than principled. American interests at home and abroad are ill-served by these apologists for terrorists.

Cinnamon Stillwell is the West Coast Representative for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. She can be reached at

August 31, 2014


The Islamic-Supremacist Enclave in Minnesota

There are several news stories making the rounds today expressing great surprise that young Muslim men who reside in Minnesota – particularly those having ties to the state’s substantial Somali community – are fighting for the Islamic State terrorist organization (aka “ISIS” or “ISIL”). Two Minnesota Muslims have reportedly been killed. What surprises me is that anyone is surprised. In my 2010 book on the Muslim Brotherhood, The Grand Jihad, I devoted a chapter to the Islamic supremacist infiltration of Minnesota. Even then, that infiltration was marked by ties to al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as a concerted effort to implement sharia principles in U.S. law and institutions, including the classroom and the economy. The chapter is reproduced below.

Ordered Liberty » Andrew C. McCarthy

August 29, 2014


Gaza war creates global upswing in BDS activities. Economic boycotts of Israeli goods and fear of violence spreading

In August the Gaza war created a massive upswing in worldwide BDS activity. Economic boycotts of Israel were the most obvious, but impacts were also felt in politics and academia. Initial indications suggest it will be an exceptional year for BDS, especially in academia, and will include antisemitic violence and threats.


August 27, 2014


Rotherham sex abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited by Pakistani gangs while authorities turned a blind eye

Some children were doused in gasoline and threatened with being set on fire if they reported their abusers, the report said, and others were forced to watch rapes and threatened with the same fate. In more than a third of the cases, the victims appear to have been known to child protection agencies, but the police and local government officials failed to act.

Abuse Cases in British City Long Ignored, Report Says -

August 27, 2014


DAILY MAIL COMMENT: How can this happen in a civilised country?

More than 1,400 children subjected to gang rapes, grooming, abduction, beatings and trafficking for sexual exploitation… victims plied with alcohol and drugs, terrorised with guns or doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight… girls as young as 11 repeatedly raped by ‘large numbers’ of men…

No, this is not some barbaric, war-torn corner of the Third World. This was Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 1997-2013.

August 27, 2014


BDS Victory Over SodaStream May Equal 900 Palestinians Out of Work

By: Daniel Koren | Shalom Life

One of the biggest news stories that accompanied the start of 2014 was Scarlett Johansson being named as the global ambassador of SodaStream, an Israeli company based out of the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Adumim, which develops home carbonation systems that allow users to convert tap water into sparkling water, in more than 100 flavors.

Fresh off of signing the contract with SodaStream, Johansson found herself quickly under fire for supporting a company in "occupied" Palestinian Territories, with New York Magazine referring to the company as "blood bubbles." Reza Aslan, a well-known writer and academic, later called Johansson a Nazi supporter for working with SodaStream.

The confrontation didn't end there, however. The SodaStream ad Johansson appeared in would end up almost being banned by the Super Bowl - though they claimed it wasn't political - and she would end up stepping down from her long-held post as global ambassador of Oxfam due to a "fundamental difference of opinion." Obviously, anti-Israel crusader Roger Waters also condemned the actress for her unwavering support of SodaStream.

In the days that followed, many argued that Oxfam was being hypocritical and that the waves of protesters who began advocating for the boycott of SodaStream would hurt both Israelis AND Palestinians. After all, 900 Palestinians were employed at the company's biggest plastics and metals factory in Ma’ale Adumim.

"Those who seek to help the Palestinians end up hurting us," said Nabil Bashrat, 40, a resident of Ramallah who worked at the factory.

"(The factory) provides income to hundreds of families, entire villages. Peace is what happens here inside, and not outside. Those who are abroad don't understand the relations and actually sabotage the process. The factory draws us closer. Even in times of instability, as was during the war in Gaza, everything was as usual here."

Unfortunately for Bashrat, however, and the other 900 Palestinian SodaStream employees, it seems the BDS supporters are more concerned with boycotting Israeli businesses who 'occupy' Palestinian settlements than helping the actual Palestinian people themselves.

Now, it seems the supporters finally have their wish: SodaStream has announced, in a reported non-political move, that they are moving the factory from the West Bank to a land that indisputably belongs to Israel (unless you're a member of Hamas or ISIS), near the town of Lahavim in the Negev.

This means that the Israeli company will no longer be "occupying" in the West Bank. Good job, BDS supporters.

Oh, it also means that 900 Palestinians - the people you claim you're trying to protect here - are now out of a job. The company will make the move sometime in 2015. While it will still practice its equal opportunity hiring practices, it seems more likely that the region's Bedouin and African communities will be reaping the benefits of employment as opposed to the Palestinians.

Great job BDS supporters. Way to help out those Palestinians you know and understand so much.

DISCLAIMER** We would like to thank everyone for reading and commenting on the article, and make a clarification: the company has yet to make an official statement regarding this situation (they have only announced the new factory), but, as IsraellyCool points out, its considered "common knowledge" that this may indeed happen. As stated above, the decision to move factories is non-political, and whether or not the Palestinian employees will be able to continue working with SodaStream remains to be seen. In this article, we are simply looking at what we believe will take place as a result of the BDS movement. Thank you. Op-Ed piece

August 27, 2014


11 Muslims cause problems on flight from Atlanta to Houston

This needs to go around, over and over. We need to learn !!!

Read entire story, we should be very, concerned about this! And to think that Fox News was the only channel that reported this. They may be "politically incorrect", but at least they had the courage to report it.

Read Tedd Petruna's story below. Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims?

Unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna.

Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) facility at NASA Houston .. Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston . Here's his report :

One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday, the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb about where an Air Tran flight was canceled from Atlanta to Houston due to a man who refused to get off of his cell phone before take- off.. The story was only on Fox News. That was NOT what really happened.

I was seated in 1st class coming home. Eleven Muslim men got on the plane in full Muslim attire. Two of them sat in 1st class and the rest seated themselves throughout the plane, in coach class, all the way to the back. As the plane taxied out to the runway, the stewardesses gave the safety spiel that we are all so familiar with.

At that time, one of the men in 1st class, got on his cell and called one of his companions back in coach. He proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very, very aggressively. This activity took the 1st stewardess out of action for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at that time. He ignored her as if she were not there. The man, who answered the phone back in the coach section, did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. Further back in the plane, at the same time, two younger Muslims, one in the back on the aisle, and one sitting in front of him by the window, began to show footage of a porno video they had taped the night before. They were very loud about it.

The 3rd stewardess informed the two men that they were not to have any electronic devices on at this time. One of the men said "shut up infidel dog!"

The stewardess attempted to take the camcorder and the Muslim began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all eleven of the men got up and started to walk throughout the cabin. I guess that because of the noise, the flight crew must have decided that there was something amiss and changed the plane's directions to head back to the terminal.

The commotion and noise was reaching a feverish pitch, and at this point I had had enough! I got up and started towards the back of 1st class when I heard a voice behind me from another Texan twice my size, say, "I got your back." Then I grabbed the man, who had been on the cell phone, by the arm and said, "You WILL sit down in your seat or you WILL be thrown from this plane!" As I "led" him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed him back to his seat. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, "You WILL do the same!"

He protested loudly, but my adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go also. Just as I escorted him forward, the plane stopped, the doors opened and three TSA agents and four police officers entered the cabin. Myself and my new Texas friend were told to cease and desist for they had the situation under control.

I was quite happy to oblige, actually. There was still some sort of commotion in the back, but within moments, all eleven Muslim men were escorted off the plane. The TSA agents then had their luggage unloaded. We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happened.

Then suddenly, the door opened again and in walked all eleven Muslim men! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic, (the only way I can describe it) and they were reseated. The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw the men, she was having NONE of it! Since I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agents that there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with the Muslim men. The agent told her that they had searched the men and were going through their luggage with a fine tooth comb. However, nothing had been found and that the men were allowed to proceed on to Houston.

The captain and co-captain came out of the cockpit and told the agent, "We and our crew will not fly this plane!" After a word or two, the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane. Five minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new crew walked on. Again, this was where I had had enough! I got up and asked the TSA agent, What the hell is going on?

I was told to take my seat. The airlines and TSA were sorry for the delay and we would be home shortly. I said, "I'm getting off this plane". The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me to get off. Now I'm really mad! I said, "I am a grown man who bought this ticket, whose time is mine, with a family at home, and I am going through that door, or I'm going through that door with you under my arm, but I AM going through that door!"

And then I heard a voice behind me say, "So am I!" Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same thing. Within two minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met by more TSA agents, who asked me to write a statement about the incident. I had five hours to kill at this point waiting for the next flight to Houston , so why the hell not give them my statement. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was canceled. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6 PM, but I finally got there at 12:30 AM. If you don't believe this, look up the date and then Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston.

If this wasn't a terrorism dry run, I don't know what is. The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it. I'm telling this to you because I want you to know. The threat IS real. I saw it with my own eyes."

Tedd Petruna

May I request that you keep this going until this incident reaches the email of all POLITICIANS and the news media!

August 25, 2014


Budweiser Responds

The Budweiser Story

(not a joke)

This is TRUE!

How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September,

2001... Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield , California

After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others

so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed

when they found out about the tragic events in New York , Pennsylvania , and the Pentagon. On September 11th, A Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland..

He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack.

The Budweiser employee went to his truck, called his boss and told him of the very upsetting event!

He didn't feel he could be in that store with those horrible people. His boss asked him, 'Do you think you could go in there long enough to pull every Budweiser product and item our beverage company sells there? We'll never deliver to them again.' The employee walked in, proceeded to pull every single product his beverage company provided and left with an incredible grin on his face.

He told them never to bother to call for a delivery again.

Budweiser happens to be the beer of choice for that community.

Just letting you know how Kern County handled this situation. And Now

The Rest Of The Story:

It seems that the Bud driver and the Pepsi man are neighbors.. Bud called Pepsi and told him. Pepsi called his boss who told him to pull all Pepsi products as well!!! That would include Frito Lay, etc.

Furthermore, word spread and all vendors followed suit! At last report, on June 26, 2009, Fareed Katib closed the store and filed bankruptcy!

Good old American Passive-Aggressive A$ Whoopin!

Pass this along, America needs to know that we're all working together!

If you can read this. Thank a teacher...

If you are reading it in English..... THANK A SOLDIER!!!

If you do not send this you have no soul !!!!

August 25, 2014


The Banality of Mass Public Executions in Gaza

Just another episode of Hamas rule in Gaza, as — quoting Reuters here — “Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel on Friday, accelerating a crackdown on suspected informers after Israeli forces tracked down and killed the three senior Hamas commanders.”

How did these Hamas-led executions proceed? This from the New York Times: “”Masked gunmen in matching black T-shirts and pants paraded seven of the suspected collaborators, handcuffed and hooded, to their deaths before a boisterous crowd outside a downtown mosque after the Friday prayer, in a highly theatrical presentation. Photographs showed a pair of militants leaning over a doomed man on his knees against a wall, and masses of men and boys cheering and clamoring for a better view.”

Thus runs the course of “revolutionary justice” in Gaza — which is how this process was labeled on the website Al Majd, which is described by the Times as “managed by the Internal Security Service of the Hamas government that ran Gaza until June” (when the Hamas government morphed into the “National Consensus Government” of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah).

Were there fair and impartial trials of the accused? Were they provided with lawyers, permitted to mount a defense, treated with dignity? Was their right to privacy respected? Did the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross immediately pronounce themselves appalled? Did the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, decry this mass public use of the death penalty? Did the UN Relief and Works Agency, a megaphone for Gaza, even mention these horrific executions in its daily Situation Report? Did UNRWA’s Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl, formerly of the ICRC, self-appointed arbiter of legalities in Gaza, issue an outraged denunciation of these mass executions?

You know the answer. No. There was none of that. This mass public execution of Palestinians, by Palestinians — according to Reuters, the third round of executions of suspected collaborators just this month — aroused no global outcry. The story played in the New York Times and on Reuters as a tale — albeit with gruesome touches — of Hamas defending itself against Israel. As the Times headline framed it: “Executions in Gaza Are a Warning to Spies.”

Yes, these executions are certainly a warning to spies. But how, precisely, are they less barbaric than, say, the executions of ISIS? Forget even a trace of humanity. Before a rowdy crowd, men in handcuffs and hoods are deliberately paraded by masked gunmen, herded against a wall en masse, and shot to death. For what? For alleged betrayal of a terrorist group that seized power in Gaza in 2007, in a bloody coup against other Palestinians, and uses schoolchildren and hospital patients as human shields for its attacks on Israel.

Had a scene like this Hamas mass execution taken place at Guantanamo Bay, or in Israel, it would have topped the world news, and been denounced around the world by presidents and prime ministers, with the UN Secretary-General condemning and deploring. There would have been calls for investigations and special inquiries and impeachment of the authorities. It would have rolled on for years.

Of course, there is a UN special inquiry heading for Gaza, launched by the UN Human Rights Council last month, authorized to look into the rights of Palestinians and “all violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law … ” etc. etc. But the UN resolution authorizing this inquiry is focused on damning Israel to such an extent that it makes not a single mention of Hamas. The Canadian lawyer picked by the UN to head this inquiry, William Schabas, is on record as desiring to see Israel’s president and prime minister brought before the International Criminal Court, but he can’t bring himself to say whether he will even investigate Hamas. More on that scene in my article on “The U.N.’s Grotesque Gaza Inquiry.”

Will Schabas include these executions in his UN inquiry? Will any of the world eminences who pronounce themselves concerned about Palestinian rights take into account that doomed man, hooded and handcuffed, on his knees, part of a lineup shot to death by Hamas as a matter of “revolutionary justice”? That’s not just a warning to spies; it needs to be understood as a threat to the civilized world.

Claudia Rosett - PJMedia

August 24, 2014


Professor Called Racist For Correcting Black Student's Grammar And Punctuation

By Brian Anderson
January 22, 2014

I thought the race debate reached a new low when Gummy Bear maker Haribo was accused of racism for making African mask Gummies, but what happened at UCLA this week makes that look sane. 25 University of California Los Angeles students participated in a sit-in protest because, get this, one of their professors had the gall to correct grammar and spelling issues on some black students’ papers.

Full article on

August 22, 2014


As college student, Eric Holder participated in 'armed' takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

Charles C. Johnson and Ryan Girdusky | The Daily Caller

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not responded to questions from The Daily Caller about whether Holder himself was armed — and if so, with what sort of weapon.

Holder was then among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), which demanded that the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” The change, the group insisted, was to be made “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

Black radicals from the same group also occupied the office of Dean of Freshman Henry Coleman until their demands were met. Holder has publicly acknowledged being a part of that action.

The details of the student-led occupation, including the claim that the raiders were “armed,” come from a deleted Web page of the Black Students’ Organization (BSO) at Columbia, a successor group to the SAAS. Contemporary newspaper accounts in The Columbia Daily Spectator, a student newspaper, did not mention weapons.

Holder, now the United States’ highest-ranking law enforcement official, has given conflicting accounts of this episode during college commencement addresses at Columbia, but both the BSO’s website and the Daily Spectator have published facts that conflict with his version of events.

Holder has bragged about his involvement in the “rise of black consciousness” protests at Columbia.

“I was among a large group of students who felt strongly about the way we thought the world should be, and we weren’t afraid to make our opinions heard,” he said during Columbia’s 2009 commencement exercises. “I did not take a final exam until my junior year at Columbia — we were on strike every time finals seemed to roll around — but we ran out of issues by that third year.”

Though then-Dean Carl Hovde declared the occupation of the Naval ROTC office illegal and said it violated university policy, the college declined to prosecute any of the students involved. This decision may have been made to avoid a repeat of violent Columbia campus confrontations between police and members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1968.

The ROTC headquarters was ultimately renamed the Malcolm X lounge as the SAAS organization demanded. It later became a hang-out spot for another future U.S. leader, Barack Obama, according to David Maraniss’ best-selling ”Barack Obama: The Story.”

Read more:

Holder told Columbia University’s graduating law students during a 2010 commencement speech that the 1970 incident happened “during my senior year,” but Holder was a freshman at the time. “[S]everal of us took one of our concerns — that black students needed a designated space to gather on campus — to the Dean [of Freshmen]’office. This being Columbia, we proceeded to occupy that office.”

Holder also claimed in his 2009 speech that he and his fellow students decided to “peacefully occupy one of the campus offices.” In contrast, the BSO’s website recounted its predecessor organization’s activities by noting that that “in 1970, a group of armed black students [the SAAS] seized the abandoned ROTC office.”

While that website is no longer online, a snapshot of its content from September 2010 is part of the database.

In a December 2010 GQ magazine profile of Holder, one of his Columbia friends confirmed that he and Holder were both part of the ROTC office takeover.

Holder particularly “connected with four other African-American students” at Columbia, correspondent Wil S. Hylton wrote. “We took over the ROTC lounge in Hartley Hall and created the Malcolm X Lounge,” said a laughing Steve Sims, one of those students.

Hylton described Sims as “the attorney general’s closest friend” and “a man Holder describes as his ‘consigliere.’”

The SAAS was part of a radicalized portion of the Columbia student body whose protest roots were hardened in the late 1960s. Its members collaborated with the SDS to stage a series of protests on the New York City campus in 1968, the year before Eric Holder arrived on campus.

Those earlier protests culminated in a separate armed takeover of Dean Henry Coleman’s office in which students held him hostage and stopped the construction of a gymnasium in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, near the campus.

The BSO reported on its website as recently as 2010 that those students were “armed with guns.”

Emboldened by their successes, SAAS leaders continued to press their demands, eventually working with local black radicals who were not college students. A young Eric Holder joined the fray in 1969 as a college freshman.

The SAAS also actively supported the Black Panthers and the Black Power movement, according to Stefan Bradley, professor of African-American studies at Saint Louis University and author of the 2009 book “Harlem vs. Columbia University.” He has described the Columbia organization as being separatist in nature.

“In 1969, SAAS has taken up a new campaign to establish a Black Institute on campus that would house a black studies program, an all-black admissions board, all-black faculty members, administrators and staff and they wanted the university to pay for it,” Bradley told an audience in 2009.

Though Columbia never met all of the black militants’ demands, it brought more black students to campus through its affirmative action program, introduced Black Studies courses and hired black radical Charles V. Hamilton — co-author of “Black Power” with Black Panther Party ”Honorary Prime Minister” Stokely Carmichael (by then renamed Kwame Ture).

“The university hadn’t thought of all of this by itself,” said Bradley. “It took black students [in the SAAS] to do this.”

In March 1970 the SAAS released a statement supporting twenty-one Black Panthers charged with plotting to blow up department stores, railroad tracks, a police station and the New York Botanical Gardens.

The SAAS, along with the SDS and other radical campus groups, staged a campus rally on March 12, 1970 featuring Afeni Shakur — one of the Panthers out on bail and the future mother of rapper Tupac Shakur.

The rally’s purpose, The Columbia Daily Spectator reported, was to raise bail money for the twenty other Panthers and to call on District Attorney Frank Hogan to drop the charges. All 21 defendants would later be acquitted after a lengthy trial.

The April 21, 1970 SAAS raid on the Naval ROTC office and Dean Coleman’s office came one month after the Black Panther arrests. The Columbia Daily Spectator released a series of demands from the student leaders on April 23 in which they claimed to be occupying the ROTC office for the purpose of “self-determination and dignity.” They needed the space, they said, because of “the general racist nature of American society.”

In their statement, the SAAS leaders also decried “this racist university campus” — in particular its alleged “involvement in the continued political harassment of the Black Panther Party” — along with what they called a “lack of concern for Black people whether they be students or workers” and a “general contempt towards the beliefs of Black students in particular and Black people in general.”

“Black students recognize the necessity of not letting the university set a dangerous precedent in its dealings with Black people,” the statement read in part, “that is letting white people direct the action and forces that affect Black people toward goals they (white people) feel are correct.”

Among the black professors who publicly supported Holder and the SAAS during this period was Black history teacher Hollis Lynch, who is one of four professors Holder later said “shaped my worldview.”

Entering Columbia Law School in September 1973, Holder joined the Black American Law Students Association. Less than a month later, that organization joined other minority activist groups in a coalition that demanded the retraction of a letter to President Gerald Ford, signed by six Columbia professors, that argued against affirmative action and racial quotas.

“Merit should be rewarded, without regard to race, sex, creed, or any other external factor,” the professors wrote to President Ford. Following a campaign marked by what two of those professors called “rhetoric and names hurled” at them, they changed their position and denied they actually opposed affirmative action.

The Columbia Spectator’s editorial page later argued against affirmative action as a factor in university admissions, touching off another controversy with the coalition that included the Black American Law Students Association. “Affirmative action is just a nice name for a quota, and quotas are just a nice name for racism,” the editorial board wrote.

In response, the minority students’ coalition responded that “traditional academic criteria have a built-in bias” that leaves many minority students “automatically excluded.”

“[A]ffirmative action is neither racist nor sexist,” they wrote. “Rather it is opposition to it, which fails to provide alternative means for eradicating bias, that supports the racist and sexist status quo.”

As attorney general, Holder has defended the affirmative action policies that are now the status quo. In February 2012, Holder said during a World Leaders Forum at Columbia University that he “can’t actually imagine a time in which the need for more diversity would ever cease.”

“Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices,” Holder said. “The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin. … When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”

Holder has also come under fire for presiding over a Justice Department that declined to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party who allegedly intimidated white voters outside a Philadelphia polling precinct in 2008.

Article in The Daily Caller

August 22, 2014


Why is the UK protecting Hamas and threatening Israel

British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, warned Israel that if it sent troops into Gaza to confront Hamas, it risked losing the sympathy of the international community.

A woman in Britain, Mindy Wiesenberger, sent the following letter to Mr. Hague, in response. The letter has been published in many newspapers, including the Times of Israel.

Dear Mr. Hague:
You have stated that if Israel tries to defend its population through a ground offensive in Gaza ‘it risks losing the sympathy of the international community.’

Let me tell you something about the sympathy of the international community Mr. Hague.

My father was liberated from Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945, having lost his entire family but gaining the sympathy of the international community at the time.

After 6 million Jews had been annihilated at the hands of the Nazi regime, the international community had plenty of sympathy for the Jewish people. There is always plenty of sympathy for victims.

Israel doesn’t need the sympathy of the international community. What it needs is to defend its citizens.

When as a tiny country it gained its independence in 1948 it had to absorb 800,000 Jews who were thrown out of Arab lands in the Middle East, and it did so without fuss and with dignity giving them shelter and a place of security in which their children could grow up to become productive citizens. When Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria tried to destroy Israel in 1948 and again in 1967 they took in hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs, but did they give them dignity or shelter? No, they left them to rot in refugee camps in order to maintain a symbol of grievance against Israel and use them as a political tool against the Jewish state.

What has arisen in those camps is a complicated situation, but it is what has led to Gaza today.

So don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr. Hague. Not when Israel has just sent in 120 trucks loaded with food into Gaza to feed the Palestinian people there, because their own leadership is more interested in using its population as human shields, launching rockets against Israel from within major civilian centers.

Don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr. Hague. Not when Israel targets, with as much military precision as it can, only terrorists and their bases, trying its utmost to prevent civilian casualties.

Don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy Mr. Hague. Not when the Palestinian media deliberately uses images of victims of the Syrian civil war and presents them as casualties in Gaza to gain international sympathy.

Go read your history books Mr. Hague, go see that since the beginning of the twentieth century all the Arabs wanted to do was destroy Israel.

Go look at the country of Israel now since the Jews have established a state there.

Go read what advances in science, medicine, biotechnology, agriculture and high tech Israel has developed, and dedicated that knowledge to making the world a better place for humanity. Can you imagine any other country that after 60 years of continuously being under attack could have achieved so much.

So Mr. Hague don’t lecture Israel on international sympathy. Israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself from outright attack on its citizens, whether it be from Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran or any other country or terrorist group that attacks it.

And if it loses the sympathy of the international community so be it.

We don’t need the international community’s sympathy. We don’t need another 6 million victims.

Yours sincerely.

August 21, 2014


Caller: Officer's side of Ferguson shooting

According to the version on KFTK, phoned in by a woman who identified herself as "Josie," the altercation on August 9 began after Officer Darren Wilson rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street. According to the account. When they turned around, Brown began taunting Wilson, saying he would not arrest them, then ran at the officer at full speed, the caller said. Wilson then began shooting.

Article at

August 19, 2014


BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

A blowout fracture is a fracture of one or more of the bones surrounding the eye and is commonly referred to as an orbital floor fracture. (AAPOS)

This comes after St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter tweeted out last night that a dozen local witnesses confirmed Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s version of the Brown shooting story.

Full article with Twitter comments:

August 19, 2014


A Light unto the Nations

Israel must preserve itself if it wishes its light to be seen.

Again, I freely admit that I cannot understand Israel’s official policies and even its humanitarian concerns, laudable as they may be. You do not win a war and save your own citizens in the process by alerting the enemy in advance of your intentions. You do not protect the lives of your people by healing future shahids. You do not earn brownie points by victualing those who wish only to exterminate you, as the Hamas charter and its asymmetrical guerrilla practices make abundantly clear. You do not allow shipments of cement and iron to the diggers of terror tunnels.

Nor do you immunize yourself against the allegation of war crimes by the consuming exertion of building a defense case; rather, you go on the attack, deploying the legal weapons at your disposal — journalist affidavits, the captured Hamas combat manual sanctioning the strategy of using human shields to sway the international press, the more than ten thousand rockets aimed at Israeli villages and towns since the disengagement — and prosecuting a case at the International Criminal Court accusing Hamas of war crimes. Israel does not and should not wait upon a judicial summons to The Hague by Hamas and its bigoted fellow travelers in the morally compromised West: it should immediately initiate a prosecutorial case against the real criminals, and force them to account for their actions before the world. It must take the bull by the horns, not wait to be gored.

Tikkun Olam, the mandate to repair a broken world, is a lovely theological notion, but it should not come at the expense of sacrificing one’s own civilians, soldiers and children to a bloodthirsty adversary, a decadent commentariat and a hopelessly corrupt United Nations. It is high time that Israel — its political and legal authorities, its commanders, the media, and the intellectual elites — adopt a new mode of thinking if the country has any hope of surviving into the indefinite future. If the prevailing mindset does not change, 1973, the year in which Israelis almost lost their country, may happen again, this time with a different result. A punching bag does not win a boxing match. I realize that the issue is insidiously complex. Soi-disant “allies” need to be partially mollified or taken into consideration, especially if they are surreptitiously hostile, but a country cannot be passive or half-hearted, always seeking to appease, always deferring victory, if it is to embrace a viable future. As Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote in The Story of the Jewish Legion, “if you want to be ‘good,’ allow yourself to be killed and forego all that you made it your aim to defend: home, country, freedom, hope.”

A purely defensive posture, an extensive reliance on Iron Dome, limited military engagements that only prolong the agony, and legal extenuations are expressive of, as well as engender, a garrison mentality that is ultimately self-defeating.

Isaiah may have been right, but a light has at least two properties: it casts a glow, and it can be extinguished.

August 19, 2014


Kurtz: Some Liberal Outlets Creating 'Almost a Lynch Mob Mentality' in Ferguson

Former CNN anchor and Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz” host Howie Kurtz criticized some outlets for creating “almost a lynch mob mentality” in Ferguson, MO in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

August 19, 2014


Anti-Semitism and its limitations

The power of anti-Semitism is beginning to have a significant impact on Israel’s relations with other democracies.

By Caroline Glick - JPost

Outside the US, throughout the Western world, anti-Semitism is becoming a powerful social and political force. And its power is beginning to have a significant impact on Israel’s relations with other democracies.

Consider South Africa. Following a lopsided vote by the University of Cape Town’s Student Union to boycott Israel, Jewish students fear that their own student union will be barred from operating on campus. Carla Frumer from the South African Jewish Student Union told The Times of Israel, “If they prove we are a Zionist organization and support Israel, they can have us banned and seek to de-register us.”

In Sydney, Australia, Jewish families received a triple blow last week when Jewish children on a chartered school bus were assaulted by eight anti-Semitic drunken teenagers.

The first shock was that their children, some as young as five, were terrorized on their school bus.

The second shock was that the bus driver made an unscheduled stop to allow the anti-Semites to board the bus and harass the children.

The third shock was that after catching six of the eight assailants, the police let them out of jail the same evening.

Taken together, the incident revealed an obscene comfort level among Australian authorities with the terrorization of Jewish children. Jewish families cannot assume that their children will be protected by non-Jews, whether they are school bus drivers or the police.

Unfortunately, these stories do not begin to scratch the surface of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the developed world. From Paris to San Paulo, from Berlin to Boston the public space Jews can enjoy without fear is becoming more and more limited.

The same is the case in leftist political circles.

Last week, Paul Estrin, the president of Canada’s Green Party, was forced to resign for his pro-Israel views. On July 25, Estrin posted a pro-Israel essay on the party’s website. His post caused a furor among the party faithful. The Green Party’s leader, MP Elizabeth May, distanced herself from Estrin. And almost the entire party leadership denounced him and demanded his resignation.

In an essay published this week in the Canadian Jewish News, Estrin explained that he joined the party because he wanted to make a difference in the spheres of the environmental protection and human rights. He did not believe that working to achieve these goals in the Green Party would require him to disavow his support for Israel. His recent experience showed him that he was wrong.

In his words, “I am now convinced that one simply can’t [support Israel] within the confines of Canada’s Green Party.”

Similar sentiments have been expressed in recent weeks by pro-Israel members of Britain’s Labor Party. After party leader Ed Miliband sided with the majority of the party membership and against Israel in Operation Protective Edge, Kate Bearman, the former director of Labor Friends for Israel, published an article in the Jewish Chronicle announcing that she was quitting the Labor Party.

Bearman wrote, “I feel Ed Miliband’s rush to a condemnation of Israel’s ground incursion into Gaza gave me no choice but to say goodbye to the party I have always voted and campaigned for.”

A survey of Britons taken at the end of last month by YouGov showed that 62 percent believed that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza. This includes 72% of Labor supporters and 57% of Conservatives.

In other words, nearly two-thirds of Britons believe that Israel has no right to defend itself. And since Israel is surrounded by forces that seek its destruction, we can extrapolate that nearly two-thirds of Britons would, at a minimum, have no problem with Israel being wiped off the map.

This rising political force of anti-Semitism is already impacting previously supportive governments’ policies toward the Jewish state. Bowing to the anti-Israel positions of his Liberal-Democrat coalition partners, British Prime Minister David Cameron decided that arms exports to Israel will be suspended if Hamas continues its current round of war with Israel.

The primary engine propelling Western nation after Western nation to abandon their support for Israel and deny the protection of law to Jewish communities is the rising power of Muslim minority communities in these countries. As Douglas Murray explained in an essay published by the Gatestone Institute this week, when it comes to Israel and Jews, otherwise integrated, moderate Muslims in Europe are quick to join jihadists in denouncing Israel and rallying behind anti-Semitic curses and threats.

The unanimity of anti-Semitic prejudice among Muslim communities in the West, and its impact on the politics of Western nations, indicates that in the future, Western nations’ polities toward Israel may have more in common with the positions of Sunni Arab states than with those of the US.

Since the dawn of modern Zionism more than a century ago, Arab societies have united around the cause of destroying Zionism as a political force and Israel as a physical entity. As a result, the default position of Arab governments has been to support Israel’s destruction. They have advanced this goal through various means, including going to war against the Jewish state, supporting proxies and other irregular forces in their efforts to kill Jews and harm Israel, and using international organizations – first and foremost the United Nations – to institutionalize international anti-Semitism directed against the Jewish state and to criminalize Israel with the aim of expelling it from the international community.

In recent years, we have seen a gradual, quiet disassociation of various Sunni Arab regimes from the war against Israel as they viewed their interests as more aligned with Israel than with its battlefield foes.

The first time this occurred was during Hezbollah’s war with Israel in 2006. In the opening weeks of the war, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were demonstrably excited at the prospect of an Israeli rout of Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon. As they saw it, an Israeli victory over Hezbollah would deal a powerful blow to Iran’s hegemonic designs over the Persian Gulf and Egypt. It would end the Muslim Brotherhood’s romance with the mullahs in Tehran.

This Sunni Arab support for Israel only abated when then prime minister Ehud Olmert’s serial blundering in his leadership of the war convinced Sunni leaders that Israel would not score a strategic victory.

Over the past six weeks of Operation Protective Edge, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have been even more open about their preference for an Israeli victory, which they view as a blow to the Muslim Brotherhood. Today these regimes feel far more threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran than they did eight years ago. Indeed, so great is their desire for an Israeli victory over the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza that they are willing to publicly express their position for the first time.

It is not that “the Arab street” in Mecca and Cairo has stopped hating Jews. It is simply that the regimes are willing to neutralize the political influence of Jew-hatred in order to ensure their survival.

In the future, such a commonality of interests may be the only way for Israel to cultivate strategic cooperation with Western nations.

All of this is greatly disturbing. But at least today, it is not Israel’s most pressing concern. The political salience of anti-Semitism in the West will have no impact on how the fighting ends.

The only players in the game today are Israel, Egypt and the Obama administration. And Israel’s problem today is not the anti-Semitism of Western societies. It is the hostility of the Obama administration.

Unlike the situation in Europe, anti-Semitism is not a significant force in the US. Due in large part to Obama administration actions, there is a growing acceptance in Washington of the false, anti-Semitic charge that Israel dictates US foreign policy.

But the US public views Israel as an ally and a fellow democracy. And as a consequence, the majority of Americans consistently support Israel and expect the US government to support Israel in its wars against Islamic terrorists and its desire to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. This general view is in turn reflected in the predominant pro-Israel positions taken by the vast majority of members of both houses of Congress.

Due to the fact that his position is out of step with the US public, Barack Obama has not been able to break openly with Israel. But behind the scenes, since the outset of Operation Protective Edge he has used his administrative powers to help Hamas and its Islamist sponsors in Turkey, Qatar and Iran to the detriment of Israel and the Sunni Arab regimes.

In other words, whereas David Cameron felt compelled by domestic political realities to turn on Israel, Obama feels compelled by domestic political realities to hide the fact that he has turned on Israel.

As The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, Obama’s latest anti-Israel action was the institution last week of an unofficial arms embargo against Israel. Ignoring standard procedures adopted over the years in accordance with the US’s strategic cooperation accords with Israel, Obama has chosen to deny the US military the power to automatically approve Israeli requests for resupply of ammunition and spare parts. All such requests must now receive specific approval from the White House.

To hide the hostile nature of his action, Obama has sought to present it as a simple reassertion of presidential control over US foreign policy – and so resonate the anti-Semitic undertones of allegations of Israeli control over US foreign policy.

In fact, Obama’s actions constitute a presidential decision to abandon his own official policy of upholding the US’s alliance with Israel.

Obama took a similar path last month with the highly discriminatory FAA flight ban on Ben-Gurion Airport. The FAA has not instituted such bans on countries like Ukraine and Pakistan where civilian passenger flights have actually been shot down. Yet, citing “an abundance of caution,” the FAA instituted a flight ban on Israel where no civilian passenger jet was endangered.

As the administration presented it, the FAA decision to directly threaten Israel’s economic viability did not derive from hostility to Israel, but from a concern for the welfare of airline passengers.

In a similar fashion, last month US Secretary of State John Kerry sought to misrepresent the administration’s adoption of Hamas’s cease-fire terms as the US’s official position. Kerry claimed that he was merely amplifying the Egyptian cease-fire agreement that the administration claimed it supported, when he was actually abandoning it.

The massive destabilization of the Arab world in the wake of the Arab Spring has led many Israelis to reevaluate our region and the opportunities and threats it presents us.

With the rise of anti-Semitism as a political force in the Western world, and with the radical shift in US foreign policy under Obama, it is vital that Israel conduct a similar reevaluation of its relations with Western democracies.

Caroline B. Glick is the author of The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East.

August 17, 2014


The Human Spirit: When the doctor won’t treat Jews

We’re all frustrated that certain stories never make it to world media. But in this case I understand. I’ve also been in the position of not exposing patients from Gaza to eager reporters, lest they face retribution when they go home.

JPost | Israel News

August 13, 2014


All killings should spark outrage

But here is where I really get lost: Why not get angry at all the other killings?

Opinion concerning the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

August 13, 2014


SPME Joins AMCHA Letter Criticizing Academic Union's BDS Activity

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) joined the AMCHA Initiative and ten other groups writing to University of California President Janet Napolitano to condemn a statement by the joint council of the UAW 2865 union announcing the union's intent to support the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The Joint Council of the UAW 2865, the group who authored the open letter, is a body made up of 83 elected officers of the student-worker union at the University of California, with some 13,000 members. According to the letter, UAW 2865 intends to cooperate with other BDS campaigns, such as “the statewide University of California Student Association and the student governments at UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and UC Riverside, all of whom have passed resolutions in favor of divestment.”

SPME questions why the UAW 2865 feels compelled to answer the call to support Palestinian labor unions, specifically, and not unions in countries where actual suppression of dissent, academic freedom, and scholarly inquiry are prevalent—China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others, for example.

The Union may believe “that as student and labor organizers, we have a duty to stand by principles of anti-oppression organizing” and they should “also recognize that here in the United States we have our own systems of structural racism and settler colonialism to resist and dismantle,” but the singling out of Israel for condemnation, absent a balanced and factually and historically-correct assessment of both parties in the conflict is intellectually-dishonest, one-sided, and in violation of principles of scholarly debate and inquiry.


Dear President Napolitano,

We represent 12 organizations deeply concerned with the serious and growing problem of hate-filled rhetoric about Israel that sometimes rises to the level of antisemitism on campuses across the country, including at the University of California.

As you may be aware, the 83-member joint council of UAW 2865, representing all of the TA's, tutors and readers at the 9 teaching campuses of the University of California, issued a statement outlining the union's intent to support the anti-Israel and antisemitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and to seek a full-membership vote on the statement this coming year.

While we support the right of every member of UAW 2865 to exercise his or her freedom of speech outside of the instructional setting, we are greatly concerned that these union members, who are responsible for instructing undergraduate students on 9 UC campuses, will bring their unscholarly, politically-motivated and antisemitic propaganda and advocacy into UC classrooms, where it certainly does not belong.

Alarmingly, the union leadership itself contends that as "educators", union members not only have the right to voice their antisemitic political opinions on the campus, but the responsibility to "educate" others about them:

"We have a responsibility as educators to both learn about and teach the social issues of our time, including pressing global struggles such as the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation from settler-colonialism and apartheid."

Teaching undergraduate students one-sided propaganda which falsely alleges that Israel is a "settler colonial" and "apartheid" state worthy of elimination and promoting an antisemitic boycott of Israel do not constitute education but unabashed political indoctrination, which is expressly forbidden by the UC Regents in their Policy on Course Content (also known as the Regents Policy on Academic Freedom):

"[The Regents] are responsible to see that the University remain aloof from politics and never function as an instrument for the advance of partisan interest. Misuse of the classroom by, for example, allowing it to be used for political indoctrination... constitutes misuse of the University as an institution."

Moreover, if TA's, tutors and readers feel free to "teach" anti-Israel propaganda and promote BDS to their undergraduates, it can't help but create a hostile, antisemitic environment for many Jewish students, who have already reported in the UC Jewish Student Campus Climate Report that campus-based BDS activities "project hostility, engender a feeling of isolation, and undermine Jewish students' sense of belonging and engagement." Other Jewish students on UC campuses have described feeling "continuously intimidated" and "repeatedly threatened," and that their personal and mental well-being, and even their physical safety, were jeopardized as a result of BDS campaigns on their campuses.

As UC President, you are responsible for ensuring that all University policies and rules are properly enforced, and that all students -- including Jewish students -- feel safe and supported on their UC campuses. We therefore urge you to do the following:

• Publicly reaffirm the UC Regents Policy on Course Content and describe how you intend to enforce that policy in the coming academic year.

• Provide public assurances that you will not allow UAW 2865 members to promote hateful antisemitic propaganda or the boycott of Israel as part of their contractual teaching responsibilities at the University of California.

• Instruct the University's collective bargaining representatives to deny and resist any UAW Local 2865 proposals which seek to inject their biased and improper position on relations with Israel into the University's dealings with the UAW and the individuals whom the UAW claims to speak for.

• Vigorously oppose any effort or proposal from UAW Local 2865 that any pension fund provided by the University for its employees adhere to any policies of divestment or boycott of businesses that directly or indirectly have business, cultural or academic relations with Israel, and its citizens and institutions of both its Government and civil society.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this serious and urgent matter. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


AMCHA Initiative

Americans for Peace and Tolerance
Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
Hasbara Fellowships
Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel
Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Lawfare Project
Zionist Organization of America

Cc: UC Regents
UC Vice President for Human Resources Dwaine Duckett
UC Chancellors
California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
California Senator Carol Liu, Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Education
California Assembly Member Das Williams, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education
California Assembly Member Shirley Weber, Chair of the Select Committee on Campus Climate
California State Senator Marty Block, Chair of Legislative Jewish Caucus
California Jewish Community Leaders

August 13, 2014


Why They Fight: Hamas’ Too-Little-Known Fascist Charter

By Jeffrey Herf

As the Gaza conflict rolls on, the Western press has virtually ignored Hamas’s 1988 “Covenant,” which precisely details the terror group’s radical anti-Semitism and intellectual debt to Nazi ideology.

The American Interest

August 12, 2014


A Statement Condemning the American Studies Association’s (ASA) Recent Call for a Withdrawal of U.S. Support for Israel

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) expresses its astonishment at the American Studies Association’s harsh criticism of Israel’s action during Operation Protective Edge and the organization’s demand that the United States “withdraw political, financial, and military support from the state of Israel. As long as government support continues,” the release read, “the U.S. is complicit in the ongoing siege of Gaza, Israeli war crimes, and Palestinian suffering.”

This is the second time in this calendar year that the ASA has singled out Israel for censure and opprobrium, their membership having voted for an academic boycott of Israeli scholars in December of 2013. That ASA resolution was approved unanimously by the 20-member council.

In the wake of the Gaza incursion currently underway, the ASA once again chose to ignore any complicity on the part of the Palestinians or—more specifically, the terrorist organization Hamas—for the state of chaos in which both sides find themselves, nor have they ever recognized that Israel has a recognized legal right to self-defense or the ability to protect its citizens from being murdered in the name of jihad or “resistance.” The ASA’s press release condemns Israel’s targeting of Gaza’s Islamic University, asserting that there is no justification for targeted strikes against the university, and that “Israel’s continued attacks on identifiable academic institutions are part of its campaign of collective punishment that has already claimed more than 1,650 lives. This goes well beyond the denial of academic freedom to further escalate Israel’s long-standing practice of denying an entire people the basic necessitates of life and freedom.”

But just as the ASA leadership overlooks any complicity for the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict on the part of the Palestinians themselves, they are also either ignorant of or choose to overlook the fact that Islamic University, specifically, has been a tactical arm of Hamas and has been used regularly to design and build weaponry to be used against Israeli civilians. In fact, the university is part and parcel of the machinery of Hamas-sponsored terror in the Gaza Strip, not separate from the terror state or the politics of a radical ideology. In fact, it has been clear for years that the University functions as a technical arm of Hamas, and its faculty and students are regularly recruited as militants in the continuing jihad against Israel and its citizens.

When in 2012 UNESCO announce it was establishing a Chair at the Islamic University, for example, the Foreign Ministry of the State of Israel reported at the time that, “The Islamic University of Gaza is a known greenhouse and breeding ground for Hamas terrorists . . . Scientists and Academics at the University double as Hamas technocrats. The Islamic University serves as an employment program and intellectual retreat for Hamas leaders. The University conducts lectures on Hamas' radical ideology and concentrates on hostility to Israel; Hamas uses Gaza University laboratories to develop and produce explosives and rockets and has even run a course on explosive making. The university is a warehouse for weapons and a venue for secret meetings of military leaders.”

In fact, when Hamas formed its cabinet after being voted into office, 13 of its ministers had been teachers at either at the Islamic University in Gaza or at the Al-Najah National University in Nablus, and virtually every leading figure of Hamas has taught or studied at Islamic University. The research labs of the university were also being used to refine the lethality and range of the Qassam rockets that have been terrorizing southern Israeli towns. A professor there, Jameela El Shanty, was quoted in 2006 as admitting that “Hamas built this institution. The university presents the philosophy of Hamas. If you want to know what Hamas is, you can know it from the university.” And, as Jeffrey Herf has only recently reminded us, Hamas is a genocidal organization. It is bad enough that they hide behind false facades of scholarship; it is even worse that Western scholars who should know better have been taken in because of their hatred of Israel.

The call to boycott Israeli universities is part of the larger, and more destructive, boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign, and is based on its supporters’ desire, not merely to chastise Israel economically and culturally, but to weaken the Jewish state’s moral standing and work, not towards rectifying a number of political faults, but eventually dismantling Israel completely. By joining in this world-wide campaign of the demonization and delegitimation of Israel, the ASA continues to facilitate the weakening of a sovereign democratic state, while at the same time violating fundamental precepts of academic freedom, and, indeed, the call for the United States to withdraw all political, military, and financial support from the Jewish state would be a fatal blow for our democratic ally in a sea of despotic regimes.

As a group of academics, SPME, of course, would condemn any type of random military assault on any university, anywhere. But that is clearly not the case here, where Islamic University, as one example, has become a legitimate military target once its facilities and faculty became part of Hamas’s tactical efforts to murder Israelis in the name of jihad. SPME condemns the ASA boycott and its role in a campaign to use academia to promote boycotts, divestiture, and sanctions against Israel, including the calls for academic boycotts directed towards Israeli scholars and institutions, as they represent an abandonment of scholarly principles, a degradation of campus civility, and a violation of the precepts of unbiased, rational academic inquiry.

For further information please contact:

Asaf Romirowsky,
Executive Director

About SPME

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) is not-for-profit [501 (C) (3)], grass-roots community of scholars who have united to promote honest, fact-based, and civil discourse, especially in regard to Middle East issues. We believe that ethnic, national, and religious hatreds, including anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism, have no place in our institutions, disciplines, and communities. We employ academic means to address these issues.

The peace we seek in the Middle East is consistent both with Israel's right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state within safe and secure borders, and with the rights and legitimate aspirations of her neighbors.

Our mission is to inform, motivate, and encourage faculty to use their academic skills and disciplines on campus, in classrooms, and in academic publications to develop effective responses to the ideological distortions, including anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist slanders, which poison debate and work against peace. SPME welcomes scholars from all disciplines, faiths groups and nationalities who share our desire for peace and our commitment to academic integrity and honest debate.

August 12, 2014


Hamas said to have executed dozens of tunnel diggers

Any excavator who was suspected of collaborating with Israel was killed, Israeli website reports

August 11, 2014


Israel Holds the Free World's Destiny in Her Hands - Report from Italy

Giulio Meotti The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly
Published: Sunday, July 20, 2014 12:45 AM

These stubborn Israeli Jews are alone - alone in resisting in a battle for all of us.

The people of Israel are valiant, going about their daily lives knowing that Muslim killers might explode a bomb or rocket in any public place at any time.

Even more valiant are the Israeli soldiers, who are now fighting inside Gaza, house by house, spied on by cruel eyes, hated by old and young, targeted by beheaders, longed for by their families. These lone Jews fighting in a long night hold the free world's destiny in their hands.

The world is burning with jealousy of Israel and what it achieved for its people in a mere 65 years.

These stubborn Israeli Jews are alone - alone in resisting in a battle for all of us. It has been calculated that since the year of the founding of the state, more than 60,000 rockets have fallen on Israel. The Israelis are victimized and they are alone, abandoned by the world — now, just as then.

In the Second World War, hope didn't come from the Western avant garde, but from the Jews who rebelled against tyranny. The same is happening today

Open any Western newspaper and you will read about the trendy Israeli life under Hamas' rockets, life as usual, while the Arabs die. No mention of Israel as the most heavy bombed nation in the world. No mention of the trauma inflicted on two generations of Jewish children.

Israel is the first line of Western defense in the battle for non-Muslim survival and prosperity in the world. And now that the Jews are running for shelters and employing their brilliant Iron Dome, the world is burning with jealousy of Israel and what it achieved for its people in a mere 65 years.

For the UN, for the Christian bodies, for the White House, for the European Union, for the complacent public opinion and its journalistic sentinels, an independent Jewish State bearing the name “Israel,” with Jerusalem as its capital, a renewal of life in the land of the Bible, a vital Jewish people restored after 2,000 years to its own holy land, has raised unresolved questions and disturbing conclusions.

The Israelis are a very special people because they know how to live in the present and make this present worth living, while the West has drained its peoples' souls and made their lives meaningless, with only shallow-minded hedonism and materialism remaining. This is why Gentiles often hate the Jews.

The sagacious American author Eric Hoffer gave voice to the most tragic Holocaust-related 20th-century truth: "I have a premonition that will not leave me, as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us".

A peaceful and unique nation like Israel and its people have to resort to violent means to survive. My heart breaks for them.

August 11, 2014


Jon Voight Pens Letter to 'Ignorant' Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz on Israel: 'Hang Your Heads in Shame'

by Jon Voight
8/2/2014 9:00am PDT

My name is Jon Voight and I am more than angry, I am heartsick that people like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem could incite anti-Semitism all over the world and are oblivious to the damage they have caused.

They are obviously ignorant of the whole story of Israel’s birth, when in 1948 the Jewish people were offered by the UN a portion of the land originally set aside for them in 1921, and the Arab Palestinians were offered the other half. The Arabs rejected the offer, and the Jews accepted, only to be attacked by five surrounding Arab countries committed to driving them into the sea. But the Israelis won. The Arabs tried it again in 1967, and again in 1973, launching a sneak attack on the holiest Jewish holiday. Each time the Jews prevailed but not without great loss of life. And when Israel was not fighting a major war, it was defending itself against terrorist campaigns.

And yet Israel has always labored for a peaceful relation with its Arab neighbors. It voluntarily returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in return for peace, and gave the Palestinians all of Gaza as a peace gesture. What was the response? The Palestinians elected Hamas, a terrorist organization, and they immediately began firing thousands of rockets into Israel.

After years of trying to make peace, the wars they had to fight, being attacked by their enemies, and still being attacked, and finally after years of running into bomb shelters and having hundreds of civilians killed by suicide bombers, civilians being killed in their sleep, stabbed to pieces, finding enough is enough and finally retaliating, instead of my peers sticking up for the only democratic country in that region, they go and take out poison letters against them.

You have forgotten how this war started. Did Hamas not kidnap and kill three young teenagers for the sake of killing, and celebrated after the killing? What a travesty of justice.

I am asking all my peers who signed that poison letter against Israel to examine their motives. Can you take back the fire of anti-Semitism that is raging all over the world now?

You have been able to become famous and have all your monetary gains because you are in a democratic country: America. Do you think you would have been able to accomplish this in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, et cetera? You had a great responsibility to use your celebrity for good. Instead, you have defamed the only democratic country of goodwill in the Middle East: Israel.

You should hang your heads in shame. You should all come forth with deep regrets for what you did, and ask forgiveness from the suffering people in Israel.

August 10, 2014


The Continuing United Nations War Against the Jews

This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared on JPost.

On August 6, 2014, the United Nations convened the entire global community for an unusual day-long “informal” session of the General Assembly. The purpose: to demonize the Jewish state and emasculate its right of self-defense.

The UN formula for ravaging Israel by ignoring the criminal actions of its foes – and the foes of the civilized world – is breathtaking.

Not one of the UN speakers – the Secretary-General, the representative of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN Human Rights Commissioner, the UN’s MidEast envoy, the head of UNRWA – even uttered the word “tunnel.”

Israel was denounced for destroying “homes and neighborhoods” and “civilian infrastructure.” But the fact that Israel had destroyed an extraordinary labyrinth of 32 terror tunnels deep underground – running for miles, jam packed with explosives, opening near Israeli towns, and built for the sole purpose of killing Jews – somehow just got left out.

Terror tunnels also did not make it into repeated references to “root causes.” Hamas’ promise to kill Jews and “obliterate” Israel did not count as a root cause of the conflict either. At the UN, “root cause” is reserved for the Israeli “occupation” – that is, the non-existent Jews that have not lived in Gaza for eight years.

Part of the reason that Palestinian hate-speech does not make it on to the UN agenda is that the UN has no definition of terrorism. In UN circles, Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a welcome member of the Palestinian “unity” government.

This may help explain why UN actors have difficulty distinguishing a Palestinian combatant from a civilian, and have no hesitation heavily relying on Hamas-affiliated sources for casualty figures. At the General Assembly, UN representatives repeatedly talked about 1,800 dead in total; some referred to 1,350 civilian casualties.

The numbers game was sufficiently confusing – or maybe not – to the European Union that its representative told the assembled: “We condemn the terrible loss of almost 2,000 lives” – genocidal Hamas killers included.

The Secretary-General, UNRWA, and OCHA all called for an immediate “reconstruction effort” – that is, more concrete for Hamas that the UN will not ensure will be used for peaceful purposes.

Disturbing evidence of possible UNRWA complicity in Hamas attacks, which warranted a full investigation, was ignored. The facts that UNRWA schools have been used as Hamas rocket storage facilities and that the immediate vicinity of UNRWA schools have been used as staging grounds for Hamas rocket attacks were shrugged off with an implausible “we had no clue,” a de minimis naughty-naughty, or a lecture about overcrowding.

Meanwhile, UNRWA chief Pierre Krähenbühl had the audacity to complain of Israeli actions that inadvertently have damaged its schools: “we cannot comprehend why they occurred.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon added this whopper: “there were reports that Hamas rockets were fired from near UN premises. Yet, let me be clear: Mere suspicion of militant activity does not justify jeopardizing the lives and safety of many thousands of innocent civilians.”

Mere suspicion? The video and photographic substantiation is in the public domain. And the lives and safety of the 3.5 million innocent Israelis jeopardized by those rockets were deftly omitted from this equation.

UN Mideast envoy Robert Serry simply refused to blame Hamas for rejecting or violating the ceasefires or to acknowledge that Israel had done the opposite. To the UN, the terrorist organization and the democratic state are equals. Or as Serry put it: “each time a ceasefire expired, despite our best efforts to extend it, the violence raged on and claimed more victims…”

Topping the agenda is the start of a UN-driven global witchhunt for Israeli servicemen and women – or in UN terms, war criminals.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has already succeeded in launching another Goldstone-type inquiry via a UN Human Rights Council special session that took place on July 23, 2014. Just as she helped cook the books for the original 2009 Goldstone report, Pillay started by telling the Council that Israel’s “disregard for international humanitarian law…was shockingly evident.” Then she said “these incidents must be properly and independently investigated...” Pillay’s specialty: being UN judge, jury, and executioner.

Before the General Assembly on August 6, 2014 Pillay went farther. She aggressively pushed “the need for the International Criminal Court to address the situation.”

And the Palestinian Authority is actively considering accepting the jurisdiction of the Court, daring the U.S. Congress to respond to an American and Israeli “red line,” since this would render peace negotiations pointless. Why negotiate with a party that the Court is poised to debilitate?

While the General Assembly was fixated on slandering Israel, here is some of what was going on elsewhere in the real world.

In Iraq in July alone, 1,600 died. 5,576 civilians were killed by the Islamist terror organization ISIS and other Sunnis in the first six months of 2014. Another 40,000 members of religious minorities in Iraq are being starved and face immediate slaughter. In Syria in the second half of July alone, 2,000 Syrians were killed. The Islamist terror group Boko Haram has killed 2,053 in the first half of 2014. In Ukraine, 1,129 people have been killed since mid-April, and Russian tanks are lined up on the border.

But there have been no “informal” or “emergency” sessions of the General Assembly on any of these issues. In fact, there have been no “emergency” sessions of the General Assembly on any country but Israel since 1997. There have been no special sessions of the Human Rights Council on Iraq, Nigeria or Ukraine. And the last special session of the Council on Syria took place way back in June 2012.

In the face of this inversion of right and wrong, the Obama administration lined up – on the wrong side.

Rosemary A. DiCarlo, the U.S. Deputy UN Permanent Representative, told the General Assembly that the administration was “horrified at the strikes that hit UNRWA schools” – knowing full well that Israel had confirmed the school was not targeted, that Hamas operatives fired mortar shells repeatedly from the area surrounding the school, that the more precise circumstances were being carefully and expeditiously examined by Israel, and that UN allegations could not be taken at face value.

Compare the U.S. remarks to the statement made by the Canadian UN Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski, a true friend of Israel. Canada told the General Assembly: “the responsibility for the death and the destruction that we have witnessed in recent weeks are attributable solely to Hamas.”

That is exactly the point. If a hostage is abducted, and police fire a shot that kills the hostage despite valiant efforts to target the hostage-taker, the death of the hostage is attributable solely to the abductor. Palestinian civilians are hostage to the violent criminals who use them as human shields.

Clearly, Israel cannot count on the Obama administration. So the prospect of an American abstention on a Security Council resolution on Gaza now looms over Israel’s head – providing undeserved comfort to the enemies of both Israel and America.

Anne Bayefsky is director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Follow her @AnneBayefsky.

For more human rights and United Nations coverage see

August 10, 2014


Beating the heat of the summer

In Israel, it’s been a summer full of love in the face of hatred.

By Liat Collins - JPost

August 9, 2014


Gaza & the UN war criminals

The ugly truth: the UN encourages terrorism

This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared on Fox News.

As the terrorist organization Hamas breaks yet another ceasefire, it operates with the firm belief that it will be protected on the international stage. That’s because the modern United Nations has become an instrument of war, just seven decades after it was founded “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”

It is time to face an ugly truth: The U.N. encourages terrorism. U.N. enablers on the ground in Gaza and U.N. broadcasters in the diplomatic comfort zones of Geneva and New York are partners in incitement to genocide against Israel, the Jewish state.

Think back to Rwanda, where a radio station broadcast that Tutsis were “cockroaches.” The message received was that killing was justified, that Tutsis deserved what they got. Such broadcasts were criminal.

The demonization of Israelis by the United Nations is similarly venomous, regardless of the diplomatic facade.

On July 30, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon accused Israel of “attacking sleeping children.” On July 23, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told the U.N. Human Rights Council that Israel exhibited “disregard for…the right to life.” She alleged that it "was shockingly evident for all to see in the apparent targeting of…children playing.” On July 14, U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl told the press that Israeli crimes included “attacks against...civilians.”

Alleging that Israelis are baby-killers is not some throwaway line. It’s incitement.

This incitement goes hand-in-hand with the repeated blood libel coming from U.N. sources. The ancient and vile accusation that Jews use the blood of the innocent for religious rituals has been only slightly modified in U.N. circles, where Jews are portrayed as simply out for blood, period.

Following his effusive praise for Hamas’ financial-backer, Qatar, Ban Ki-moon said on July 20, “Gaza is an open wound. We must stop the bleeding now.” On July 25, from Cairo, he said: “The people of Gaza have bled enough…” At an Aug. 6 special session of the General Assembly, speakers from more than two dozen countries railed about “the shedding of innocent Palestinian blood.”

Claiming that Israelis are bloodthirsty is not idle chatter. It’s anti-Semitism.

The Hamas Charter makes plain that its intent is to kill Jews and “obliterate” Israel. As recently as July 10, Hamas made the Rwanda comparison itself, playing a song about Zionists on Al-Aqsa TV that encouraged viewers to “exterminate the cockroaches’ nest.”

As with most attempted genocides, the process of demonizing the Jewish state and concomitantly tying its hands behind its back whenever it tries to defend itself did not happen overnight. U.N. High Commissioner Pillay has spent her entire six-year tenure promoting the racist “anti-racism” Durban Declaration and the idea that Israelis are racists.

These days, the criminal hatemongering from U.N. quarters is dressed up as law. The allegation now repeated nonstop is that Israeli actions in Gaza have been “disproportionate.”

Actually, international humanitarian law requires that on a case-by-case basis the “expected incidental loss of civilian life” must be proportionate to “the military advantage anticipated.” The U.N. has already concluded – without having any knowledge of the necessary specifics – that Israel’s actions have been disproportionate by comparing the numbers of civilian casualties among Israelis and Palestinians.

On July 31, U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said: “By looking at the number of civilian casualties, it should be apparent that Israel’s return of force was disproportionate.” On July 21, Ban Ki-moon also tied “proportionality" directly to the fact that “most of the death toll has been among the Palestinian people.”

The logical consequence of this fallacious reasoning is that in order for Israel’s response to Hamas to be proportionate, it should let Hamas rockets fall on Israeli civilians. According to the U.N., the law requires more dead Israelis.

It also did not occur to these U.N. geniuses to compare the numbers of Palestinian civilian deaths to the millions of Israelis who have lived within 15 seconds of death from Hamas rocket fire day-in and day-out, year-after-year. The right of self-defense is not the exclusive prerogative of the dead. Actually, the point of a right of self-defense is to prevent death.

Moreover, fictitious U.N. “proportionality” tests are a mug’s game. In 2004, Israel killed Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi without a single civilian casualty. Rantissi was responsible for hundreds of Israeli deaths and injuries and labeled a “specially designated global terrorist” by the State Department. The U.N. reaction? Then U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called the targeted “assassination” a violation of international law.

U.N. actors may not hold the guns in their hands, but they are engaged in warfare just the same.

Where is the Obama administration in this sickening perversion of first principles? Working hand-in-glove with the U.N.

On July 28, the president agreed to a unanimous Security Council “presidential statement” on Gaza against the strong objections of Israel. The statement doesn’t mention Hamas, or rockets, or tunnels. It doesn’t identify the only party that has rejected or broken every cease-fire. And it lumps Israel together with a terrorist organization by demanding the same from “all parties.” On the plus side for team Obama, it “commends the Secretary-General and Secretary John Kerry.”

Why should Palestinian and other Arab terrorists end their six-decade-long campaign to destroy the state of Israel when this global monstrosity has their back?

Anne Bayefsky is director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Follow her @AnneBayefsky.

For more human rights and United Nations coverage see

August 8, 2014


Analysis: Hamas - A cruel and cynical enemy

By Yaakov Lappin

Stories file in from the battlefield on the use of playgrounds, schools and family homes as bases to wage war in Gaza

Analysis: Hamas A cruel and cynical enemy - JPost

Aug 6, 2014


'Hand of God sent missile into sea'

By Joe Kovacs

Iron Dome operator: 'I witnessed this miracle with my own eyes' -

August 6, 2014


MUST WATCH! Hamas assembles and fire a rockets at Israel from densely populated residential area captured by Indian NDTV

Video proves that Hamas uses civilian population as human shields - share with friends, family, and elected officials

Courtesy Simon Wiesenthal Center

August 5, 2014


Congress, Obama and the way to defeat Hamas

By Caroline Glick

As often happens in war, plans are overtaken by events. Following Hamas’s attack this morning on Givati forces in Rafah during the US-UN ceasefire, I realized that my assumption that a ceasefire is possible, on which I based my latest column was no longer supported by evidence.

I wrote the following column in light of what I now realize about Hamas’s rationale for fighting. I urge the US citizens reading this column to contact their Congressional representatives and ask them to take action, as set forth below.

Shabbat shalom.

Kerry HamasWhy did Hamas attack the Givati forces, kill two soldiers and capture 2nd. Lt. Hadar Goldin Friday morning in violation of the US-UN brokered 72-hour cease fire?

Hamas acted as it did, because it thinks it can get away with it. And Hamas thinks that it can get away with it because Hamas is convinced that it will win this war.

And as long as Hamas is convinced that it will win this war, it will continue to attack, no matter what its situation is on the ground in Gaza. It will continue to attack Israel no matter what Israel does.

As a consequence, there is no way for Israel to disengage. There can never be a ceasefire with Hamas for as long as Hamas is convinced that it will win this war.

To understand why Hamas is convinced that it will win, it is necessary to understand first why Hamas is fighting in the first place.

Hamas went to war with one goal, to reopen Gaza to the world.

Hamas is fighting to open Gaza’s border with Egypt, to end Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza coast, and to reinstate its lines of finance.

Today Hamas’s leadership, snug in their multi-million dollar villas in Qatar and well-equipped bunkers under Shifa Hospital in Gaza City are certain that they will achieve their goal. They will win.

And as a consequence, they will not stop attacking Israel.

Hamas’s goal of opening Gaza to the world has nothing to do with helping the people of Gaza. Hamas wants open borders so that it can import arms and the means to rebuild its tunnels. It wants to open the borders so that it can replenish its coffers.

In other words, Hamas’s purpose in fighting this war is to ensure that Hamas can keep fighting.

From a financial perspective, it isn’t simply that Hamas is expecting to receive cash payments from Qatar, Turkey, Iran and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas runs Gaza. Hamas is the tax authority.

As Dr. Moshe Elad explained to Globes, Hamas siphons money off every dollar in aid transferred to Gaza because it controls all the aid pipelines. Every dollar of international humanitarian aid to UNWRA and every other organization goes through that pipeline and part of the funds are transferred to Hamas.

Hamas taxes all businesses in Gaza. And it taxes all imports. According to Elad, Hamas levied a flat tax of $2000 on every car load of goods smuggled into Gaza from Egypt in addition to 25 percent of the value of every shipment.

As a result, all economic activity in Gaza funds Hamas.

In other words, as long as Hamas rules Gaza, all aid to Gaza is aid to Hamas. All economic activity is hostage to Hamas. All of Gaza is hostage to Hamas.

The reason that Hamas is certain that when the war ends, it will achieve its goal of opening Gaza’s borders is simple. The United States says so.

The official position of the US government is that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will involve opening Hamas’s borders to the world. This position was spelled out by Secretary of State John Kerry in the draft cease fire that he sent to Israel last Friday.

Kerry’s draft said that a permanent cease fire agreement must include, “arrangements to secure the opening of the crossings, allow the entry of goods and people and… transfer funds to Gaza for the payment of salaries for public employees…”

This position was reiterated by President Barack Obama in his telephone conversation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last Sunday. According the White House’s press release of that phone call, “Building on Secretary Kerry’s efforts, the President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement… The President underscored the enduring importance of… alleviating Gaza’s humanitarian crisis, and enacting a sustainable ceasefire that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs.”

After 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was captured, Secretary of State John Kerry called the Qatari and Turkish foreign ministers to ask them to get Hamas to release him. Kerry’s move demonstrated that the US continues to view Hamas’s chief state sponsors as the most attractive allies in achieving a sustainable ceasefire. As Hamas’s sponsors, Qatar and Turkey insist that Hamas’s demand for open borders be met.

Under these circumstances, Hamas has no reason to stop fighting.

As a result there are only two options, moving forward.

The first option is for Israel to retake control over Gaza. The aim of the operation would be to decimate Hamas physically.

Such an operation will be prolonged. It will result in the deaths of thousands of Gazan civilians, hostages as they are, to Hamas.

It will result as well in massive losses of IDF soldiers.

In short, it will be a very painful, heartbreaking process. But it will make it impossible for Hamas to enjoy open borders and so continue fighting.

The other option is for the US to credibly reverse its position and oppose any opening of Gaza’s borders for as long as Hamas remains in charge. For this to work, it is not sufficient for the Obama administration to retract its current position and publically oppose the opening of Gaza’s borders. Given the administration’s track record, Hamas’s leadership won’t believe that the policy reversal is real.

Strong Congressional action is also required.

The relevant committees in both houses must begin serious examinations of all manner of US funding to the Palestinians and how this money serves Hamas. Such an investigation should focus on UNWRA.

During this war – and in previous Hamas campaigns against Israel – we have seen Hamas use UNWRA schools as missile storage sites and missile launching pads. This week three soldiers were killed trying to seal a tunnel whose entry shaft was located in an UNWRA clinic booby trapped with over a ton of explosives built into one of the walls.

At a minimum, this tells us that UNWRA is subservient to Hamas. All UNWRA installations and personnel are controlled by Hamas. As a result, UNWRA is a subsidiary – willing or unwilling – of Hamas and all funds to UNWRA must be suspended until Hamas is no longer in control of Gaza.

Again, the central point is that for as long as Hamas exercises control over Gaza, everyone in Gaza and every entity operating in Gaza is controlled by Hamas. All assistance to Gaza assists Hamas and communicates the message that Hamas will win the war.

As a result, the only way for anyone to help the people of Gaza is to free them from Hamas. And the only way to free them from Hamas is to defeat Hamas.

After Hamas took over Gaza in 2007, in keeping with binding UN Security Council resolution 1373 from 2001, Israel imposed a maritime naval blockade of the Gaza coast to prevent material aid to the terrorist organization from getting through.

The blockade is the most passive way possible for Israel to abide by the stipulations of the resolution that prohibits nations from providing assistance to territories controlled by terrorists.

Rather than support Israel’s efforts, the Obama administration has adopted Hamas’s language and refers to the blockade as “a siege,” intimating that there is something illegal about it.

It would be reasonable for the Armed Services Committees of both houses to pass resolutions calling for the US Navy to assist Israel in maintaining the blockade. They can also bring the commanders of the US Navy before them to testify regarding how the US is or can assist Israel in sustaining the blockade.

Such moves would symbolically communicate US commitment to keeping Gaza’s borders sealed. Certainly they would communicate to Turkey that its intention to take action to break Israel’s blockade is strenuously opposed by the US Congress.

And this brings us to another key move that Congress can make. Given the active support Turkey and Qatar are providing to Hamas in its terrorist war against Israel, it is imperative that Congress begin questioning nature of the Turkish and Qatari regimes and the legality of US military and other strategic ties with these two state sponsors of Hamas and al Qaeda.

In the case of Qatar, a good place to start is for members of both houses to follow the lead of House Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Peter Roskam who sent a letter to Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Thursday questioning US diplomatic ties with Qatar in light of its massive financial support for Hamas and its facilitation of the funding of al Qaeda affiliates ISIS and the al Nusra Front.

Members of the Senate Armed Services committee can exercise oversight and state their intention to cancel through legislation the $11 billion dollar arms deal with Qatar that the Pentagon announced last week. In light of what the US now knows about Qatar’s central role as the banker and bankroller of Hamas and other Islamist terror groups, continued military sales to Qatar may well be prohibited under the Arms Export Control Act.

As for Turkey, under the dictatorial regime of Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, NATO member Turkey has joined Qatar, Iran and Syria as a massive state sponsor of terrorism. It funds and provides other material support for Hamas. It is a major funder of al Nusra and ISIS.

To date, Turkey has largely avoided Congressional scrutiny for its support for terrorism. As a member of NATO its forces continue to train with US forces and Turkey is contracted to receive a hundred F-35 warplanes from the US over the next several years.

With Turkey actively involved in Hamas’s war against Israel, the time has come for Turkey’s support for terrorism to be scrutinized, with an eye towards designating Turkey as a state sponsor of terrorism, or at a minimum, demoting its position in NATO. Relevant committees in both houses of Congress should hold formal hearings about Turkey’s support for terrorism.

Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish people and our state as a first step towards Islamic world domination.

It is waging war against Israel because it believes that the US supports its goal of opening Gaza’s borders so that Hamas can continue fighting Israel.

As its bipartisan resolutions expressing support for Israel issued this week made clear yet again, the US Congress shares Israel’s concerns for its security, as well as its concern for the wellbeing of the people of Gaza who are being held hostage by Hamas.

In order to minimize suffering of the people of Israel and Gaza, and to ensure Israel’s national security and US national security interests in the Middle East, the US must join Israel in its goal of defeating Hamas. To that end, both the administration and the Congress must openly and credibly join Israel in rejecting any cease fire arrangement that provides for the opening of Gaza’s physical and financial borders so long as Hamas remains in control of the area.

August 2, 2014


Measured by a different yardstick

The Jerusalem Post courtesy Simon Wiesenthal Center

The world reaction to the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza again raises the question whether Israel is being judged by an entirely separate standard.

August 1, 2014


No Economic Aid to Hamas-Ruled Gaza

The developing international consensus to offer Gaza economic aid in exchange for a ceasefire is a moral and strategic mistake. As long as Hamas rules Gaza, funds sent to Gaza are likely to be used for aggression against Israel and the personal use of Hamas leaders. The world should not be rewarding the most extreme Palestinians for violence and terror. With terror tunnels costing $3 million apiece and all the concrete it can put its hands on, Hamas has neglected providing for the needs of the people in Gaza.

by Efraim Inbar

July 30, 2014



Or, how to understand the current war between Israel and Hamas
From The Bliss Buzz -


Once upon a time there was a prison.

It was situated in a relatively small city, and due to normal bureaucratic dysfunction, next to it was a hospital.

But to make this story more interesting, across from both of these institutions was a high school.

This was not your usual prison however, it was built specifically to execute the most dangerous of criminals.

Neither was the hospital typical, it was established to handle the most dire of patients.

Obviously the high school had a number of challenges, and so our hero in this little story is a vivacious energetic young teacher named Mr. Jones.

One day Mr. Jones bounds into his class and in an effort to liven things up he asks his students, “What is the difference between the prison and the hospital?”

At first the students looked puzzled, “It’s obvious,” blurted a bright eyed girl named Jenifer, “One puts people to death and one tries to save them?”

“Ah,” very good, replied Mr. Jones, in a tone that belied anticipation of that very answer. “But which one does which?”

Confused again, Jenifer replied, “The prison kills and the hospital saves.”

“Really?” said Mr. Jones, “How do you know?”

This time David, a rather rambunctious kid, stepped in, “That’s obvious! In the prison people die, and in the hospital people live.”

Mr. Jones repeated himself but added a little sarcasm, “Really!”

Mr. Jones went on to explain himself, “Not everyone in the prison dies and not everyone in the hospital lives.”

“But,” Alison, who normally doesn’t say much, chimed in, “The hospital is trying to save people, it’s just not always possible. The prison wants to kill everyone, but the law steps in.”

“Excellent.” Beamed Mr. Jones as though he knew his class would get to this conclusion in the end.

“Now tell me, if not for the signs on the building, would you be able to tell me which one wants to do which?”

Silence reigned as the students pondered the puzzle.

Finally, Harold, a bespectacled young man at the back explained, “The hospital uses all it’s resources to help people stay alive, whenever someone is sick, they treat them. The prison uses all it’s resources to kill people, whatever they have, that’s what they do.”

“Brilliant!” Replied Mr. Jones.

Then he added, “If the prison could, it would kill more people, and if the hospital could, it would save more people.”

Now you understand the difference between Israel and Hamas.
If Hamas could – it would.
Israel can, but doesn’t.

No army, not least the Israeli Army (the 11th mightiest in the world) could have so few enemy civilian casualties, except for the reason they are trying as hard as they can. If Hamas could (kill more innocent people) it would, Israel can, but doesn’t.

July 28, 2014


Obama Stops to Sign Autographs at Grisly Los Angeles Crime Scene

“We were notified on the radio that the president’s motorcade would be traveling past our crime scene en rout to the airport,” the detective said. “I was inside the house trying to match one of the decapitated bodies with a head I found in the refrigerator when I happened to look out the window and see the procession stop and President Obama get out of a limo. When I walked outside onto the porch I saw the president shaking people’s hands and signing autographs. I had a lot of blood on me from investigating the bodies so I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to go out and meet him. At the same time I was perplexed that he was even there in the first place.”

July 28, 2014


Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemy

Obama reportedly used or implied the threat of withholding the resupply of weapons — don’t know if this includes the Iron Dome itself — if Israel didn’t fall into line and stop attacking Gaza immediately.

What Obama is doing, in effect, is saving Hamas. It’s almost mind boggling to think, but it’s true.

July 28, 2014


In phone call with Netanyahu, Obama stresses need for 'immediate' Gaza cease-fire

Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire "that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs."

Jerusalem Post -

July 27, 2014



A very harsh assessment from an Israeli government source of the efforts of US Secretary of State John Kerry to broker a cease fire late last week.

The Times of Israel is reporting that a government official told Israeli channel 2 that Kerry “dug a tunnel under the Egyptian ceasefire proposal” which was accepted by Israel on Friday, and gave the Israeli government a text that accepted most of the demands made by Hamas.

The PJ Tatler

July 27, 2014



Operating behind enemy lines, elite Maglan unit has destroyed series of high quality Hamas targets.

By Yaakov Lappin -

July 25, 2014


The current conflict between Israel and Hamas shatters myths

The current warfare between Hamas and Israel shatters several myths that have been accepted as gospel by many in the international community and the media.

Alan Dershowitz -

July 22, 2014


Dave Brat Slams Obama Administration on Israel

“Most Americans recognize Israel’s right to defend itself from the terrorist regime sworn to its destruction. Unlike the administration, we reject the idea that terrorist missiles are somehow the fault of Israel’s government and that all would be well if only Israel sacrificed even more of its security.”

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July 22, 2014


President Obama, my kids are running to bomb shelters in Jerusalem

What is more tragic? A tiny democracy who had more than one million people in bomb shelters on Tuesday night? Or the fact that the citizenry are so accustomed to running to bomb shelters that they consider it normal.

JPost | Israel News

July 22, 2014


Israel Must Destroy Hamas Tunnels—No Matter How Long It Takes

If you’re looking for a reason for the supposed impoverishment of Gaza, look no further than the maze of tunnels – some of them miles long — Hamas has built under their territory and beyond their borders into Israel. It’s the jihadist version of Boston’s “Big Dig.” The construction is so extensive that nearly every able-bodied man must have been employed in the occupation of tunnel-building, not to mention the huge diversion of funds, much of it donated by the West, for material like concrete originally trucked into Gaza by the Israelis and others for “humanitarian purposes.”

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July 22, 2014


Photos of the day - July 17, 2014

Photos of the day - Yahoo News

July 22, 2014


You know what's really stunning about this?

Neither of these guys became famous for dancing. Hope was, for a time, America's Comedian. And James Cagney was a great actor, one of the biggest movie stars of his era. But watching this clip, it's easy to believe that they both could have been just as big as song-and-dance men.

July 22, 2014


Palestinian Suffering Used to Demonize Israel

As long as Palestinians continue to serve as lightning rod against Jews, their supposed victimization reaffirming the latter’s millenarian demonization, Israel will never be allowed to defend itself.

Karsh in Jerusalem Post

July 22, 2014



If there is a God, he has some explaining to do.

On the one hand he tells us Muslims in the Qur'an that we are "the best of peoples, evolved for mankind", but then showers us with leaders who bring out the worst in the human soul.

If the murderous spree some of my fellow Muslims have embraced is not enough, their hypocrisy of playing the victim card makes the rest of the world cringe in anger, if not outrage.

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July 22, 2014



by Daniel Pipes
Jul 19, 2014
Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner

RT, the Russian government's news network – and successor to the Soviet-era Pravda – published an article under the extreme, attention-seeking headline, "In our millions, we're all Palestinian': Wave of protests worldwide demand end to Gaza slaughter." The article goes on to list anti-Israel demonstrations. However, if one actually reads the article, it quickly becomes apparent that the headline contains two major inaccuracies:

1. There are no "millions" involved. Far from it. Using RT's own numbers, we find them significantly smaller: 17 participants; more than 10,000; 1,300; dozens; 4,000; and 150 demonstrators.

2. The protests are hardly worldwide. RT lists them as having taken place in the United States, Argentina, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, and Australia.

Further research finds additional protests having occurred in Chile, Iceland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, *Tunisia, Greece, *Turkey, *Lebanon, Israel, *Egypt, *Jordan, South Africa, *Indonesia, and Japan. (* means Muslim-majority countries)

Aggregating all of RT's spurious numbers, one finds that:

RT's estimate that 6 demonstrations included a total of about 15,500 participants would mean that there were an average of some 2,600 protesters in each.
Demonstrations have taken part in 23 countries of which 6, or about 25 percent, have Muslim-majority populations.


1. In contrast to the three similar recent wars involving Israel (of 2006, 2008-09, and 2012), this one has not (yet) touched a real nerve. Indeed, as I have documented, Israel has gained surprising support while Hamas faces surprising opposition.

2. The great majority of demonstrations having occurred in the West suggests that people in Muslim-majority countries have more urgent concerns – such as the fact that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has just killed 270 people in taking over a gas field in Syria and, after 2,000 years, forcibly expelled Mosul's entire Christian population. More broadly, the Arab-Israeli conflict looks like small bear when compared to the fear of Iranian aggression destabilizing the whole region.

3. In hopes of whipping up a virulently anti-Israeli frenzy, RT and its ilk have been reduced to publishing easily checkable exaggerations, which could also be characterized as pathetic, bold-faced lies.

July 19, 2014



Undermining Israel's right to self-defense: The UN pathology

This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared on The Jerusalem Post.

The 20th century job description of the United Nations was “to maintain international peace and security” based on “the sovereign equality of all its members,” and to do “nothing [to] impair the inherent right of self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the UN.”

But the UN of the 21st century has an exception clause. Every time Israel is attacked, not only does the UN fail to maintain peace and security – it attempts to gut Israel’s inherent right of self-defense.

In accordance with this pathology, UN actors manufacture a cycle of violence that begins with Israeli aggression; assert a moral equivalence between Arab terrorists and their Israeli victims; and concoct a litany of Israeli human rights abuses. They conclude that Israeli actions in self-defense are crimes, and Israel’s enemies are understandably, if a tad too fervently, protecting human rights.

Ceasefires are just opportunities to shift gears from alleging crimes to demanding punishments.

The events of the past week have been a textbook demonstration of this toxic formula.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) issued a “situation report” on July 9, 2014. It provides a “background on the crisis” that states: “the latest escalation round started on 11 June when Israeli forces targeted and killed an alleged member of an armed group, along with a child accompanying him, and Palestinian factions responded by shooting rockets at southern Israel.”

OCHA could have started with something else that occurred on June 11, 2014 – a rocket sent from Gaza that narrowly missed a main artery in southern Israel. Or the UN body might have started with the rocket attacks perpetrated by the targeted Hamas operative himself, such as the rocket shot at Sderot on April 21, 2014. Or it could have chosen any of the other 200 rockets fired into Israel in the first six months of 2014.

Alternatively, a “background on the crisis” could have begun at the beginning, with uninterrupted violent Arab rejection of a Jewish state from the moment of Israel’s creation.

Instead, the UN body chose the routine of “it all started when he hit me back.”

Next on the bandwagon came Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Pillay is responsible for hatching the infamous Goldstone inquiry, together with the UN Human Rights Council, at a special Council session in January 2009. Goldstone’s report claimed Israel was deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians, as opposed to defending itself from 8,000 rocket and mortar attacks launched from Gaza over eight years. Though Goldstone himself later retracted the slanderous charge, Pillay remained an enthusiastic supporter.

Evidently, Pillay has been hoping to repeat history. On July 3, 2014, Pillay told journalists in Vienna “I utterly condemn these rocket attacks and more especially I condemn Israel’s excessive acts of retaliation.” Then, on July 11, 2014 Pillay expressed “serious doubt about whether the Israeli strikes have been in accordance with international law” and called for an “independent” investigation.

Right on cue, on July 11, 2014 the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called for a special meeting of the UN Human Rights Council “to investigate Israel’s crimes.”

And then there’s UNRWA, the UN Palestinian refugee agency. Director of Gaza Operations, Robert Turner, said on July 10, 2014 that he both “condemned indiscriminate rocket fire from Gaza…and the use of force by Israeli security forces on Gaza that cause civilian casualties in violation of international humanitarian law.” On July 14, 2014 UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl went even further, stating in a press briefing: “I urgently call on the Israeli Security Forces to put an end to attacks against, or endangering, civilians…”

The allegation that Israel is targeting or attacking civilians is a vile and incendiary falsehood.

In addition, the Geneva Conventions on the laws of war do not outlaw “an attack which may be expected to cause incidental loss of civilian life.” The test is one of proportionality between the loss of civilian life or injury expected and “the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated.” The application of this rule requires tangible facts of no interest to UN choreographers.

International law does, however, outlaw the use of human beings “in attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favor or impede military operations.” The cause of a human shield’s death is the person using the shield – just as the cause of the death of a hostage shot by police in the course of a kidnapping is the kidnapper – not the police.

Ironically, the July 9, 2014 OCHA report confirms that Palestinian civilians are serving as human shields, for it asserts both that civilians casualties have mainly occurred during the destruction of residential properties and that “prior to the attacks residents have been warned to leave.”

Also jumping onboard was UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, playing a similar blame game. In a statement released on July 8, 2014, he said he “is extremely concerned” about the “multiple Palestinian deaths and injuries as a result of Israeli operations in Gaza.”

In Israel’s case, the Secretary-General could find no moral daylight between a terrorist organization and a democratic society. At a briefing to the Security Council on July 10, 2014, he said there were “cycles of violence,” and “attacks on both sides.” In his view, “Palestinian civilians are caught between Hamas’s irresponsibility and Israel’s tough response.”

Terrorism is not “irresponsibility” – it’s evil. The Hamas Charter says: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” Palestinian civilians are hooked on a Palestinian government committed to genocide and acting to fulfill its stated mission. And yes, the intended victim is not prepared to go gently into the night.

At the top of the UN heap came the Security Council, which hurriedly convened on July 10 and 12, 2014 at the request of the Palestinians, the Arab League, the OIC, and the Non-Aligned Movement (now headed by Iran).

During the July 10, 2014 session Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour demonstrated the very intolerance at the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He told the Council Israel was “racist, aggressive, expansionist, lack[ing] respect for the sanctity of life,” a “so-called democracy,” “ruthless,” “insane,” and “inhumane.” For good measure, he added: “we reject the claims of self-defense by Israel.”

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor asked the Council to condemn Hamas, terrorism and the rocket fire, to call on Abbas to dissolve the unity government, and support Israel’s right to defend itself. Mansour demanded that the Council call for “an immediate ceasefire” – that is, time for Palestinians to regroup and rearm for the next round of terrorist attacks.

In a mere two days, the Palestinians won on all counts.

On July 12, 2014 the Security Council issued a unanimous “press statement” calling for a ceasefire and making no mention of rockets, or terrorism, or Hamas, or Israel’s right of self-defense. The Security Council press statement equates Israel with a terrorist organization by pointing to an all-round failure to protect “civilians on both sides.”

Most disturbing was that the press statement would not have been issued without American approval. This means that President Obama decided rapidly to add his weight to the mountain of UN invective.

It also means Israel’s ceasefire calculus – while Hamas is still dangerously operational – had to include the possibility that President Obama would not veto a harmful Security Council resolution with more binding authority.

When the people of Israel exercise their inherent right of self-defense, they are forced to withstand an additional onslaught from today’s morally bankrupt United Nations.

That mob should not include the President of the United States.

Anne Bayefsky is director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Follow her @AnneBayefsky.

For more human rights and United Nations coverage see

July 15, 2014


USA Postage Stamp Honors Unsung Rescuer of Jews from the Nazis

Thought you might be interested in this heroic person.

Who was Hiram Bingham and why is he getting a stamp?
Just an interesting piece of evidence of the curious behavior of the Roosevelt administration toward the Jews during WWII.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a posthumous award for "constructive dissent" to Hiram (or Harry) Bingham, IV. For over fifty years, the State Department resisted any attempt to honor Bingham. For them he was an insubordinate member of the US diplomatic service, a dangerous maverick who was eventually demoted. Now, after his death, he has been officially recognized as a hero.

Bingham came from an illustrious family. His father (whom the fictional character Indiana Jones was based) was the archeologist who unearthed the Inca City of Machu Picchu, Peru, in 1911. Harry entered the US diplomatic service and, in 1939, was posted to Marseilles , France , as American Vice-Consul.

The USA was then neutral and, not wishing to annoy Marshal Petain's puppet Vichy regime and because of rampant anti-semitism of certain State Department officials, including Assistant Secretary of State Breckenridge Long, illegally (and without the knowledge of President Roosevelt) ordered its representatives and consuls in Europe, including Marseilles, Lisbon, Zurich et al, not to grant visas to any Jews. Bingham found this policy immoral and, risking his career, did all in his power to undermine it.

In defiance of his bosses in Washington , he granted over 2,500 USA visas to Jewish and other refugees, including the artists Marc Chagall and Max Ernst and the family of the writer Thomas Mann. He also sheltered Jews in his Marseilles home, and obtained forged identity papers to help Jews in their dangerous journeys across Europe . He worked with the French underground to smuggle Jews out of France into Franco's Spain or across the Mediterranean and even contributed to their expenses out of his own pocket. In 1941, Washington lost patience with him. He was sent to Argentina , where later he continued to annoy his superiors by reporting on the movements of Nazi war criminals.

Eventually, he was forced out of the American diplomatic service completely.

Bingham died almost penniless in 1988. Little was known of his extraordinary activities until his son found some letters in his belongings after his death. He has now been honored by many groups and organizations including the United Nations and the State of Israel.

You honor his memory when you re-send this.

July 10, 2014



One of the best social scientists and a dear friend. It is sad to learn he has passed away but I do want to remember him today.

Law | The Guardian

June 10, 2014



"What Winston Churchill said of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles — that he was a bull who carried his own china shop around with him — is true of Susan Rice, who is, to be polite, accident-prone."

George F. Will - The Washington Post

June 5, 2014



This week, the United States District Court in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) struck down a law that prevented American citizens from voting in a referendum on a constitutional amendment if they were not of “Northern Mariana descent.”

Rule of Law >

May 24, 2014



This week, students at DePaul University are being asked to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and vote on a non-binding resolution that asks the university to divest from companies that do business in the Jewish State. But for some Jewish students on the Lincoln Park, Chicago campus, the campaign behind the proposed measure has created an atmosphere of intimidation, not free speech.

May 24, 2014



Al Sharpton’s history of hate is so voluminous and well documented, where does one even begin?

Daily Surge

May 23, 2014



Recent college grads, and especially African-Americans, struggle to find work in a slow recovery.

May 21, 2014



Activist calls controversy 'publicity stunt' by those pushing Obama's impeachment.

May 19, 2014



May 17, 2014


Obama Makes It Clear Amnesty Is His Priority, So Why Would GOP Help?

Obama Makes It Clear That Amnesty Will Help Democrats.

May 16, 2014


Bill Clinton reveals it took Hillary 'six months of very serious work to get over' accident

So why did State Department claim that she 'fully recovered' a month later?

Daily Mail Online

May 15, 2014


VIDEO: Young Hillary Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements

Michelle Fields talks with students at George Washington University about the former Secretary of State's possible run for the White House in 2016.

PJ Media

May 15, 2014



Recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks raise questions as to why Washington invested so much in such a misbegotten venture, but they brought one salutary result - they laid bare the Obama Administration's hostility to the Jewish state.

Lawrence J. Haas
A former communications director for Vice President Al Gore, Lawrence J. Haas is a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council.

May 12, 2014


The 2014 Duranty Award, First Runner-Up: Candy Crowley

The transcript of Claudia Rosett’s presentation speech honoring Crowley’s performance as debate moderator.

PJ Media

May 9, 2014


Hillary Clinton's State Department Record Continues to Let Down Our Girls

Hillary Clinton refused to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group despite multiple pleas from Congress to do so.

Katie Pavlich -

May 8, 2014


UN Replaces Richard Falk with Falk look-alike and Falk's wife

UN Replaces Notorious Richard Falk -- Don't Expect Changes.

Anne Bayefsky - FoxNews

May 8, 2014



The 2013 Walter Duranty Prize for mendacious journalism was awarded in front of an upbeat crowd at a dinner Monday night at New York’s 3 West Club.

Roger L. Simon > PJ Media

May 7, 2014



Benghazi is not an ordinary scandal.

PJ Media

May 6, 2014



It would be mistaken to think that the failure to admit guilt and offer apologies will soon be forgotten.

JPost | Israel News

May 5, 2014



Americans are outraged by old, sick and pathetic Donald Sterling’s racist rantings—and the manipulative con-artist mistress who recorded their conversation.

But consensus ends after the expression of furor. Who among us is without sin to offer the first bid for his franchise?

Works and Days > PJ Media

May 5, 2014



More on Adam Silver's panicky rush to judgment.

Ben Stein - The American Spectator

May 4, 2014



Sharia compliance: don't ask for bacon on your footlong in the UK.

PJ Lifestyle

May 4, 2014



Remembering the injustice done to the grieving father of an American hero.

National Review Online

May 2, 2014



Despite the predictions of fortune tellers in politics and think tanks, we won’t know for years whether the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, will ultimately leave people sicker or healthier, richer or poorer.

April 29, 2014



It's time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.

Daniel F. Craviotto:

April 29, 2014



How two men used music to bridge religious differences and historical hatreds.

The Weekend Interview with Gilbert Levine:

April 26, 2014



Ain't It The Truth? - from carol white

Here is a genuine WW2 hero that dies a quiet death and no one knows or cares. !!!!

And think of the media circus, flags at half staff, and all the things that were said of Whitney Houston when she died. This hero died with barely anyone's notice.

No Comment required

"Shifty" By Chuck Yeager

Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served with Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Infantry. If you've seen Band of Brothers on HBO or the History Channel, you know Shifty. His character appears in all 10 Episodes, and Shifty himself is interviewed in several of them.

I met Shifty in the Philadelphia airport several years ago. I didn't Know who he was at the time. I just saw an elderly gentleman having Trouble reading his ticket. I offered to help, assured him that he was At the right gate, and noticed the "Screaming Eagle," the symbol of The 101st Airborne, on his hat. Making conversation, I asked him if he'd been in the 101st Airborne Or if his son was serving. He said quietly that he had been in the 101st. I thanked him for his service, then asked him when he served, And how many jumps he made. Quietly and humbly, he said "Well, I guess I signed up in 1941 or so, And was in until sometime in 1945 ..." at which point my heart Skipped.

At that point, again, very humbly, he said "I made the 5 training Jumps at Toccoa, and then jumped into Normandy . . . Do you know Where Normandy is?" At this point my heart stopped. I told him "yes, I know exactly where Normandy is, and I know what D-Day was." At that point he said "I also made a second jump into Holland , into Arnhem ." I was standing with a genuine war hero ... And then I realized that it was June, just after the anniversary of D-Day. I asked Shifty if he was on his way back from France , and he said "Yes... And it 's real sad because, these days, so few of the guys are Left, and those that are, lots of them can't make the trip." My heart was in my throat and I didn't know what to say.

I helped Shifty get onto the plane and then realized he was back in Coach while I was in First Class. I sent the flight attendant back to Get him and said that I wanted to switch seats. When Shifty came Forward, I got up out of the seat and told him I wanted him to have It, that I'd take his in coach.

He said "No, son, you enjoy that seat. Just knowing that there are Still some who remember what we did and who still care is enough to Make an old man very happy." His eyes were filling up as he said it. And mine are brimming up now as I write this.

Shifty died on Jan. L7 after fighting cancer.

There was no parade. No big event in Staples Center . No wall-to-wall, back-to-back 24x7 news coverage. No weeping fans on television. And that's not right!

Let's give Shifty his own memorial service, on line, in our own quiet way. Please forward this email to everyone you know. Especially to the veterans. Rest in peace, Shifty. Chuck Yeager, Maj. General [ret.]

P.S. I think that it is amazing how the "media" chooses our "heroes" these days...

"SHIFTY" - an incredible American hero.

Please do me a favor and pass this on so that untold thousands can read it. We owe no less to our REAL heroes.

“Most of the shadows in life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 24, 2014



Defending ObamaCare, Sen. Shaheen gets defensive.

Best of the Web Today:

April 24, 2014



Yes, you read it here: the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 6-2 decision (Elena Kagan took no part in the case), upheld Michigan’s ban on racial discrimination in college admissions, overturning a lower court’s intervention to reverse a 2006 referendum in which Michigan voters decisively rejected the invidious process.

Roger Kimball's Rules > PJmedia

April 23, 2014


Reporter Asks State Dept for One Accomplishment from Hillary Clinton's Big Review Process

Let's See What Happens!

The PJ Tatler

April 23, 2014


Clemency for Drug Offenders Is More Presidential Lawlessness Disguised as Pardon Power

Andrew McCarthy > Ordered Liberty > PJ Media

April 22, 2014



"I use to think that Jimmy Carter was the worst president in living memory. Barack Obama has long since carried off that title"

Roger Kimball @ Roger's Rules > PJ Media

April 21, 2014



Roger L. Simon > Iran Won't Have a Nuclear Weapon. Period!

April 21, 2014



Some Covered California Patients Say They Can't See A Doctor.

ConsumerWatch: CBS San Francisco

April 19, 2014


Dozens of Widows Dropped from Health Care Due to Obamacare in Alabama

Over two dozen widows in Alabama were dropped from their health care plans due to Obamacare, WHNT reports:

The Weekly Standard

April 17, 2014


Brain Surgery Patient's Obamacare Plan Denies Meds, Drops Doctors

A New York woman suffering from a neurological disease that has required four brain surgeries has been dropped by all of her doctors and denied medications due to her Obamacare plan.

April 17, 2014



By Caroline Glick—

Passover, which begins on Monday night, is the festival of freedom.

We repeat the story of enslavement, flight, redemption and freedom each year at Passover, because our sages wanted to ensure that we never forget the value of freedom, and remain vigilant in our fight for it.

In Israel, where our freedom is physically threatened, most Jews understand and live by the lessons of Passover. But something is happening to the Jews in America.

The Jerusalem Connection Blog

April 15, 2014


Obamacare Takes a Life

Daughter, doctor blame President for father's death.

The American Spectator

April 11, 2014


Bombshell: Emails Show Democrat on Oversight Committee was Working With Lois Lerner to Target True the Vote

(Update: Engelbrecht Reacts) PJ Tatler

Emails released today by the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee show that Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has some explaining to do. The emails show that Cummings and the IRS were asking for nearly identical information from election integrity watchdog True the Vote. Further, the emails show communication as Lerner was feeding information to Cummings and his staff.

The communication occurred in 2012, before the public was ever aware of the ongoing and widespread IRS abuse of Tea Party and conservative groups. In a press release detailing the newly delivered emails, committee Chairman Darrell Issa asks Cummings to answer for himself.

“Although you have previously denied that your staff made inquiries to the IRS about conservative organization True the Vote that may have led to additional agency scrutiny, communication records between your staff and IRS officials – which you did not disclose to Majority Members or staff – indicates otherwise,” wrote the Chairman and five Subcommittee Chairmen of the Oversight Committee. “As the Committee is scheduled to consider a resolution holding Ms. Lerner, a participant in responding to your communications that you failed to disclose, in contempt of Congress, you have an obligation to fully explain your staff’s undisclosed contacts with the IRS.”

Cummings has stonewalled the investigation throughout, while President Obama has claimed that there wasn’t even a “smidgen of corruption” in it.

The communication between Lerner and Cummings and his staff shows that the IRS and Cummings made numerous requests for virtually identical information from True the Vote, the Houston-based group dedicated to improving election integrity and rooting out election fraud. That Cummings and the IRS sought nearly identical information raises the strong probability of collusion between the government agency and the Democrats on the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Five days after Cummings contacted True the Vote seeking “copies of all training materials used for volunteers, affiliates, or other entities,” the IRS sent True the Vote a letter requesting True the Vote provide “a copy of [True the Vote’s] volunteer registration form,” “…the process you use to assign volunteers,” “how you keep your volunteers in teams,” and “how your volunteers are deployed … following the training they receive by you.”

On or before January 25, 2013, Cummings’ staff requested more information from the IRS about True the Vote. The head of the IRS Legislative Affairs office e-mailed several IRS officials, including former Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner, that “House Oversight Committee Minority staff” sought information about True the Vote. On Monday, January 28, Lerner wrote to her deputy Holly Paz: “Did we find anything?” When Paz informed her minutes later that she had not heard back about True the Vote’s information, Lerner replied: “thanks – check tomorrow please.”

On January 31, 2013, Paz attached True the Vote’s form 990s, which she authorized the IRS to share with the Minority staff. Neither Cummings nor the IRS shared these requested documents with the Oversight Majority. None of the Minority’s communications about True the Vote with the IRS were shared with the Committee Majority even though Ranking Member Cummings frequently complains about the Committee Majority contacting individuals on official matters without the involvement of Minority staff.

Cummings denied that his staff, “might have been involved in putting True the Vote on the radar screen of some of these Federal agencies” at a February 6, 2014, Subcommittee hearing:

Ms. Mitchell: We want to get to the bottom of how these coincidences happened, and we’re going to try to figure out whether any – if there was any staff of this committee that might have been involved in putting True the Vote on the radar screen of some of these Federal agencies. We don’t know that, but we – we’re going to do everything we can do to try to get to the bottom of how did this all happen.

Mr. Cummings. Will the gentleman yield?

Mr. Meadows. Yes.

Mr. Cummings. I want to thank the gentleman for his courtesy. What she just said is absolutely incorrect and not true.

Did Rep. Cummings lie during the committee hearings?

Update: True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht reacts in a press statement:

“Elijah Cummings has blocked the IRS abuse investigation all along. We now see clearly that two branches of government have colluded to target and silence private citizens.

“America has come to a tipping point,” Engelbrecht said. “No more lies. No more cover-ups. No more collusion. Enough is enough. Finally, we have a chance for the rule of law to be re-established, thanks to the bold efforts of Chairman Issa and Rep. Jordan.”

Engelbrecht added, “We filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Cummings in February. Today we’re amending that filing to include this latest revelation. As I have said in my testimony before Congress; I will not retreat, I will not surrender, I will not be intimidated. I will not ask Rep. Cummings, Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, or anyone else, for permission to exercise my constitutional rights.”

April 10, 2014



Prominent counter-jihadis like Geert Wilders, Michael Savage, and Robert Spencer have the distinction of being banned from entry into the United Kingdom – and, now, Her Majesty's Government, in its wisdom, has also banned two websites connected to me. It's not quite the same, admittedly, and I am working to get this ban removed, but I also wear it as a perverse badge of honor given that government's shameful record vis-à-vis Islamism.

Daniel Pipes - National Review Online

April 8, 2014



Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life. As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no family or friends, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the Nova Scotia back country.

As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I got lost and, being a typical man, I didn't stop for directions.

I finally arrived an hour late and saw the funeral guy had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch. I felt badly and apologized to the men for being late.

I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn't know what else to do, so I started to play.

The workers put down their lunches and began to gather around. I played out my heart and soul for this man with no family and friends. I played like I've never played before for this homeless man.

And as I played "Amazing Grace", the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept together. When I finished, I packed up my bagpipes and started for my car. Though my head was hung low, my heart was full.

As I opened the door to my car, I heard one of the workers say, "I never seen anything like that before, and I've been putting in septic tanks for twenty years."

Apparently, I'm still's a man thing.

April 4, 2014



The president tries to put a good face on ObamaCare.

April 4, 2014



With the topic of Palestinian prisoner releases making news, the Christian Science Monitor profiles Khaled Asakreh, released in the last prisoner release several months ago.


April 2, 2014



With the United States irked at Israel over its settlement policies and the lack of progress in peace talks, an obscure diplomatic classification has emerged as a new sticking point between the two close allies.

New York News - AP

March 29, 2014



What an incredible story on the ignorance of the Obama White House and the Mainstream Media!

The Rush Limbaugh Show

March 25, 2014



Michael Wilner is the Jerusalem Post‘s reporter based in Washington, and its White House correspondent. He is an American Jew who does not have Israeli citizenship and has never lived in Israel.

About midday on Monday, March 24, Wilner tweeted, “Saudi Arabia has denied me a visa to cover Obama’s trip this week.”

Wilner is the only journalist in the press corps who was denied entry by Saudi Arabia.

The Jewish

March 25, 2014



"The current administration has suffered from a historic lack of private-sector experience, from Obama on down. There’s almost no one on the White House payroll who’s actually ever had to meet a payroll," Ed Carson of Investor’s Business Daily wrote in 2010.

Ed Driscoll

March 25, 2014



When it comes to the Tea Party, Obama’s IRS probes private citizens beyond the legal limits. But when it comes to Swiss banks engaged in widespread criminal conduct, Eric Holder’s Justice Department turns a blind eye.

Rule of Law > PJ Media

March 18, 2014



Initially, John Kerry seemed entirely copacetic with Benjamin Netanyahu’s requirement that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state as the basis for any peace agreement. But then Abbas refused and, first via the State Department’s Jen Pseki and then through his own words, Kerry started to walk his agreement back.

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March 18, 2014



To what degree is a lawyer a “hired gun,” divorced morally from every position he takes and irresponsible for the demands of his clients?

Michael Krauss -

March 17, 2014



Paris — As Russia absorbs Crimea and masses 60,000 troops on Ukraine’s border, is the West serious about sanctions against Moscow?

By John Fund - National Review Online

March 17, 2014



President Obama said it in August 2009: “I don’t have to explain to you that nearly 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance coverage today. In the wealthiest nation on Earth, 46 million of our fellow citizens have no coverage.”

Washington Times

March 17, 2014



March 12, 2014



At service marking three years since the slaying of the Fogel family, Yisrael Katz says Palestinians want to establish a state on both sides of the pre-1967 lines.

JPost | Israel News

March 10, 2014



March 10, 2014



The bottom line is that, when it comes to implementing apartheid, Israel is a failed state. Israel fails every test evidencing the existence of South African style apartheid.

Charles Abelsohn | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

March 10, 2014



Recently, I appeared on a panel of knowledgeable folks at the Vermont Law School dealing with the huge heroin problem in that state. My involvement came about through the efforts of, George Selby, a senior student at the law school. He called me months ago and asked if I would consider serving on that panel. Since I knew little about the problem in that state, I said that I would think about the matter. Also I asked him to send me more information on the matter.

In addition, of course I went on the internet and looked for more information on the heroin problem in Vermont and in the country. As it happens, I have been studying the heroin issue for decades. Indeed, I think my first serious interest in drug matters started in the early Seventies when the dangers of heroin abuse and heroin trafficking filled the newspapers and electronic media in the Washington, DC area where I lived, and still do. Since I knew so little about drugs, including heroin, I decided to learn more about these matters, especially about heroin. During my initial explorations of the available facts, I soon came to realize that much of the accepted wisdom about heroin and other drugs, including the conventional wisdom that underlay most drug laws and enforcement policies, was simply false and based on hysteria and fear. It was shocking to make those discoveries.

My outrage at those shocking discoveries led to decades of study, books, articles, television appearances, and advocacy of change. It also led to the formation by me of the Drug Policy Foundation during the Eighties. That organization dealt with many drug issues and called for more rational approaches to dealing with them. However, it was my interest in heroin that was the major force behind the creation of that pioneering organization, from which I resigned in the late Nineties. It is now known as the Drug Policy Alliance.

All of that history was in the background when I started to review the situation in Vermont. It was intriguing to be brought back over forty years as I looked at the matter in the context of Vermont. For a whole variety of reasons, I formed the opinion that Vermont could be the spark that led to major reforms in how the whole country dealt with heroin and those who get addicted to it. Accordingly, I called for the governor and other officials to start thinking outside the box and to take the lead in creating radical reforms to deal with the heroin crisis in that bucolic state. Among those reforms was the medicalization of heroin so that it could be used to maintain addicts and to treat patients suffering from extreme pain such as from cancer and other severe organic maladies. As I have indicated in past statements, I would also go so far as to fully legalize that drug and many others, in line with the arguments of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, which had a representative on that panel at the Vermont Law School.

My written remarks and the YouTube coverage of all of the panelists may be seen by clicking on the links.

My hope is that leading officials in Vermont take to heart the suggestions that I and others have made to the effect that the state could make history in creating major positive change in dealing with the troubling issue of heroin in American society.

March 6, 2014



Some said she had about a hundred moments of greatness when she served under President Obama - but, strangely, couldn't name a single accomplishment of hers, besides marrying Bill Clinton.

CNS News

March 5, 2014



Although California voters legalized medical cannabis more than 17 years ago, the plant remains illegal under federal law, and the Obama administration launched a renewed crackdown on marijuana in California in 2011.

Huffington Post

March 3, 2014



Obama: "If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time. If Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited."

The PJ Tatler

March 3, 2014



Obama's scary interview.

The Weekly Standard

March 3, 2014



February 21, 2014



Exclaimed Krauthammer, the U.S. antagonized "Canada, for God’s sake. Canada, of all people, that’s quite an achievement when you can antagonize Canada."

Truth Revolt

February 19, 2014



Muslim Brotherhood affiliates scored a major victory in their efforts to degrade U.S. national security measures in early February 2014 when the Obama administration decided to override by fiat portions of the U.S. Criminal Code and immigration policy pertaining to individuals who provide “material support to terrorism.”

Israpundit > Blog Archive

February 19, 2014



If the left’s foreign policy these days had a slogan, it would be, “Boycott Israel, not Iran.”

The Jerusalem Connection Blog

February 14, 2014



Another "Banana Republic" moment for Obama.

CNS News

February 11, 2014



Fresh From Playing the Race Card for Democrats, Ron Fournier Admits It's His Job to 'Defend Obamacare' (And He's Sick of It).

The PJ Tatler

February 11, 2014



There’s little doubt that the United States of America has reached a point where, relatively unhampered by legislative or judicial barriers, its president and his bureaucracy exceed the limits of the nation’s Constitution “as a matter of course.”

PJ Media

February 11, 2014



Krauthammer says that delaying the employer mandate simply to ease political pain before an election is the kind of stuff they do in banana republics:

The Right Scoop

February 11, 2014



The once-quixotic goal of the group NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — is now one of Washington’s most-discussed issues.

Politics - The Boston Globe

February 10, 2014



America now has a government that views work as a trap and celebrates those who escape it.

New York Post

February 9, 2014



The grades are bad so far—and likely to get worse.

The Weekly Standard

February 9, 2014



A muslim, Amran Hussain, speaks in support of Israel at the UN.

Israel Video Network

February 8, 2014



Federal goons assume role of political thought police.

Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

February 8, 2014



Syria and Israel are formally at war, and the idea of Syrians being treated in an Israeli hospital once would have been unthinkable.


February 5, 2014



Thanks to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and Oxfam, SodaStream has become the latest flash-point in the demonization campaign against Israel.

Simon Plosker | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

February 4, 2014



The Washington elites who designed the law must be bewildered: Why doesn't everyone behave as they do?

Michael Barone - WSJ

February 3, 2014



Aligning with Israel takes courage. Doing so also comes with rewards.

By Caroline B. Glick

January 24, 2014



To hear it from the White House, and from Israel’s leftist media, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon is a major liability. As half the planet now knows, Ya’alon is harshly critical of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s persistent efforts to force Israel to surrender its land and ability to defend itself to the PLO.

By Caroline Glick, JPost

January 21, 2014



The Last Generation of the West and the Thin Strand of Civilization

Victor Davis Hanson | PJ Media

January 20, 2014



Sudan - a remarkable address to the recent " Durban Conference" in New York


These are the words of Simon Deng, once a Sudanese slave. He is addressing the Durban Conference in NY.

I want to thank the organizers of this conference, The Perils of Global Intolerance. It is a great honor for me and it is a privilege really to be among today's distinguished speakers.

I came here as a friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. I came to protest this Durban conference which is based on a set of lies. It is organized by nations who are themselves are guilty of the worst kind of oppression.

It will not help the victims of racism. It will only isolate and target the Jewish state. It is a tool of the enemies of Israel .

The UN has itself become a tool against Israel . For over 50 years, 82 percent of the UN General Assembly emergency meetings have been about condemning one state - Israel . Hitler couldn't have been made happier!

The Durban Conference is an outrage. All decent people will know that.

But friends, I come here today with a radical idea. I come to tell you that there are peoples who suffer from the UN's anti-Israelism even more than the Israelis. I belong to one of those people.

Please hear me out.

By exaggerating Palestinian suffering, and by blaming the Jews for it, the UN has muffled the cries of those who suffer on a far larger scale.

For over fifty years the indigenous black population of Sudan -- Christians and Muslims alike --- have been the victims of the brutal, racist Arab Muslim regimes in Khartoum .

In South Sudan , my homeland, about 4 million innocent men, women and children were slaughtered from 1955 to 2005. Seven million were ethnically cleansed and they became the largest refugee group since World War II.

The UN is concerned about the so-called Palestinian refugees. They dedicated a separate agency for them, and they are treated with a special privilege.

Meanwhile, my people, ethnically cleansed, murdered and enslaved, are relatively ignored. The UN refuses to tell the world the truth about the real causes of Sudan 's conflicts. Who knows really what is happening in Darfur ? It is not a "tribal conflict."

It is a conflict rooted in Arab colonialism well known in north Africa. In Darfur, a region in the Western Sudan , everybody is Muslim. Everybody is Muslim because the Arabs invaded the North of Africa and converted the indigenous people to Islam. In the eyes of the Islamists in Khartoum , the Darfuris are not Muslim enough. And the Darfuris do not want to be Arabized.

They love their own African languages and dress and customs. The Arab response is genocide! But nobody at the UN tells the truth about Darfur .

In the Nuba Mountains , another region of Sudan , genocide is taking place as I speak. The Islamist regime in Khartoum is targeting the black Africans - Muslims and Christians. Nobody at the UN has told the truth about the Nuba Mountains .

Do you hear the UN condemn Arab racism against blacks?

What you find on the pages of the New York Times, or in the record of the UN condemnations is "Israeli crimes" and Palestinian suffering.

My people have been driven off the front pages because of the exaggerations about Palestinian suffering.

What Israel does is portrayed as a Western sin. But the truth is that the real sin happens when the West abandons us: the victims of Arab/Islamic apartheid.

Chattel slavery was practiced for centuries in Sudan . It was revived as a tool of war in the early 90s.

Khartoum declared jihad against my people and this legitimized taking slaves as war booty.

Arab militias were sent to destroy Southern villages and were encouraged to take African women and children as slaves.

We believe that up to 200,000 were kidnapped, brought to the North and sold into slavery.

I am a living proof of this crime against humanity!

I don't like talking about my experience as a slave, but I do it because it is important for the world to know that slavery exists even today.

I was only nine years old when an Arab neighbor named Abdullahi tricked me into following him to a boat. The boat wound up in Northern Sudan where he gave me as a gift to his family. For three and a half years I was their slave going through something that no child should ever go through: brutal beatings and humiliations; working around the clock; sleeping on the ground with animals; eating the family’s left-overs. During those three years I was unable to say the word “no”.

All I could say was “yes,” “yes,” “yes.”

The United Nations knew about the enslavement of South Sudanese by the Arabs. Their own staff reported it. It took UNICEF – under pressure from the Jewish –led American Anti-Slavery Group -- sixteen years to acknowledge what was happening. I want to publicly thank my friend Dr. Charles Jacobs for leading the anti-slavery fight.

But the Sudanese government and the Arab League pressured UNICEF, and UNICEF backtracked, and started to criticize those who worked to liberate Sudanese slaves. In 1998, Dr. Gaspar Biro, the courageous UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Sudan who reported on slavery, resigned in protest of the UN's actions.

My friends, today, tens of thousands of black South Sudanese still serve their masters in the North and the UN is silent about that. It would offend the OIC and the Arab League.

As a former slave and a victim of the worst sort of racism, allow me to explain why I think calling Israel a racist state is absolutely absurd and immoral.

I have been to Israel five times visiting the Sudanese refugees. Let me tell you how they ended up there. These are Sudanese who fled Arab racism, hoping to find shelter in Egypt . They were wrong. When Egyptian security forces slaughtered twenty six black refugees in Cairo who were protesting Egyptian racism, the Sudanese realized that the Arab racism is the same in Khartoum or Cairo . They needed shelter and they found it in Israel . Dodging the bullets of the Egyptian border patrols and walking for very long distances, the refugees' only hope was to reach Israel 's side of the fence, where they knew they would be safe.

Black Muslims from Darfur chose Israel above all the other Arab-Muslim states of the area. Do you know what this means!!!?? And the Arabs say Israel is racist!!!?

In Israel , black Sudanese, Christian and Muslim were welcomed and treated like human beings. Just go and ask them, like I have done. They told me that compared to the situation in Egypt , Israel is "heaven."

Is Israel a racist state? To my people, the people who know racism – the answer is absolutely not. Israel is a state of people who are the colors of the rainbow. Jews themselves come in all colors, even black. I met with Ethiopian Jews in Israel . Beautiful black Jews.

So, yes … I came here today to tell you that the people who suffer most from the UN anti-Israel policy are not the Israelis but all those people who the UN ignores in order to tell its big lie against Israel: we, the victims of Arab/Muslim abuse: women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, homosexuals, in the Arab/Muslim world. These are the biggest victims of UN Israel hatred.

Look at the situation of the Copts in Egypt , the Christians in Iraq , and Nigeria , and Iran , the Hindus and Bahais who suffer from Islamic oppression. The Sikhs. We -- a rainbow coalition of victims and targets of Jihadis -- all suffer. We are ignored, we are abandoned. So that the big lie against the Jews can go forward.

In 2005, I visited one of the refugee camps in South Sudan . I met a twelve year old girl who told me about her dream.

In a dream she wanted to go to school to become a doctor. And then, she wanted to visit Israel . I was shocked.

How could this refugee girl who spent most of her life in the North know about Israel ? When I asked why she wanted to visit Israel , she said: "This is our people." I was never able to find an answer to my question.

On January 9 of 2011 South Sudan became an independent state. For South Sudanese, that means continuation of oppression, brutalization, demonization, Islamization, Arabization and enslavement.

In a similar manner, the Arabs continue denying Jews their right for sovereignty in their homeland and the Durban III conference continues denying Israel's legitimacy.

As a friend of Israel, I bring you the news that my President, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir -- publicly stated that the South Sudan Embassy in Israel will be built--- not in Tel Aviv, but in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

I also want to assure you that my own new nation, and all of its peoples, will oppose racist forums like the Durban III. We will oppose it by simply continuing to tell the truth! Our truth!

My Jewish friends taught me something that I now want to say with you.


The people of Israel lives!

Thank you

January 17, 2014



Sir Hew Strachan, an expert on the history of war, says that the president’s strategic failures in Afghanistan and Syria have crippled America’s position in the world.

The Daily Beast

January 16, 2014




January 15, 2014



Obamacare Should Remind Us We Are Not 'Subjects,' We Are People

Laura Hollis is a professor at the University of Notre Dame.

Laura Hollis is an attorney and professor at Norte Dame University.The unveiling of the dictatorial debacle that is Obamacare absolutely flabbergasts me. It is stunning on so many levels, but the most shocking aspect of it for me is watching millions of free Americans stand idly by while this man, his minions in Congress and his cheerleaders in the press systematically dismantle our Constitution, steal our money, and crush our freedoms.

The President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (with no small help from Justice John Roberts) take away our health care, and we allow it. They take away our insurance, and we allow it. They take away our doctors, and we allow it. They charge us thousands of dollars more a year, and we allow it. They make legal products illegal, and we allow it. They cripple our businesses, and we allow it. They announce by fiat that we must ignore our most deeply held beliefs – and we allow it.

Where is your spine, America?

Yes, I know people are complaining. I read the news on the internet. I read blogs. I have a Twitter feed. So what? People in the Soviet Union complained. People in Cuba complain. People in China complain (quietly). Complaining isn't the same thing as doing anything about it. In fact, much of the complaining that we hear sounds like resignation: Wow. This sucks. Oh well, this is the way things are. Too bad.

Perhaps you need reminding of a few important facts. Here goes:

1. The President is not a king. Barack Obama does not behave like a President, an elected official, someone who realizes that he works for us. He behaves like a king, a dictator – someone who believes that his own pronouncements have the force of law, and who thinks he can dispense with the law's enforcement when he deigns to do so. And those of us who object? How dare we? Racists!

And while he moves steadily "forward" with his plans to "fundamentally transform" the greatest country in human history, he distracts people with cheap, meaningless trivialities, like "free birth control pills"! (In fact, let's face it: this administration's odd obsession with sex in general - Birth control! Abortion! Sterilization! Gay guys who play basketball! -- is just plain weird. Since when did the leader of the free world care so much about how people have sex, who they have it with, and what meds they use when they have it? Does he have nothing more important to concern himself with?)

2. It isn't just a failed software program; it is a failed philosophy. People are marveling that was such a spectacular failure. Well, if one is only interested in it as a product launch, I've explained some of the reasons for that here. But the larger point is that it isn't a software failure, or even a product failure; it is a philosophy failure.

I have said this before: Obama is not a centrist; he is a central planner. And this – all of it: the disastrous computer program, the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, the lies, the manipulation of public opinion, the theft of the public's money and property, and freedom (read insurance, and premiums, and doctors) -- IS what central planning looks like.

The central premise of central planning is that a handful of wunderkinds with your best interests at heart (yeah, right) know better than you what's good for you. The failure of such a premise and the misery it causes have been clear from the dawn of humanity. Kings and congressmen, dictators and Dear Leaders, potentates, princes and presidents can all fall prey to the same imperial impulses: "we know what is good the 'the people.'

And they are always wrong.

There is a reason that the only times communism has really been tried have been after wars, revolutions, or coups d'état. You have to have complete chaos for people to be willing to accept the garbage that centralized planning produces. Take the Soviet Union, for example. After two wars, famine, and the collapse of the Romanov dynasty, why wouldn't people wait in line for hours to buy size 10 shoes? Or settle for the gray matter that passed for meat in the grocery stores?

But communism's watered-down cousin, socialism, isn't much better. Ask the Venezuelans who cannot get toilet paper. Toilet paper. ¡Viva la Revolución!

Contrary to what so many who believe in a "living Constitution" say, the Founding Fathers absolutely understood this. That is why the Constitution was set up to limit government power. (Memo to the President: the drafters of the Constitution deliberately didn't say "what government had to do on your behalf.") They understood that that was the path to folly, fear, and famine.

3. Obama is deceitful. Just as the collapse of the computer program should not surprise anyone, neither should we be shocked that the President lied about his healthcare plan. Have any of you been paying attention over the past few years? Obama has made no secret of his motivations or his methods. The philosophies which inspire him espouse deceit and other vicious tactics. (Don't take my word for it: read Saul Alinsky.) Obama infamously told reporter Richard Wolffe, "You know, I actually believe my own bullshit." He has refused to be forthcoming about his past (where are his academic records?). His own pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, told author Ed Klein, that Obama said to him, "You know what your problem is? You have to tell the truth."

Did Obama lie when he said dozens of times, "If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period!"? Of course he did. That's what he does.

4. The media is responsible. And had the media been doing their jobs, we would have known a lot of this much, much earlier.

The press is charged with the sacred responsibility of protecting the people from the excesses of government. Our press has been complicit, incompetent, or corrupt. Had they vetted this man in 2008, as they would have a Republican candidate, we would have known far more about him than we do, even now. Had they pressed for more details about Obamacare, Congress' feet would have been held to the fire. Had they done their jobs about Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, NSA spying - or any of the other myriad betrayals of the public trust that this administration has committed, Obama would likely have lost his 2012 reelection campaign. (A fact that even The Washington Post has tacitly acknowledged. Well done, fellas! Happy now?)

Instead, they turned a blind eye, even when they knew he was lying, abusing power, disregarding the limits of the Constitution. It was only when he began to spy on them, and when the lies were so blatant that the lowest of low-information voters could figure it out that they realized they had to report on it. (Even in the face of blatant, deliberate and repeated lies, The New York Times has the audacity to tell us that the President "misspoke.") They have betrayed us, abandoned us, and deceived us.

5. Ted Cruz was right. So was Sarah Palin. The computer program is a disaster. The insurance exchanges are a disaster. What's left? The healthcare system itself. And this, of necessity, will be a disaster, too.

Millions of people have lost their individual insurance plans. In 2015, millions more will lose their employer-provided coverage (a fact which the Obama administration also knew, and admitted elsewhere).

The exorbitant additional costs that Obamacare has foisted on unsuspecting Americans are all part of a plan of wealth confiscation and redistribution. That is bad enough. But it will not end there.

When the numbers of people into the system and the corresponding demand for care vastly exceed the cost projections (and they will, make no mistake), then the rationing will start. Not only choice at that point, but quality and care itself will go down the tubes. And then will come the decisions made by the Independent Payment Advisory Board about what care will be covered (read "paid for") and what will not.

That's just a death panel, put politely. In fact, progressives are already greasing the wheels for acceptance of that miserable reality as well. They're spreading the lie that it will be about the ability of the dying to refuse unwanted or unhelpful care. Don't fall for that one, either. It will be about the deaths that inevitably result from decisions made by people other than the patients, their families, and their physicians. (Perhaps it's helpful to think of their assurances this way: " If you like your end-of-life care, you can keep your end-of-life-care.")

6. We are not SUBJECTS. (or, Nice Try, the Tea Party Isn't Going Away). We have tolerated these incursions into our lives and livelihoods too long already. There is no end to the insatiable demand "progressives" have to remake us in their image. Today it is our insurance, our businesses, our doctors, our health care. Tomorrow some new crusade will be announced that enables them to take over other aspects of our formerly free lives.

I will say it again: WE ARE NOT SUBJECTS. Not only is the Tea Party right on the fiscal issues, but it appears that they are more relevant than ever. We fought a war once to prove we did not want to be the subjects of a king, and the Boston Tea Party was just a taste of the larger conflict to come. If some people missed that lesson in history class, we can give them a refresher.

The 2014 elections are a good place to start. Call your representative, your senator, your candidate and tell them: "We are not subjects. You work for us. And if the word "REPEAL" isn't front and center in your campaign, we won't vote for you. Period."

Laura Hollis is an attorney and teaches entrepreneurship and business law at the University of Notre Dame

And this comes from Notre Dame What a powerful and true letter!

January 15, 2014



"Can law enforcers investigate a crime without interviewing any witnesses?"

-The Wall Street Journal Morning Editorial Report

January 14, 2014



Sharon's body wasn't even cold before the lies and distortions by "respectable" media began.

Jewish World Review

January 13, 2014



"Education experts decried a new memo from the Departments of Justice and Education that instructs public schools throughout the country to cease punishing disruptive students if they fall into certain racial categories, such as black or Hispanic."

The Daily Caller

January 13, 2014



As Washington and Colorado create rules and regulations for selling legal marijuana, in many other cities across the country pot arrests are near record highs.

Politics News | Rolling Stone

January 11, 2014



White House opposes because people "can trust that the information that they are providing is protected by stringent security standards."

PJ Media

January 11, 2014



"I didn’t know about it but it’s my responsibility because I’m the governor. So I’m taking that responsibility and taking actions appropriate with executing that responsibility in accord with what the information is today."
-Gov. Christie

The American Spectator

January 10, 2014



"Liberal New Republic editor Jonathan Cohn admits that under Obamacare the California networks have become exceedingly restrictive regarding doctors and hospitals. He even points out that one of Los Angeles’ finest hospitals, Cedars-Sinai, isn’t in the new Obamacare networks."

PJ Media

January 10, 2014



History is too important to leave to academics
Clifford D. May
2nd January 2014 - National Review Online

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

January 3, 2014




About 10 years ago just out of curiosity, I audited a course on WW2. It was fascinating. I found all of the statistics intriguing.

The casualty figures of military and civilians then was guessed to be over 60 million people and climbing as more and more previously unknown deaths are discovered.

I have now read that the number could reach 100 million.

What really died at Auschwitz? Here's an interesting viewpoint. The following is a copy of an article written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez and published in a Spanish newspaper on Jan. 15, 2011. It doesn't take much imagination to extrapolate the message to the rest of Europe - and possibly to the rest of the world.

"I walked down the street in Barcelona and suddenly discovered a terrible truth - Europe died in Auschwitz ... We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.

And under the pretence of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime. Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition. We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe .

A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves. Recently, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it 'offends' the Muslim population which claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet. However, this is a frightening portent of the fear that is gripping the world and how easily each country is giving in to it.

It is now more than sixty years after the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, twenty million Russians, ten million Christians, and nineteen-hundred Catholic priests who were 'murdered, raped, burned, starved, beaten, experimented on and humiliated.' Now, more than ever, with Iran , among others, claiming the Holocaust to be 'a myth,' it is imperative to make sure the world never forgets.

This e-mail is intended to reach 400 million people. Be a link in the memorial chain and help distribute this around the world.

How many years will it be before the attack on the World Trade Center 'NEVER HAPPENED' because it offends some Muslim in the United States? If our Judeo-Christian heritage is offensive to Muslims, they should pack up and move to Iran, Iraq or some other Muslim country.

Please do not just delete this message; it will take only a minute to pass this along.. We must wake up America before it's too late.

January 2, 2014



Charlottesville’s couple "knockout game" nightmare.

C-Ville Weekly article

December 31, 2013



Article from the The PJ Tatler

December 30, 2013



Opponents should not sit back and revel in dysfunction. The Affordable Care Act was enacted in response to genuine problems. Without a clear alternative, we will simply patch more, subsidize more, and ignore frauds and scandals, as we do in Medicare and other programs. There is an alternative.

Cato Institute

December 26, 2013



NBC spins pajamas boy.

Ed Driscoll > PJMedia

December 24, 2013



"Under pressure from Senate Democrats, the President partly suspends the individual mandate."

December 21, 2013



What playbook guides this President's approach to fundamental transformation both at home and abroad?
I have just published this column on PJ Lifestyle.

December 17, 2013



"Accepting the settlements is the sine qua non of any viable peace agreement. It does Israel no good to defend Israel’s right to exist but to condemn the settlers, as does Alan Dershowitz, not to mention the leaders of liberal Jewish denominations."

David P. Goldman - Spengler - PJMedia

December 17, 2013



“The more fundamental question is, ‘What does this do to the commercial market?’”

Washington Times

December 17, 2013



CNS News

December 16, 2013



"Professionals, artists and intellectuals in New York City, after years of struggling to obtain favorable terms from the health insurance industry, now find their efforts negated by Obamacare."

Richard Fernandez - Belmont Club Blog - PJMedia

December 15, 2013



"We cannot convert people to our ideas unless we can convince them that their “conservatives are evil” syllogism is utterly false. "

December 15, 2013



“We have a great sense this week again of the [Obama administration] making it up as they go along, as kind of government by teenagers,” George Will said yesterday on Fox News.

Ed Driscoll

December 15, 2013



The PJ Tatler

December 14, 2013



But they are not actually called that. Obamacare simply does not apply to many top hospitals. Yet one more outrage in the new system.
Article: New Affordable Care US health plans will exclude top hospitals -

December 9, 2013



Even though the claim is mission accomplished.
Review & Outlook:

December 2, 2013



An old liberal Democrat on why the American people must take to the voting booth in concerted and open outrage.

By Arnold Trebach
PJ Media

December 1, 2013



How the Affordable Care Act raises prices and limits medical choices.
Review & Outlook:

November 30, 2013



In an exchange of new insurance premium cost, a young friend in St. Louis returned the information inside the dotted lines. Clearly we are redistributing the wealth. Check out the dollars that they will spend under the new Obamacare.


Well of course our existing plan has been cancelled (or “renewed” as the president would like us to say) by the Affordable Care Act. I just got my new 2014 rates. Premiums for our family in St. Louis County are $1,241 month with a $3,500.00 deductible and $10,000.00 max out of pocket. That means if we do not use a doctor at all I’ll spend $14,892.00 next year on premiums (luckily we live in an urban area – if we were in a more rural county it could be as much as $1,581/month!).

So, If something were to go terribly wrong and our family had to spend $25,000 next year on healthcare I’d pay $22,812.00 of the total cost. (Deductible and Co pay would be $7,830 plus premiums of $14,982.00).

My plan in 2010 before Obamacare cost less than $5,000.00/year and it was a better program.

In this new environment the best option for our family would be a catastrophic plan to cover major accidents and illnesses, but guess what- those plans were made illegal for someone like me under Obamacare!

Think of what this means to a family with two earners at $50,000 each- after taxes they might bring home $75,000/year and Obamacare is costing them an extra $10,000 annually!!! Under the Obama/Pelosi/Reid program you don’t have to wait for a medical emergency to bankrupt you all you have to do is try and pay the premiums.

This was not the problem the president made it out to be, the majority of the cost increases in healthcare over the years had to do with government interference in the marketplace which led to people not having to make personal economic decisions about healthcare consumption. There are easy market based solutions that have been proposed and ignored for years.

I’ll send this note out to my Senators and Congresswoman and local paper- let’s hope we get their attention now and a new set of representatives in 2014 to hold this travesty in check until we get a chance to “Renew” Obamacare.


Needless to say he is "happy" to be able to participate in Obamacare.

This video link below is about "Privacy" under the new Affordable Health Care Act. Take a minute to check it out.
OCare Website Hidden Source Code Says Users "Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" - YouTube

November 26, 2013



The new line is that the health-care law will save money. That's also not true. article

November 26, 2013



In 1938, Chamberlain bought time to rearm. In 2013, Obama gives Iran time to go nuclear. article

November 26, 2013



And she shall be right but it is a sad and dangerous situation that we all are in.
Bill Kristol - The Weekly Standard

November 23, 2013



Secretary of State John “I don’t think we’re stupid” Kerry should think again.
Andrew C. McCarthy - Ordered Liberty

November 21, 2013



Obamacare : Broken Promise
Obama's Race for the Cure - TIME

November 21, 2013



The New York Times' story supposedly on the fatal stabbing of Israeli soldier Eden Atias is a graphic illustration of all that is wrong with the newspaper’s Israel coverage

November 17, 2013


KIRSTEN POWERS: 'No Explanation For Doubling My Premiums Other Than Subsidizing Other People'

Fox News's left of center contributor Kirsten Powers went on a bit of a mini-rant about ObamaCare on Tuesday's Special Report that media members across the fruited plain should sit up and take notice.
Article on NewsBusters

November 17, 2013



"The developments in the six-party nuclear talks with Iran in Geneva last week signaled the end of American world leadership." -Caroline Glick
COLUMN ONE: JPost | Israel News

November 17, 2013



"Obama’s mendacity is not limited to domestic policy. It operates in foreign affairs as well. Several commentators this week recalled Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez’s angry response to the Obama administration’s attempt to block Senate passage of sanctions against Iran in December 2011." -Caroline Glick
COLUMN ONE: JPost | Israel News

November 17, 2013



The Washington Post

November 15, 2013



There were no economic or cultural bonds among his coalition. He was all things to all people. Charisma ruled.

November 15, 2013



The ObamaCare lessons in a cancer patient's cancelled insurance.
Review & Outlook: WSJ.COM

November 7, 2013


Obama Advisor Tweets Far-Left Website's Rebuttal to Cancer Survivor Losing Doctors Due to ObamaCare

How desperate is the White House to counter complaints from Americans losing their health insurance as a result of ObamaCare?

November 4, 2013


Stage-4 Gallbladder Cancer Survivor Says: I Am One of ObamaCare's Losers

Everyone now is clamoring about Affordable Care Act winners and losers. I am one of the losers. article

November 4, 2013



The PJ Tatler

November 1, 2013



Millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.
Article from NBC News Investigations

October 29, 2013



The Daily Caller article

October 27, 2013




October 17, 2013



Statement of CFJ President Curt Levey on the racial preferences case before the U.S. Supreme Court today:

In a talk to students last week, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy discussed the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision that outlawed racial segregation. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Kennedy described his reaction when that landmark ruling was handed down:

"I thought, 'Injustice is over! No more discrimination!'" he said. Yet he then assumed his sister would have a career as either a nurse or a secretary. "The nature of injustice is you can't see it in your own times," Justice Kennedy said.

We hope that Justice Kennedy keeps that maxim about injustice in mind when deciding the important racial preferences case being heard by the Supreme Court today. The case, Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, is on appeal from the Sixth Circuit's 8-7 decision last November striking down Michigan's voter-approved ban on racial and gender preferences in admissions to public colleges and universities.

Committee for Justice article

October 15, 2013



I'm excited to announce, shortly after 4:20pm last Friday, 10-11-13, we filed the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014. The proponents of this new initiative are John Lee, Dege Coutee, Bob Bowerman, and Dave Hodges (myself).

For the last year we have been reaching out to thousands of people with a grassroots, “open source” document to legalize cannabis in California. This is the first project of Americans for Policy Reform (AFPR), a new 501c4 dedicated to legislative reform. AFPR gathered information from people within the California Medical Marijuana movement and others from all walks of life.

This is a breakthrough change for Californians and a serious issue for most. By using a public open source document, we were given great insight into what the real issues were and how to solve them. The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014 leaves no details out. It not only legalizes cannabis, but it also shows how it will be governed in an acceptable way that the majority of Californians can endorse. In addition, the Act is in compliance with new guidelines from the US Attorney General office.

This initiative measure grants to Californians the freedom to use, grow, transport and sell cannabis subject to reasonable regulation and taxation in a manner similar to alcohol. The measure will:
* Comply with the Attorney General guidelines
* Prevent the distribution of marijuana to minors
* Prevent the growing of marijuana on public lands
* Prevent the profits from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises, gangs and cartels
* Prevent the violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana
* Prevent “drugged driving” and other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use
* Clarify California’s medical marijuana laws
* Generate millions of dollars in new revenue for California
* Save law enforcement millions of dollars and provide them time to fight real crime
* Separate legitimate cannabis businesses from drug dealers

With this filing, we start the final stages toward ending cannabis prohibition in California.

Attached is the language we filed. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Best regards,
Dave Hodges
A2C2 - the All American Cannabis Club
SJCBC - the San Jose Cannabis Buyers Collective
AFPR - Americans for Policy Reform

The bill itself: MCLR 2014 (PDF)

October 14, 2013



Usually I have viewed Cory Booker as simply a very good politician. This endorsement from Rabbi Shmuley gives me a different perspective.

October 13, 2013



To many people this is old news but somehow I missed it. Dave Purchase was one of the bravest and most principled person I ever met. He simply started a needle exchange on his own in Tacoma, Washington and kept at it until he had helped spread the word and the system of needle exchange. I believe that the Drug Policy Foundation gave him an award for his many accomplishments. Dave deserves to be remembered as a vibrant example of America at its best. Like Ethan Nadelmann, I do not know if he started the very first needle exchange program in the United States, but he was way out front in terms of being a true leader of this important treatment method.

NYT article on Dave Purchase

October 12, 2013



Is Obamacare's First Enrollee Bogus? - Bloomberg

October 5, 2013



The failures are part the fault of Bush but now they are carried forward even more powerfully by Obama.

"America and the good psychopaths" full article by Caroline Glick

October 4, 2013



Netanyahu: "Whoever tries to uproot us from the city of our forefathers will achieve the opposite. We will continue to fight terrorism and hit the terrorists with one hand, and we will continue to strengthen the settlement enterprise with the other hand."

Full article by Daniel Pipes

September 23, 2013



God save & Bless the Lady Plumber

Remember this lady?

Irena Sendler

Died: May 12, 2008 (aged 98)
Warsaw, Poland

During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist. She had an ulterior motive.

Irena smuggled Jewish infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried. She also carried a burlap sack in the back of her truck, for larger kids.

Irena kept a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers, of course, wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.

During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants.

Ultimately, she was caught, however, and the Nazi's broke both of her legs and arms and beat her severely.

Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she had smuggled out, In a glass jar that she buried under a tree in her back yard. After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived and tried to reunite the family. Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.

In 2007 Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize.
She was not selected.
Al Gore won, for a slide show on Global Warming.

Later another politician, Barack Obama, won for his work as a community organizer for ACORN.

In MEMORIAM - 65 YEARS LATER I'm doing my small part by forwarding this message. I hope you'll consider doing the same. It is now more than 65 years since the Second World War in Europe ended. This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, In memory of the 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated!

Now, more than ever, with Iran, and others, claiming the HOLOCAUST to be 'a myth', It's imperative to make sure the world never forgets, Because there are others who would like to do it again.

Please pass this information along.

September 20, 2013



Benghazi Victims' Parents Assail Administration for Lies, Lack of Information - as Democrats Leave the Room! > The PJ Tatler

September 20, 2013



I did not want to read this today of all days but it is a must read for me and for any thinking person. A president with no backbone, not even a small one.

Obama Foreign Policy In Tatters, U.N. Hopeless On 9/11 Anniversary
This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared on FOX News.

September 11, 2013



Mediterranean Gas Find: A Chance for U.S. to Break with Turkey - PJ Media

August 19, 2013



Palestinian Prisoner Freed by Israel Has American Blood on His Hands - The Daily Beast

August 16, 2013




August 3, 2013



Wow. This invitation is worth watching!!

August 3, 2013



The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, for example, announced that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region,” which prompted to ask, in the wake of Western silence: “Is there no limit to our tolerance of Islam?” -David Suissa |

"The silent killing of Christians"

August 3, 2013



Caroline Glick’s powerful explanation.

July 30, 2013



But now so is the whole country. How sad.

Family rescued by Zimmerman cancels news conference, fears 'blowback'

July 25, 2013



The explosion of the "crack baby" myth should come as no surprise to those have followed this issue closely. For those who don't remember, the crack baby scare hit the headlines at the height of the drug war under George Bush 1st. Drug warriors like Bill Bennett and NYT publisher Abe Rosenthal whipped public hysteria to a fever pitch by wildly claiming that 300,000 to 400,000 babies were being born "addicted" and presumably handicapped due to prenatal exposure to crack. These mind-boggling numbers, uncritically trumpeted by the mainstream press, were incredible given that they amounted to 1 in 10 U.S. births, while the incidence of crack use by women was estimated at only 1%. I was prompted to investigate the crack baby scare further and wrote an article debunking it for the "Drug Policy Letter" Mar/Apr 1990. It turned out that drug warriors had wildly overstated not only the number of crack babies, but also the dangers of pre-natal exposure to crack, which scientific studies suggested to be no worse than those of tobacco and alcohol. Needless to say, my article didn't get the same NYT-headline treatment as the blatherings of Bill Bennett . Nonetheless, 23 years down the road, it's gratifying to see that no long term damage has been noted in crack-exposed babies; unfortunately, the damage caused by the draconian laws that were hysterically adopted against drug-using mothers still lives on.
- Dale Gieringer

Philadelphia Inquirer article: 'Crack baby' study ends with unexpected but clear result

July 22, 2013



The American Spectator article

July 22, 2013



Shelby Steele: The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment -

July 22, 2013



Jason Riley: Race, Politics and the Zimmerman Trial

July 21, 2013



From Newsmax
An interesting comment on the article:

Message From Antonio West....

You won't recognize me, My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my Mommy's peers from Brunswick, GA., determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty. Too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation's history, but the media doesn't care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me, so he doesn't care and the media doesn't care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton Or Jesse Jackson, because if there was, he would be declared racist. So there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face, while I sat innocently in my stroller - I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Treyvon.

Thank you,


July 19, 2013



M-DSPD Cover Up - The Curious Case Of Trayvon Martin's Backpack With Stolen Jewelry and Burglary Tool.

July 17, 2013


Department of Justice's Role in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

The PJ Tatler Newly Released Documents detail the department of justice's role in organizing Trayvon Martin protests.

July 16, 2013



This is for Trayvon
The big question is: will Obama or Holder take any action to catch the thugs or to attempt to prevent a repeat of this horror.

July 15, 2013



A whistleblower is fired.
CNN: IT director who raised questions about Zimmerman

July 14, 2013



This will be remembered for the ages. How sad for America and for the cause of justice.

July 11, 2013



I know, I know. This is truly hopeful that our president can act like a real leader, but miracles do happen sometimes. We certainly need one now.

July 8, 2013



Read this article about Charlotte Figi she was seizure-free with the first dose of marijuana.

July 4, 2013



He wishes it were not so as I do but it is hopeless right now and may be forever. That is, the idea of a two-state solution.

June 29, 2013



J. Christian Adams has written another powerful indictment of the racial hate engendered by our president and his attorney general in an era when we were supposed to be entering a post-racial phase in American life. Let me repeat my position for the umpteenth time: there is no doubt that Zimmerman is innocent, that his life is being ruined, and that this was a racially inspired prosecution – to the utter shame of all involved in bringing it.

June 28, 2013



Here is further proof of how far this nation has fallen in recent years. To those of us who were in the front lines of the original civil rights movement this is more reason for despair and depression – and for fear over the fate of George Zimmerman. As I have said many times this trial should never have happened, as is further explained in the post that Adams published yesterday, which I shall also post shortly.

June 28, 2013



From the Wall Street Journal.

June 25, 2013



For months I have been writing about the outrages committed in the persecution of George Zimmerman. His life and that of his family has been terribly harmed and is likely to be harmed in the future even if he is found not guilty. If you want to read a good analysis of the case, you must read this story by an experienced criminal justice expert. It adds much to my essays so far and it helps explain why the case causes me so much anguish for Zimmerman and for our entire country. Mob rule and legal anarchy should give every concerned citizen continuing nightmares. That is what is happening in this case from start to finish. I do not make such claims lightly. We are all victims in this matter.

June 25, 2013



George Will does have some sense of reality, even though that is also scary for its accuracy.

June 22, 2013



Mr. Pruden is right on target today.

June 21, 2013



It is difficult to believe that this is true but it seems to be.

June 13, 2013



The trial of George Zimmerman is now ongoing in Florida. It is being treated as an ordinary trial but it is not. It is another Obama-Holder scandal of enormous significance, as I explained in the article I recently wrote for The American Spectator.

June 12, 2013



Article about blatant discrimination at the D.C. Public Employee Relations Board.

June 1, 2013



This is is an amazing story of remembrance. In the Czech Republic , the school children of the equivalent of fifth grade are each assigned one of the American and Canadian liberators buried there. Their grave is the student's responsibility for the year and they learn all there is to know of their own hero. Their surviving family is sent letters and they respond to the annual child who tends their loved one's grave.

No apology needed here!

Have you ever wondered if anyone in Europe remembers America 's sacrifice in World War II? There is an answer in a small town in the Czech Republic . The town called Pilsen (Plzen).

Every 5 years, Pilsen conducts the Liberation Celebration of the City of Pilsen in the Czech Republic . May 6th, 2010, marked the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by General George Patton's 3rd Army. Pilsen is the town that every American should visit. Because they love America and the American Soldier.

Even 65 years later... by the thousands,

The citizens of Pilsen came to say thank you.

Lining the streets of Pilsen for miles

From the large crowds,

to quiet reflective moments,

including this American family's private time to honor and remember their American hero.

This is the crash site of Lt. Virgil P. Kirkham, the last recorded American USAAF pilot killed in Europe during WWII. It was Lt. Kirkham's 82nd mission and one that he volunteered to go on. At the time, this 20-year-old pilot's P-47 Thunderbolt plane was shot down, a young 14-year-old Czech girl, Zdenka Sladkova, was so moved by his sacrifice she made a vow to care for him and his memory. For 65 straight years, Zdenka, now 79-years-old, took on the responsibility to care for Virgil's crash site and memorial near her home.

On May 4th, she was recognized by the Mayor of Zdenka's home town of Trhanova , Czech Republic , for her sacrifice and extraordinary effort to honor this American hero.

Another chapter in this important story... the Czech people are teaching their children about America 's sacrifice for their freedom.

American Soldiers, young and old, are the Rock Stars these children and their parents want autographs from.

Yes, Rock Stars! As they patiently waited for his autograph, the respect this little Czech boy and his father have for our troops serving today was heartwarming and inspirational.

The Brian LaViolette Foundation established The Scholarship of Honor in tribute to General George S. Patton and the American Soldier, past and present.

Each year, a different military hero will be honored in tribute to General Patton's memory and their mission to liberate Europe . This award will be presented to a graduating senior who will be entering the military or a form of community service such as fireman, policeman, teaching or nursing -- a cause greater than self. The student will be from 1 of the 5 high schools in Pilsen , Czech Republic .

The first award will be presented in May 2011 in honor of Lt. Virgil Kirkham, that young 20-year-old P-47 pilot killed 65 years ago in the final days of WWII.

Presenting Virgil's award will be someone who knows the true meaning of service and sacrifice... someone who looks a lot like Virgil. Marion Kirkham, Virgil's brother, who himself served during WWII in the United States Army Air Corps!!!

In closing... Here is what the city of Pilsen thinks of General Patton's grandson. George Patton Waters (another Rock Star!) we're proud to say, serves on Brian's Foundation board.

And it's front page news over there not buried in the middle of the social section.

Brigadier General Miroslav Zizka, 1st Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defense, Czech Armed Forces

Notice the flags? Share this email with your family and friends ... every American should hear this story.

May 30, 2013



While there is a lot to be unhappy about these days, and I will write about such things later, I have decided now to write about all the good events that have been happening in my life. Thus, for me, Thanksgiving Day has just arrived in May this year. I know that for many friends and family there are also such happy events these days. Here are my happy stories, in a bit longer entry than usual.

The biggest source of my current happiness focuses on my youngest kid, Adam. He had been doing splendidly in the Department of Physics at his school, Washington University in St. Louis. Then on last September 28th he played one – just one – game of rugby, hit his head, suffered a closed brain injury, was unable to function properly for many weeks, could not walk well, had seizures, and was forced to drop out of the university. He was hospitalized periodically, saw many doctors, took many tests, and was prescribed an array of drugs. It was not at all clear if he would ever have a normal life again or if he would ever return to school. He could not even look at a computer screen.

However, he did return to school by the beginning of the Spring Semester in January. Even though he was still struggling with many symptoms, he persevered, finished all of his courses, submitted a highly-rated, pioneering senior thesis in physics, and just graduated, with honors no less, cum laude. (He will give me grief for bragging about him but as a worried parent, I still have my First Amendment rights.) While he still has not recovered fully and is not yet allowed to drive a car, he seems like his old self in most respects and is a delight, again. Miracles do happen. This kid has guts and true grit.

He was helped by so many people out there in wonderful St. Louis that I fear I will forget some of them now. Two of his apartment mates, Jacob Walker and Tim Prior, were wonderfully helpful and kind. They took him to emergency rooms and waited for him for days during his hospital stays. His mother, Marj Rosner, says that she would gladly adopt those guys except that they clearly have wonderful parents already. (We met them and they are truly great folks.) There were many other friends out there who were so kind and helpful during his travails, including especially Jaime Neiman. Of course, Marj deserves special praise for her trips out there by car in bad weather and for simply being with the boy during his many hospital stays and many doctor visits. She is a true hero although she will deny it and say she is just a mother.

Then there is another entity that deserves great praise on my early Thanksgiving Day. That is the university itself, including especially the Department of Physics and Professor Jim Buckley, who is Adam’s lead mentor there. When Adam enrolled there he was not impressed with the place and not too happy, at least at first. By the time he graduated, he was in love with the university and was really attached to many of the people there even in awe of some of them. After four years of experience, Marj and I are truly convinced that this is a wonderful university. I have had direct experience with many of the top universities in the country and am now convinced that Wash U in St. Louis should be rated in the top tier of all American universities.

Their help for Adam after his serious injury was heart-warming. Thus this is a place of solid learning in all the major fields of study, including especially science, technology, physics, medicine and law. At the same time it exhibits kindness and consideration for its students. It is also a place of physical beauty and I must not forget to mention the variety of wonderful food choices open to students and visitors. After the moving commencement ceremony on May 17, Adam was so affected by the entire situation that he asked Marj and I if we could order a class ring for him. Of course, we happily did so.

There are many other happy events that have recently occurred. One that deserves special mention is the White Coat ceremony we attended on May 2 at Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. It seems that there is another great Trebach kid who has just been honored. This is our grandson, Joshua Trebach, who has completed his first year at that great medical school. We learned that at the end of the first successful year of medical school some of those schools hold a ceremony at which they literally present each of the students with his or her white coat. Wow. (Since I am in a bragging mode about our progeny, I feel obliged to mention that Josh had applied to five medical schools and was admitted to them all.) In addition, he is kind and gracious. It was a wonderful event which of course we shared with Josh’s parents, David Trebach and Loretta DiGennaro, and with his brothers, Danny and Nathaniel.

There is one other item of happiness to mention. On May 15th I had the distinct pleasure of observing my 85th birthday at a dinner in St. Louis with Marj, Adam, Marj’s brother, Jeff, and with another student, Julie Kellman, accompanied by her family.

Indeed, I have much to be thankful for. Much love to all of my wonderful family and sweet friends.

May 23, 2013



For many years I have pleaded with my old friends at my old university to treat Professor Jeffrey Schaler with the respect he deserved. My repeated pleas were ignored and, as far as I can tell, university leaders seem intent on firing him. This is a tragedy for Dr. Schaler but also for the university and for those academic leaders, for some of whom I have great respect and affection. While they are putting up more buildings and raising millions in grants, they seem to be in the process of losing their souls in this bizarre abuse of one of their great professors.

Along with some of those academic leaders at AU, I count Jeff as a good friend. I also view him as a great teacher and a superb scholar. On the basis of extensive experience serving on the responsible academic committees, I can offer the expert opinion that he is as qualified to be granted tenure as any other tenured professor in his department. Yet despite his persistent requests to be considered for tenure during his several decades at the university, those requests to be even considered have been denied by the university, which is located in Washington, D.C. He has been forced to work on the basis of a contract that was limited in terms of years and, yes, in terms of pay, far below that of colleagues who were teaching fewer courses. As I wrote to university officials some years ago, the abuse of Jeff Schaler seems to constitute a clear case of employment discrimination.

I have looked back in my extensive files on Jeff and was reminded of the fact that in late February 2007 he was informed by the chair of his department that he had been dropped from the list of candidates to be interviewed for a tenured position while at the same time she had nominated him for the college outstanding teacher award. As I recently wrote to Phyllis Peres, the dean of academic affairs, “Such absurd injustices dominate his many years of loyal teaching and service at the university.”

Why has this occurred? It is not clear but there is a suspicion that his unorthodox views have adversely affected the attitude of university colleagues and officials to his status. For example, as a disciple of Thomas Szasz he doubts that mental illness is a disease. One of his popular books is entitled Addiction is a Choice. As it happens I do not agree with some of his theories on these issues but I do agree with some aspects of his arguments and most importantly I respect his gracious scholarly manner in presenting such arguments.

Until a short while ago I did not appreciate the extent to which dozens of students also valued Professor Schaler’s work as a teacher and a scholar. I just discovered that students at American University have created a website entitled “Reappointment of Professor Jeffrey Schaler.” On that site there are now 121 signatures along with many favorable comments on the high value these students place on that professor’s contribution to their education. Here is a link to that website. Some of the student comments are truly extraordinary. Read them.

While it pains me to say it, it now appears to me that American university owes Jeff Schaler an abject apology and a lot of money.

In the future I intend to post on this site copies of other messages that I have sent to university officials over the years in opposition to the absurd injustices imposed on Jeff Schaler.

May 11, 2013



Thought provoking article by Charles Krauthammer about Obama's slide downhill in the last six months.

May 4, 2013



Warren Buffet has an idea for the Congressional Reform Act of 2013 and he wants to share it with all Americans so please pass this on.

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/31/13. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

April 22, 2013



Seventy-two year old singer Neil Diamond shows up at Fenway Park and proves to the beleaguered people of Boston that he can still lift their spirits.

April 21, 2013



Ahmed Daqamseh murdered seven Israeli school girls and wounded six others during a peace program in 1997. He expressed pride in this heinous act but was spared the death penalty, despite the fact that Jordan executes large numbers of criminals for relatively trivial offenses. Now a large majority of Jordanian parliamentarians support his release and regard him as a hero. Daqamseh says his only regret is that the gun jammed so he could not kill more. Imagine if Adam Lanza could now speak and he said the same thing. Alan Dershowitz views the Jordanian attitude towards Ahmed Daqamseh as troubling and observes “Jordan is ripe for yet another Arab Spring turned winter. All that stands between the current monarchy and an Islamic upheaval is massive American financial and military support for its charming king. So next time you see the smiling face of King Abdullah on television speaking about peace, remember that many of his subjects regard the cold-blooded mass murderer of Jewish children as an Islamic hero”.

April 17, 2013



When Lady Margaret Thatcher died the Jewish people and the world lost one of their truest friends.

April 17, 2013



The sad case of Cameron Douglas the son of Michael Douglas provides a good illustration of how counterproductive our nation’s war on drugs is. After his arrest for cocaine and methamphetamine dealing in 2009 pleas from former teachers, friends and supporters of the sometime-actor and disc jockey said Douglas had finally "bottomed out" and would work to overcome his addiction convinced U.S. District Judge Richard Berman to give a five-year sentence, well under the recommended range. Two weeks after the trial Douglas relapsed and the court tacked another 4 1/2 years to the sentence, more than twice the term prosecutors sought. Despite the support of groups that oppose the mass incarceration of drug addicts. The New York Society of Addiction Medicine, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, California Society of Addiction Medicine and Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights the appeal of this harsh sentence failed. A three-judge panel from the 2nd Circuit urged Congress to rethink its policies of sending drug addicts to jail rather than treatment.

April 16, 2013



Dr. Kermit Gosnell is on trial for slaughter but one is hard pressed to see any mention of this fact in our nation’s news media. He is in this predicament, charged with seven counts of first-degree murder, because he regularly performed late-term abortions that really crossed the line into infanticide. An unlicensed medical school graduate who worked in the clinic where these crimes were performed “described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, ‘literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.’ He testified that at times, when women were given medicine to speed up their deliveries, ‘it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.” Roger L. Simon argues on PJ Media that “the trial of Dr. Gosnell is a potential time bomb exploding in the conventional liberal narrative on abortion itself. This is about the A-word.” Perhaps that is why such a sensational story usually kind of tale the press loves to dwell on is receiving scant media attention.

April 14, 2013



Five years ago a text on how to raise one’s children as proper Muslims that included virulently anti-Semitic passages, based on Muslim holy texts, was in circulation was in Holland. Now a Turkish-Dutch researcher has publicized systematic anti-Semitism among other Muslims in the Netherlands which contains a dramatic video that showed teenage boys calling for genocide and praising Hitler. The result, Mehmet Sahin, had to go into hiding after being accused by others of being a Jew and a Zionist. Social trends show that the mass media and Universities are generally becoming not just critical but viciously so of Israel and periodically Jews generally. This growing anti-Semitic sector consists of two parts Muslim immigrants and their offspring, and the far left that is so often dominant in the Netherlands. Barry Rubin argues that “the issue, then, is not just coming from Middle Eastern politics but also the tensions within Dutch society and how Muslim immigrants and their children interpret their problems. Endlessly told that the Jews are their enemy and that they control society in some way, it is easy to conclude that the Jews might also be behind the harassment or discrimination Muslims face, absurd as this is on a factual level and in countries where the Jewish population is tiny.”

April 1, 2013



The Israeli Prime Minister apologized to Turkey for his government’s actions during the Mavi Marmara incident. At first Daniel Pipes was appalled by this action but on second thought he now notes that “Turkish gloating has been so conspicuous and extended that it may have prompted to a healthy sense of reality.” He concludes arguing that “perhaps after all the apology was a good thing. For a relatively inexpensive price – some words – Israelis and others have gained a better insight into the Turkish leadership’s mentality. It’s not that they suffer from hurt pride but that they are Islamist ideologues with an ambitious agenda. If the misguided apology makes this evident to more observers, it has its compensations and possibly could turn out to be a net plus.”

March 29, 2013



Democrats seek to avoid their wretched racist past by promoting the false myth that Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” for the GOP is the root of all racism in America today. And that racists who had been the backbone of their party for the better part of a century suddenly switched en masse to the GOP sometime around 1968, with the happy result that now all the racists are on the right. Kevin Williamson who addressed this subject brilliantly last year pointed out that “if the parties had in some meaningful way flipped on civil rights, one would expect that to show up in the electoral results in the years following the Democrats’ 1964 about-face on the issue. Nothing of the sort happened: Of the 21 Democratic senators who opposed the 1964 act, only one would ever change parties. Nor did the segregationist constituencies that elected these Democrats throw them out in favor of Republicans: The remaining 20 continued to be elected as Democrats or were replaced by Democrats. It was, on average, nearly a quarter of a century before those seats went Republican. If southern rednecks ditched the Democrats because of a civil-rights law passed in 1964, it is strange that they waited until the late 1980s and early 1990s to do so.” Despite the facts this myth persists but a close examination of electoral maps shows it to be very false.

March 29, 2013



Economists Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore looked at the new Census Bureau data and found that people are moving to the South and the Sunbelt regions and moving away from the Northeast and Midwest, areas where the Democrat’s strategy for improved economic health predominate. Raleigh, Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlotte, Phoenix, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas were the fastest growing metro areas all in low-tax, business-friendly states while areas such as Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Providence and Rochester in states with the opposite viewpoint all lost population. The policies of raising taxes on businesses and the wealthy to fund government "investments" and increasing the union’s power drive people away but on the other hand the policies of reducing tax rates and easing regulations attract people.

March 28, 2013



There are a number of sources that reinforce the very negative echo J. Christian Adams calculation about what is in fact a department of injustice under Obama.The American Spectator has posted an article which cites a number of sources which agree with Adam’s evaluation of the inspector general’s report. This piece concludes that “no matter how the IG tries to excuse the Obamites’ motives, the facts speak for themselves. If numerous people in the Civil Rights Division express hostility against race-neutral enforcement of laws, and then a top political appointee in the division says on two occasions that she is not interested in enforcing parts of the law or enforcing the laws against non-white perpetrators, and if the Attorney General himself says that his team has other enforcement “priorities,” and then if the actual record shows that the division did indeed fail to enforce those specific parts of the law despite repeated staff advisories to do so backed by copious evidence in support of doing so… well, then, this obviously amounts to selective non-enforcement of the law, and considering all the other partisan, racial and ideological viciousness detailed by the IG, it is silly to conclude anything other than that partisan, racial and ideological motives drove the non-enforcers in their non-enforcement decisions .This is lawlessness. It ought to be punishable.”

March 14, 2013



The new nominee for Labor Secretary, Tom Perez, was in charge of the DOJ Civil Rights Division and the inspector general of that department has just released a report assessing and describing his performance while there.J Christian Adams does us the favor of summing up it’s conclusions by asserting that the “250-page report offers an inside glimpse of systemic racialist dysfunction inside one of the most powerful federal government agencies.”

March 14, 2013



Doctor Kobi Vortman takes us on a tour of the operating room of the future.

March 11, 2013



The effects of the November 2012 Israeli airstrikes on Gaza were perhaps best made known to the world through the story of the death of an eleven month old child supposedly a victim of this bombing and broadcast by the BBC. However, in fact a UN Human Rights Council report on the conflict tells us now that a woman, her 11-month-old infant, and an 18-year-old adult in Al-Zaitoun were killed by what appeared to be a Palestinian rocket that fell short of Israel. HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams argues that “yet again the reflexive anti-Israel attitude of the foreign media has led to false accusations against Israel. That the media is unwilling to correct the error or to hold Hamas publicly responsible is not only a slap in the face for Israel but also to the readers and viewers who are entitled to proper standards of accuracy from the media. Those media that published a falsehood should hold up their hands and print a retraction immediately.”

March 11, 2013



The recent speech by renowned black pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Carson created a firestorm of criticism from the allies of Barack Obama. Amity Shales the author of his recent biography The Great Refrainer argues that the recent obscurity bestowed upon Coolidge by the historical profession stems from the fact that he spoke a different economic language from ours. Instead of talking about the money supply, the private sector, private property or savings he spoke of a need for “more intellectual power, we need more moral power. We do not need more knowledge, we need more character. We do not need more government, we need more culture. We do not need more law, we need more religion. We do not need more the things that are seen, we need more of the things that are not seen.”

The New York Times review of Shales book called Coolidge “an extraordinarily blinkered and foolish and complacent leader” while the real historical record reveals that he inherited a national debt of $28 billion and reduced it to less than $18 billion; he cut the top income tax rate to 25% while balancing the budget and producing surpluses each year; and unemployment was reduced from 5.7 million at the beginning of the decade to 1.8 million when he left office. The economy became popularly known as the ‘Coolidge prosperity’” Compare that to the record compiled the last four years by our present leader you can see that the animosity towards the good doctor comes not from the fact that he sounds too much like modern day Republicans but instead too much like Calvin Coolidge.

February 25, 2013



Radical Islam has once again succeeded in the partial muzzling one of its opponents to their destructive political and cultural agenda. Lars Hedegaard, the Danish journalist and outspoken critic recently had to phone in a television interview because he is in hiding due to threats on his life. Earlier this month he narrowly escaped death from a bullet fired by an Arab or Pakistani immigrant or the descent of such immigrants. The attempt to kill Hedegaard who serves as president of the International Free Press Society and of Denmark’s Free Press Society has received scant attention from the American mainstream media.

His problem only received any real press two days ago when The Wall Street Journal published an outstanding editorial by him titled The Assassin at the Door. In it he discusses the motive for the attack reminding us that he and his Swedish colleague Ingrid Carlqvist have just launched a Swedish-language weekly newspaper called Dispatch International to the great dissatisfaction of the Swedish mainstream media, which are probably the most politically correct in the Western world. They have been castigated as racists and he asserts “we are not. We simply insist on our right to defend freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and individual and sexual equality. We also insist on our right to criticize religious fanatics of every stripe who try to impose theocratic laws and customs on free societies.”

February 22, 2013



Daniel Pipes has written an open letter to Senator Charles E. Schumer concerning the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense and why he should oppose it.

February 20, 2013



President Obama is now arguing that if the Republicans do not raise taxes in return for more federal government spending then the world will end. Despite the fact that the coming catastrophe means only a seven percent cut in military and five percent in domestic spending our leader believes ordinary people, not people the people who work for government should feel should have the pain inflicted on them. The Wall Street Journal opinion page asserts that “he won't demand that agencies cut the lowest priority spending as any half-competent middle manager would”.

February 20, 2013



The Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the infamous deadly shooting were made a promise by President Obama at that year’s state of the union address that the victims would be well taken care of. Now three years later sergeant Kimberly Munley is saying that they were betrayed by the White House. She argues that “not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of. In fact they've been neglected.” Despite the creditable evidence that Hasan was in communication with al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who has since been killed by our government because he was an enemy combatant, prior to the attack, the military has denied the victims a Purple Heart and is treating the incident as "workplace violence" instead of "combat related" or terrorism.

Classifying the incident as workplace violence rather than terrorism means that the Fort Hood victims are receiving lower priority access to medical care as veterans, and a loss of financial benefits available to those who injuries are labeled as "combat related". The Fort Hood victims have filed a lawsuit seeking proper and just treatment from the Obama Administration. Shawn Manning who was shot six times that day at Fort Hood asserts that “it was no different than an insurgent in Iraq or Afghanistan trying to kill us”

February 12, 2013



Whether Barack Obama is truly a Christian or a Muslim is the question and no one can argue that his real relationship with God is not his own business. However it is clear that he has soft spot in his heart for Islam. He has described the call to evening prayer which he first as a child living in Indonesia as a most beautiful of sounds and he is entitled to feel that way but a tender place in his heart is quite a different thing than a soft spot in his head for the religion. That in fact is all of our business. No President is entitled to that and Wesley Pruden argues that is exactly where the weakness is located. He observes that when the president hears “the sweetest music this side of heaven” (apologies to Guy Lombardo), his heart goes all googly at the sight of the crescent moon. He wants acolytes who can share the googly.

February 12, 2013



Because the Republican Party opposed the reelection of Barack Obama some people such as Sam Tannenhaus of the New Republic argue that the GOP is and will continue to be the party of white people. For those who wish to ignore the much more racist history and many of the present day actions of the Democratic Party and buy into that partisan nonsense they should listen to this stirring speech given by Dr. Benjamin Carson before the National Press Club in front of President Obama.

February 11, 2013



Barack Obama’s choice to draw attention to on our nation’s commitment to fighting global warming during his inauguration speech on such a cold day seemed inappropriate. Ben Stein observes “he focused on climate change, a subject dear to the hearts of his fans — and more power to them. But since we don’t know for sure what causes climate change, nor how much climate change there has been, nor how to cut down on CO2 emissions on a worldwide basis, I am not sure what he has in mind. We just don’t know what’s going on and until we do, I hate to give up our freedoms over it.” He also notes that real concrete problems such our country’s enormous debt and the continued threat of terrorism found no place in his speech.

January 24, 2013



The elevation of John Kerry to Secretary of State, John Brennan to head the CIA, and Chuck Hagel to lead the Defense Department shows that the Obama Administration intends to pursue a very anti-Israeli course of action. Daniel Pipes argues that the approval of advanced weapons — 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks — to the Islamist government in Egypt despite the fact that its president, Mohamed Morsi, has become increasingly despotic and in 2010 labeled Jews “blood-suckers . . . warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.” is further evidence of our President’s true state of mind. He is also ignoring the fact that Cairo is importing Scud missile parts from North Korea. He is in fact repeating a thirty-five year old tactic by those in this country who hold animus towards the Jewish people by condemning Israeli policies while pretending to be concerned for the country’s welfare.

January 22, 2013



We can expect Barack Obama to be more aggressive in his second term. This process began during the campaign where he battled Republicans and he challenged the more conservative members of the Democratic party. The nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, a red flag to neo-conservatives, along with movement on the gun control and immigration issues are evidence of a new approach to his politics.

The president sees a changed America electorate which has reached a critical tipping point where he no longer needs to worry about a dependence on conservative white voters? Their backlash which led to the solid Republican majority controlling both house of Congress in 1994 is not likely to occur again. It is more than the second term syndrome, the knowing that he will never have to face the voters again, but rather the creation of a new democratic coalition of minorities, the Millennial generation, and college-educated white women which promises to predominate for some time.

January 17, 2013



My recent article for The American Spectator titled Despair Inside the Beltway provoked a great deal of comment and here it is along with my reply.

January 15, 2013



Our president desires to have his second term in office thought of as transformative and this goal is certain to provoke justifiable rage in many quarters. The first event likely to provoke such a reaction is the campaign to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense and Obama’s decision aided by his allies in the news media to play and continue playing the race card in furtherance of that outcome. When it is suggested that no nominee was ever questioned so closely before the implication, as it has been many times before, is that the situation is now different because of the leader’s race. Wesley Pruden reminds us that “nobody gets through a turn in Washington without hearing a recital of his faults, usually at high decibel. If you want a friend in Washington, as Harry Truman famously said, get a dog. That goes double for presidents.”

January 15, 2013



The American Spectator is running a column The Obama Watch and my article for it Despair Inside the Beltway has been published. Here it is as follows:

The second inauguration of our sitting president will take place this coming weekend as this is being written. It is a time of great happiness for most of my neighbors and friends inside the beltway, indeed for most people in the country.

But I find myself in despair for our beloved country. It is quite likely that a large minority of the nation’s citizens agree with my pessimistic mood. The reasons for that despair are not difficult to discern.

Our beloved country is in terrible condition. The awful evidence is easily seen everywhere, for those willing to look. Our economic situation is unsustainable. Yes, the government of the richest country in the history of the world is, by all reliable measures, broke. Our national government cannot pay its bills and every day sinks deeper in debt because it is addicted to spending at extravagant rates. We are on our way to becoming the sad equivalent of Greece or another failed state.

There is plenty of blame to pass around for this condition and it should be shared by Democrats and Republicans, by George Bush and by Barack Obama, but the major part of the blame must be placed squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Obama and his administration. He has been in power for four years and he promised that he would deal with all of our major problems. He has not done so.

To put fine point on the matter, our president terrifies me, even though during most of my life I have been a liberal Democrat and voted for him in his first election.

If viewed honestly his first term has been an unmitigated disaster. The national debt is at an historic high. So is unemployment. Despite these sad, undeniable facts, he was elected to another term. That of course is typical of his history for much of his life. He is a master politician of the Chicago school and yet a disaster as a manager and practical leader.

His political skills helped him get selected as the editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. Yet he proved a failure as the leader of that publication. There is no evidence that he authored one written comment or publication during his entire tenure.

His political skills also led to his election in 1996 to the Illinois State Senate where his work there was without any sign of major distinction. Often, he voted “present” rather than show the guts to fight for significant new laws.

Despite this lackluster record in Illinois, his political savvy led to his election to the United States Senate in 2004. His record in the Senate was equally without distinction in part because he spent most of his time there running for president. Yet, he was elected president in 2008 and, as I said, I voted for him. Like many millions of citizens, I managed to overcome my disgust at his association with his bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

Mr. Obama now is seeking to take the lead in getting the country beyond the so-called fiscal cliff. In my view, had he been a proper leader, the country would have avoided the fiscal cliff months ago. His failures of leadership were the main causes of the horrors around the fiscal cliff.

Yet, again his political mastery has again produced a situation in which he is given credit for being a good leader and the press and the public are placing the lion’s share of the blame for our dire economic situation on Congress and the Republicans.

If history is to be repeated, which is likely, somehow the country will move beyond the fiscal cliff and Barack Obama will move forward with governing the country while basking in the warm glow of press and public applause.

And again if history prevails, he will be a disaster in his second term as he was in the first. Race relations will continue to get worse under his leadership; so will black crime. The nation’s status in foreign affairs will also continue to deteriorate. Israel will continue to be treated as the major problem in the Middle East rather than our most trusted and valuable ally in the region and the world. The master politician will continue to be a failure as a leader and manager — and all the while he will be applauded as a great chief executive bythe slavish major media and by a majority of the public.

When the country finally collapses in a sea of debt and red ink, or even in a race war, neither he nor his Democratic Party will be blamed. It is likely that another Democrat will be elected to the White House in 2016.

Those in brief are the reasons why I am in despair and why we all should despair for our wonderful country as the inauguration day approaches.

I pray that my pessimistic forecasts do not prove to be true in the near future, but I fear that the forces of history do not allow for much hope in this regard — except in one way. If millions of good Americans agree with these awful forecasts then perhaps — just perhaps — there will be a groundswell of popular demand that drastic measures must be taken very soon to change the disastrous direction of the precious American nation.

January 14, 2013



One of the most strident advocates for government involvement in the healthcare system via Obamacare was the blogger who wrote under the name “Shawdowfax”. While these misguided medical people were only a small minority they demonstrated a profound level of ignorance about the economics of medical care. Since, the reality of the government’s effect on the provision of healthcare is becoming more apparent with the increasing implementation of this newest federal program he now has a different take on the benefit of government control evident in this post “Medicare made the rules and now punishes doctors for following them”. In it “Shawdowfax” declares “what I hate about this is the underlying dishonesty.… If there’s an argument to be made that physicians are paid too much, then let’s have that debate on its merits. But the attempt to save money by harassing physicians and exploiting the contradictions within the rules that the government itself wrote is beyond maddening.” David Catron a health care revenue cycle expert who tried in vain to educate him replies in The American Spectator ” well, dude, this is what you advocated for years. Government-run health care is — by its nature — dishonest, coercive, and corrupt. Now you, along with those of us to whom you refused to listen, are stuck with it.”

January 13, 2013



Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez held a closed door meeting to talk about the increasingly likely demise of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which allows federal oversight of southern elections. He wanted to tell those present how the political appointees, including Eric Holder, intend to handle intend to handle a loss in the action brought by Shelby County, Alabama, challenging Section 5 federal control. Perez assured Justice Department attorneys and analysts responsible for enforcing Section 5 that he intends to pivot the duties and responsibilities of the analysts from Section 5 review to Section 2 enforcement litigation. This shifts the burden of proof to states and local jurisdictions who must now act as the plaintiffs alleging discrimination. The ironically, the Obama administration has so far had a dismal record when it comes to upholding section two.

January 10, 2013



The war on drugs has been public policy for almost all of the 20th century and the beginning of this one, receiving a major boost in activity and destructiveness during Richard Nixon’s time in office. It continues until today with Barack Obama doing not nearly enough to correct the brutal expensive mistake of those who came before him. The Wall Street Journal has presented a very thorough and cogent article explaining why our politicians need to stop pursuing this totally misguided and harmful course.

The direct monetary costs to the American taxpayer for this disastrous insanity is at present over 40 billion dollars per year. When Nixon began his attack on people who do not use drugs which make money for the pharmaceutical companies it was expected and promised that the drug trafficking in the U.S. could be greatly reduced in a short time through federal policing—and yet the war on drugs continues to this day. The cost of this war includes many other effects that are more difficult to quantify but we do know the price has been very large in terms of the well-being of many Americans, especially the poor and less educated. The gains from this battle have been very modest at best. For example over the past 40 years the fraction of students who have dropped out of American high schools has remained at about 25%. They are not high for middle-class white children, but they are very high for black and Hispanic children living in poor neighborhoods. Poor schools and weak family support are important factors but another cause is that because of the drug war strategy in inner-city neighborhoods there is the temptation to drop out of school in order to profit from the the drug trade.

Also, the total number people incarcerated in state and federal prisons has grown from 330,000 in 1960 to 1.6 million today and much of the increase in this population is directly due to the war on drugs and the severe punishment for persons convicted of drug trafficking. It affects not only just those locked up but their families and friends too. The purpose of this ill-advised endeavor is to push the price of illegal drugs up. While higher prices may discourage use, although that is not always clearly the case, but the higher prices sellers get for drugs help compensate traffickers for the risks of being apprehended and allows them to make a greal deal of money above what their product is actually worth. In addition a more aggressive war on drugs leads dealers to respond with higher levels of violence and corruption, an increase in enforcement can exacerbate the costs imposed on society.

Lastly, the war on drugs discourages people from seeking help in overcoming any addiction they are burdened with. After giving many and varied reasons why this is the right thing to do the article concludes “the decriminalization of both drug use and the drug market won't be attained easily, as there is powerful opposition to each of them. The disastrous effects of the American war on drugs are becoming more apparent, however, not only in the U.S. but beyond its borders. Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon has suggested ‘market solutions’ as one alternative to the problem. Perhaps the combined efforts of leaders in different countries can succeed in making a big enough push toward finally ending this long, enormously destructive policy experiment.”

January 10, 2013



A human rights group has investigated the Palestinian Authority and found it responsible for a great deal of inhumane abuse directed at fellow countrymen. From 2007 – 2011 the PA detained 13,271 people and tortured 86 % of them. The primary blame was placed on on PA President Mahmoud Abbas and it called on the UN, Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take urgent action.

December 30, 2012



The voters in Colorado and in Washington State, the leaders of many Latin American nations, and myself for many years now want the American federal government to follow a different more humane, more effective, and less costly approach to drug control policy. This video documentary Breaking the Taboo makes an excellent case for change.

December 17, 2012






As the debate over decriminalizing marijuana advances new reasons to support the change in policy will surely continue to surface. In his story about the effort in California for the San Francisco Chronicle Joe Garofoli gives an example of this as he informs us that the “suburban ‘soccer moms’ who are likely voters have told pollsters that the measure, which would give local governments the authority to tax and regulate the sale of cannabis to adults 21 or older, would provide a safer way for their adult children to buy pot.”

January 5, 2010



A second effort to decriminalize the use of marijuana in California is proceeding along the path of ballot initiative. In an excellent and comprehensive article Daniela Perdomo discusses the history, dynamics, and chances of the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010. The organization behind this effort is called Tax Cannabis and judging from Perdomo’s essay and their website it seems they have a good strategy for success.

January 4, 2010



Ever since the unsuccessful attempt to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas day, supposedly conceived of in Yemen, many commentators have been calling for increased participation in that nation’s affairs by the United States and Great Britain. In his analysis of this prospect, drawn from personal experience with that country, Eric Margolis uses the analogy of kicking over a hornet’s nest. He points to some facts that should give us pause. He writes that a “military dictator, Ali Saleh, has held power since 1978. Saleh's U.S.-backed regime is accused of extensive human rights violations and deep corruption.” Margolis also tells us that poverty stricken “Yemen has three civil wars going on and bitter fighting between Sunni and various Shia sects. Yemen's warlike tribes hate any outside authority, starting with their own government.”

January 4, 2010



We are once again reminded that some Muslims believe it ethical to promote their religion through violence. Recently a Somali man attempted to murder Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who has been under threat of death ever since a drawing of his depicting the Prophet Muhammad was published. However, we should also be aware that a group of moderate Muslims stated that the“Danish Muslim Union strongly distances itself from the attack and any kind of extremism that leads to such acts," If we are to win the war on terror their interpretation of Islam must be supported in every way possible.

January 2, 2010


February 20, 2007

Her courage tells all who will listen about the horror of Islamic rules and the need for reform -- for Muslims and for the rest of us. See here.

February 15, 2007
THURS FEB 22 - 1:30 PM

The subtitle could be-- the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.

WHERE: School of International Service Lounge, Nebraska Avenue, N.W.

Plenty of parking across the street in the Nebraska lot.

Contacts Phil Coulson, SSDP, 412-251-3109 or Elizabeth Belt, Trebach Institute, 
The press release from national SSDP is attached.
All credit goes to SSDP - the American University chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy -- and to AU Professor Jeff Schaler who will moderate or MC the event.  The students and Jeff took the lead in making this appearance happen.  
I will talk primarily about my latest book  FATAL DISTRACTION: The War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terror. In addition, I will talk about my 35 years or so at the forefront of drug policy research and reform and my views on the failures and the future of the entire drug policy reform movement.  
All three books in the Trebach Trilogy will also figure in the discussion and they will be there for autographing and purchase -- in the event there are hardy, wonderful souls who want to buy these amazing tomes.
My interest in drug policy started in the Ward Circle Building at AU while I was teaching basic administration of justice courses in the early Seventies.  In part, because I was encouraged by my colleagues to research and write books and in part because writing was in my soul, I kept writing at AU.  The Heroin Solution and The Great Drug War were completed while I was at AU.  In each of the years when they were released the university gave me the award as the outstanding scholar of the year. Parts of the latest book were completed when I was still at AU but it was finished within the last year, long after I retired from the university and became a professor emeritus.
Thus, the existence of the Trebach Trilogy -- put out by Unlimited Publishing LLC of Bloomington, Indiana -- provides evidence that scholarship at AU does happen and is carried on by many professors and students alike. It rarely gets the recognition it deserves -- even though it resides at the core of the university mission.


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The Great Drug War 2nd Edition

The Great Drug War
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February 15, 2007
Congressional Ignorance

Former Representative Mark Foley, with his lustful eye for young male pages and his co-chairmanship of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, certainly embodies the most inappropriate committee appointment in Congressional history. A close second, though, may very well be Congressman Mark Souder as ranking Republican on the House subcommittee that oversees federal drug war policies.

Last week the MSNBC program hosted by Tucker Carlson wanted to talk about the refunding of the failed government sponsored program airing anti-marijuana radio and television ads. They scheduled as a guest Bill Piper of the Drug Policy Alliance but at the last minute bumped him in favor of Congressman Souder. As a result viewers were treated to an amazing display of ignorance concerning marijuana. As Piper puts it, “I never thought I would say this, but I’m glad I got bumped. Souder made a total fool of himself.” Also, we must give credit to Carlson who helped with the process by refusing to accept at face value many of Souder’s blatant falsehoods.

February 14, 2007

It is the same old story. Another impressive scientific research study documents the value of marijuana in medicine -- and ho hum, the White House says the strudy is flawed and is not persuasive and will not change policy. Science makes no difference in the making of American drug policy. This is a continuing embarrassment of the same type I have been documenting for about 35 years. How sad and what a waste of time. An important story appeared yesterday in the Washinton Post on this matter. Here.

May 1, 2006
FATAL DISTRACTION: The War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terror

These events -- the Mexican legalization law and that awful police decapitation story -- come at a time when I have just finished work on three books covering much of my career in drug reform. The newest and most comprehensive is in the process of being released to the public. Because of these events, I have decided that the time has come to post more information on my web site about that book.

Why? Those events showed just how horrible the impact of the drug war can be and they also showed the dramatic reforms that are starting to take place. I have worked for drug legalization for decades precisely because of the harm it causes. The book lays out the rationale for full legalization and the Mexican government has just gone further down that road than any government of my knowledge. My hope is that Mexican officials use the arguments in my book to keep going even further.

The book is being published by Unlimited Publishing LLC, a relatively new and pioneering company. While the book is not available in bookstores as yet, advance pre-publication copies may be secured by the electronic and print media for review and comment purposes, as explained below.

A preliminary copy of the first press release from Unlimited Publishing follows.


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May 2006


FATAL DISTRACTION: The War on Drugs in the Age of Islamic Terror
By Arnold S. Trebach

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"In 1996, Arnold Trebach, a legendary opponent of drug prohibition, gave a speech noting that 'all of us would be infinitely safer if the courageous efforts of anti-drug agents in the U.S. … and other countries were focused on terrorists aimed at blowing up airlines and skyscrapers [rather] than drug traffickers seeking to sell the passengers and office dwellers cocaine and marijuana.' We will never know what would have happened had the FBI taken Mr. Trebach's advice. But we do know what happened when the FBI continued to fight the futile war on drugs." These cogent thoughts appeared in an editorial of the Ottawa Citizen several years ago.

The media spread those words around the world after 9/11, leading some observers to marvel at the fact that Trebach had predicted the assault. Of course, he had done nothing of the kind, but he had stated the obvious though ignored truth that we all need protection from bombs not from bongs, from Osama not marijuana. In this book, Trebach, who over the years has been hired to provide advice to many federal agencies -- including the White House, the Justice Department, and the CIA -- puts that advice in a must-read narrative for all who care about our common future. In the process, this seasoned Washington veteran pulls together the lessons of his extensive experience and personal travails on the front lines of drug policy reform. His convincing core argument: in this age of Islamic terrorism, the war on drugs is indeed a fatal distraction from much more serious business.

Trebach argues that the war on drugs can only be ended if drugs are finally, at long exhausting last, legalized. His advice is that this be done quickly, without any more soul-searching or navel gazing. We cannot continue to waste precious human and monetary resources when our very survival is on the line.

We ignore his advice at our peril. As Trebach states in the opening words of this book: "It is remarkable that while Islamic terrorism threatens the very existence of all free societies and while the war on drugs interferes with the war on terror, the war on drugs continues nevertheless. History may well record that this distraction was fatal and that it was part of a series of other deadly mistakes and diversions which, taken together, were instrumental in dooming modern democratic civilization to the dustbin of that history."

Almost every day the lead news stories provide heightening support for his main thesis and that alarming prediction. The forces of extreme Islamic terror seem to push the West further and further back. The United States is in a state of internal conflict over its global strategy, with some leading officials decrying any diversion of resources from the failed war on drugs. In early April, for example, the normally sensible Congressman Henry Hyde complained that the Bush administration has no plans to replace damaged coca-spraying aircraft stationed in Colombia because resources are needed for conflicts in the Middle East. Such views document the confusion of our leaders as to how to survive this time of extreme peril in the nation's history.

In this book Trebach lays out the basis for new thinking and new strategies that would show that America and it allies take seriously the need for bold and urgent action. One small but significant signal would be the immediate disbanding of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the assignment of its thousands of dedicated, armed agents to the front lines of the war on terror. Their new marching orders, in Trebach's view, would be: Ignore pot; ignore meth; inform our citizens they must show personal responsibility regarding their drug consumption; focus on corralling the jihadists hiding at home and those abroad plotting to murder our people simply because we are infidels who believe in freedom and equality for all human beings regardless of their gender or religion or sexual orientation.

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Friday, February 3, 2006, 11:25am

In the midst of all of the other horrors taking place in the world, it is embarrassing to see that the American war on drugs continues to divert precious enforcement and enforcement resources from the war on terror. Our drug war also continues to imprison seriously ill patients who have had the gall to use illegal drugs that helped their conditions. Kris Hermes of Safe Access has just sent around circular letter asking decent people to help prevent these heartless drug-war incarcerations from becoming death sentences, which they have for several patients. He is now asking for help in getting proper care for Steve Kubby, a convicted medial marijuana patient. His appeal can be found here. Your letters and appeals may help lessen the frequency of these home-made horrors.

After several decades of working for decent treatment of American drug-war prisoners, the persistence of cases like these helped moved me to the position of complete abolition. In my view, it is not possible for Americans to run a humane drug war any more than it was possible to make slavery humane. Abolition made sense in the 1860's regarding slavery and it makes sense now regarding prohibition and the war on drugs. Legalization is the only rational, moderate, and sensible option This thesis is laid out more fully in my forthcoming book, Fatal Distraction.

"This is the Book of Genesis for the modern drug war. While the Reagans claimed to believe in personal freedom, they launched a campaign that justified perverse inrtusions into the very bodies and bodily fluids of American citizens. Many parents felt impelled to imprison their kids in destructive "treatment" programs if they had smoked an occaisional marijuana joint. Here you see the invasions of basic American freedoms that were expanded in the current era of terror - and defended on the grounds that they were nothing to fret about because they had already been accepted in the drug war. "

The Great Drug War


It is good to be able to report that one of my favorite book-children has been reborn in a second edition and is now available. The second edition of The Great Drug War, published by Unlimited Publishing, LLC, contains a new introduction and in addition on this site you will find the source notes I prepared for the original edition but for some reason never published. Those notes have been updated in many places and they will be frequently updated in the future.

The book provides an up-close and personal view of the Reagan drug war of the Eighties and of the harm it caused to ordinary Americans as well as to our concepts of freedom. Until I went back recently and started reading it again, I had forgotten how traumatized and angry I had become as I roamed the various fronts in that largely forgotten war. Of course the book reflects that trauma and anger, and well it should. Even though I have, to my own surprise, become an admirer of Ronald Reagan for his accomplishments in dealing with the Soviet empire, I remain quite disturbed over the harm he and Nancy caused on the home front.

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Students should be advised to look up the expanding list of source notes for this book on this site, which as I said is frequently updated.

In addition, I am now slowly leaving my monk's cell and making myself available for public lectures at colleges and universities around this country and Canada. While I am still working very hard at bringing out other books, I will set up a schedule for such lectures as the requests come in to this site. Please contact Elizabeth Belt at for more information on the lectures or any matter related to my drug policy activities. One of the main topics of my lectures will be THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CAPE COD CANAL AND THE EFFORTS TO LEGALIZE DRUGS. What in the world can that mean?



The Great Drug War
by Arnold S. Trebach

Formerly published by Macmillan; 2005 edition from UP includes new introduction and links to extensive source materials.

"At last! A professor, attorney, and writer who offers a reasonable and realistic approach to the drug problem in America."
-- Psychology Today

"This controversial study is likely to be widely discussed."
-- Publishers Weekly

"...Trebach's proposals are worthy of serious consideration... Highly recommended."
-- Library Journal


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